Muslims Continue Their Rampage Against Christians and Freedom

A 17 year old Coptic Christian boy, Gamal Massoud, was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday, 4/4/12) to a three year prison term for allegedly publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that lampooned the Muslim creed, and its prophet.

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) reported (on January 18, 2012) the circumstances surrounding the initial allegations against Massoud, and his resultant apprehension. Massoud, a resident of the village of Bahig and Adr in Assuit province,

…was assaulted by his fellow students after the school social worker had printed and hung on a wall a web page from Facebook with the photo of Gamal and a drawing which Muslims regarded as that of their prophet. Although he denied the charge, violence and protests broke out in three villages. Muslims from the surrounding villages protested for two days. They torched his home, together with four other homes of friends and relatives.

The AINA report from January 2012, continued by noting that in an effort to halt the unidirectional Muslim on Christian violence, “…the head of security promised them [the Muslims] that Gamal and his family would be evicted.” As the investigation of the allegations against Gamal Massoud continued,

…a meeting was held on December 31 [2011] at the Assiut governor’s office, attended by representatives from Al-Azhar, Salafists from the area who won the last parliamentary elections, church representatives and the authorities, where it was decided that Gamal, also accused of causing sedition, would be handed over to prosecution, and he and his entire family would be expelled from the county. Moreover, it was decided that the priests in the area had to publish an official apology in all the media.

Gamal Massoud was detained and put on trial. The following statement on the judgment was issued yesterday, 4/4/12, by a children’s court in Egypt, as reported by Reuters:

Assiut child’s court ordered the jailing of Gamal Abdou Massoud … for three years after he insulted Islam and published and distributed pictures that insulted Islam and its Prophet

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Obama Administration Is Silencing The U.S. Military

A Marine is facing dismissal from the military for posting Facebook images of President Barack Obama’s face superimposed on a jackass and for selling “Nobama” bumper stickers online, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Sgt. Gary Stein, 26, acted irresponsibly and disregarded repeated warnings that his anti-administration postings violated Pentagon policy involving members of the military, Marine Corps Capt. John Torresala said during a hearing at Camp Pendleton.

Comments that were prejudicial to good order and discipline were posted on the Facebook page used by military meteorologists and could have influenced junior Marines, the prosecutor said.

Stein’s security clearance was taken away and he has no future in the Marine Corps because he can’t do his job, Torresala said.

Backed by a team of lawyers and congressmen, Stein is fighting to stay in the military and test its longtime policy of limiting the free speech of members.

His lawyers and the American Civil Liberties Union contend his views are protected by the First Amendment.

Stein has rallied support since he was notified last month that the military was moving to discharge him after determining he was in violation of the Pentagon policy barring service members from engaging in political activities.

“The military may be different from the civilian world, but it’s not exempt from the First Amendment,” said David Loy, legal director for the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial counties. “Sgt. Stein didn’t say anything for which the Marine Corps has any right to punish him.”

The Marine Corps has said it decided to take administrative action after Stein declared on Facebook that he would not follow unlawful orders from Obama.

In addition to being discharged, Stein said, he would have his rank reduced to lance corporal if he is proven to be in violation.

He said he was removed from his job at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego on Wednesday and given a desk job with no access to computers.

Loy said Stein did not threaten order or discipline or take positions that anyone would attribute to the Corps. Instead, the Corps is threatening loyalty and morale in its ranks by persecuting a Marine for exercising his free speech rights, Loy said.

Stein, a nine-year member of the Marine Corps, has said he started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party to encourage fellow service members to exercise their rights.

Defense lawyers began the hearing Thursday by asking board members about their understanding of military policy limiting members from engaging in political activities and the guidelines on expressing their personal opinions.

California federal Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, a former Marine, wrote a letter to Stein’s commanding officer stating the sergeant should not face dismissal for an opinion shared by a majority of Marines. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, also has expressed support for Stein.

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Meet the Teen Exorcists Who Claim They’re Battling Real-Life Demons

It’s like “Charlie’s Angels“ meets ”The Exorcist” — only it’s real (allegedly). In an ABC News report, George Stephanopoulos provides details about young, Christian girls who have been trained to exorcise clients. The news piece features three, Arizona-based young women who were trained at a real-life Hogwarts of sorts.

Working in a so-called “deliverance ministry,” the demon-fighting girls — 17-year-old Brynne, 20-year-old Savannah and 17-year-old Tess — perform alleged spiritual procedures to rid the possessed of evil sprits.

“After seeing an actual exorcism led by us, you will walk away with no doubts whatsoever,” Brynne promises in an attempt to stem both criticism and skepticism. ”We’re just normal girls who are doing something extraordinary for God.”

