Dems demand Apple hire poor people

Let’s leap into the mind of a liberal, shall we? Oh .. I know it’s an ugly and treacherous journey, but if we don’t take a peek every now and then, how are we to know the dangers that await us if we stop paying attention. So … for today’s trip to the dark side, here’s how Democrats use the tax code to impose their proggie policies.

Apple is considering building a new facility. Reports show that it is down to two cities for its future development: Phoenix, Arizona or Austin, Texas. Austin has come forward with a mighty generous tax incentive package, offering tax breaks, etc. But then along come the Democrat politicians in Austin who thought: Hmm, maybe we should try to get more out of this deal. I know! We’ll give Apple these tax breaks but the company must agree to hire residents who are “economically disadvantaged.” A local TV station explained that Apple would have to “give preference to qualified applicants who are at or below the poverty line rather than those who may come across as the most attractive job candidates.”

Hold on a minute here. Just why ARE these people at or below the poverty line? There’s quite a few possible reasons, and you know what they are. They didn’t pay attention to their educations. They’re irresponsible in their private lives. They have a poor work ethic, if they have a work ethic at all. They’re more into drugs than they are into work. When they do get a job it lasts all of two or three weeks, then they just stop showing up at work. And THESE are the people Apple should hire if they locate their new facility in Austin? A good businessman will seek to hire people who show good judgment and a strong desire to work .. not welfare parasites and people who just couldn’t find a way to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that they have by virtue of being born here.

What’s more — since I’m clearly on a roll here — I completely agree with employers who don’t want to consider job applications from people who have been collecting unemployment checks for more than six months. There is work out there. It may not be the work you want — but it’s there. If you go more than six months without finding any way to earn any money – your work ethic sucks. Who needs you?


Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

3 thoughts on “Dems demand Apple hire poor people”

  1. You are talking about poor who?
    The ones on welfare,who believe they are owed bucks,or the real poor that work but sleep in their cars because of run away obama policy.

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