‘Thank You Mr President For…’: Read What One Union Mailer Has to Say About President Obama

School Will Allow Gay Teen to Wear ‘Jesus Is Not a Homophobe’ Shirt

We already told you about Maverick Couch, a 16-year-old gay student who sued his public high school for prohibiting him from wearing a t-shirt designed to urge tolerance of gays. Now, the school has changed course and will allow Couch to wear the shirt for at least one day.

The southwest Ohio school district agreed in a conference between attorneys and the judge to the teen wear the shirt bearing the message “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe” on April 20, according to federal court records. But Couch’s lawsuit charging that Waynesville High School and the Wayne Local School District are violating his freedom of expression rights is proceeding.

Officials at the southwest Ohio public school had told Couch he couldn’t wear the shirt because it was “sexual in nature,” indecent and inappropriate at school, the lawsuit says.

April 20 is the Day of Silence, an annual event protesting the bullying and harassment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. Couch had said he wanted to wear the shirt to “promote respect for all students, gay or straight.”

“We’re glad that Maverick is able to wear his shirt on April 20,” Couch’s attorney, Christopher Clark, said. “However, a student’s First Amendment rights are not restricted to one day of the year — we will continue to fight until Maverick is allowed to express who he is on any day he chooses.”

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Santorum: ‘Damn right’ we cling to guns & religion

Campaigning in front of the courthouse in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum delivered a fiery speech referring to President Obama’s infamous 2008 statement about people “clinging” to their guns and religion.

“Barack Obama four years ago referred to this area of Pennsylvania — right here — as a place that holds on, clings to their guns and their Bibles,” he said according to the New York Times, and added, “You’re damn right we do!”

“You’re right, we cling,” Santorum continued. “We cling to our faith, we cling to the rights that are God-given and are guaranteed under our Constitution, including the right to protect ourselves and those we love with the Second Amendment, the individual right to bear arms.”

Federal Worker Does Rap Video Bragging About Lavish Perks

McConnell to Obama: Back off SCOTUS

The Republican backlash against President Barack Obama’s health care-SCOTUS remarks shows no sign of subsiding.

In a noon speech today to the Rotary Club of Lexington, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continued the GOP counteroffensive, telling the president to “back off” the Supreme Court.

“The President crossed a dangerous line this week. And anyone who cares about liberty needs to call him out on it. The independence of the Court must be defended,” McConnell (R-Ky.) said, according to the prepared text of his speech released by his office. “So respectfully, I would suggest the President back off. Let the Court do its work.”

Obama predicted Monday that the High Court would uphold the Democratic health care law. Repealing it, the president said during a Rose Garden news conference, would amount to judicial activism on an “unprecedented, extraordinary” scale.

“I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint — that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law,” Obama said. “Well, this is a good example. And I’m pretty confident that this Court will recognize that and not take that step.”

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Concept of earning according to a Marxist

Do you want to understand the danger Barack Obama truly presents? It’s all about his mindset and how he views things. Let’s look at his concept of just who owns the money you earn. Really this question boils down to who owns YOU? In the end you parlay portions of your life for money .. you give an employer or a project hours of your life, and receive money in return. That money represents that portion of your life. So when the government seizes that money from you the government is, in essence, seizing a portion of your life.

In that context let’s look back at a speech Obama delivered earlier this week on the Ryan budget, Obama said the following:

Let’s just step back for a second and look at what $150,000 pays for: A year’s worth of prescription drug coverage for a senior citizen. Plus a new school computer lab. Plus a year of medical care for a returning veteran. Plus a medical research grant for a chronic disease. Plus a year’s salary for a firefighter or police officer. Plus a tax credit to make a year of college more affordable. Plus a year’s worth of financial aid. One hundred fifty thousand dollars could pay for all of these things combined — investments in education and research that are essential to economic growth that benefits all of us. For $150,000, that would be going to each millionaire and billionaire in this country. This budget says we’d be better off as a country if that’s how we spend it.

Obama is talking here about money that high-achievers will be able to keep if the government doesn’t step forward and seize it through higher tax rates. This $150,000 Obama speaks of represents a portion of the life of each and every one of the evil millionaires and billionaires Obama is referring to. He is, in essence, saying that this portion of these evil people’s lives belongs to the government, not to them, and that the government decides what to do with it. This is the essence of the leftist view of taxes. You belong to the government. What you earn belongs to the government. You will be permitted to spend whatever portion of your life working for your own best interest as is necessary to keep you placated and avoid an open revolt. The rest belongs to the government. The government knows how to spend your life better than you do. So stand by and try not to interfere.


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