California School Board Votes To Fire Science Teacher Who Appeared In X-Rated Videos

A California school board voted unanimously last night to fire a science teacher whose students recently discovered that she has appeared in a variety of hardcore pornographic films.

Officials with the Oxnard school district announced that they had canned Stacie Halas, who taught science at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School. Halas, 31, filmed the X-rated videos before her employment at the school, where she was placed on leave last month.

School administrators began probing Halas’s porn past after students discovered explicit clips of her online. As seen in the below grid of photos, Halas appeared in a variety of adult videos

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Martin O’Malley Continues His Dishonesty While Touting Liberal Lies

Ten days ago, Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly failed to reach a consensus on a budget to move Maryland forward. Now, there is more work to do. As Democrats, we know we need to come together to protect our investments in public education, affordable college and public safety — and we will come back to complete this important work.

The failure to pass a budget to move Maryland forward is bad enough, but the Republican reaction is even worse. When Republicans in Annapolis learned that the inaction by the Maryland General Assembly would result in more than $500 million in cuts to public education, public safety and social services, they cheered.

They cheered about the possibility of turning back Maryland’s progress over the past six years.

They cheered for cuts that will harm every school in every county.
More liberal lies? If government schools shut down, we would be better off!

They cheered for cuts that will harm every student in every classroom, every library, and every local police department.
O’Malleys lies are almost laughable!

They cheered for cuts that will raise tuition on every Maryland college student, make our community colleges less affordable and reduce funding for life-saving and innovative research and development.
Liberal Stupidity

For all of this, they cheered.

If there is ever a time to come together as Democrats, it is now. You and I both know that a modern economy requires modern investments, by all of us, for all of us.

Let’s do what’s right to keep moving Maryland backwards.


Martin O’Malley
Liberal Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

Nugent says had “solid” meeting with Secret Service

usician and gun-rights advocate Ted Nugent said on Thursday he had a positive meeting with U.S. Secret Service agents investigating his recent criticism of President Barack Obama, and the agency confirmed the issue had been resolved.

Nugent, who told NRA supporters in St. Louis last week that he would be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama was reelected, said in a statement that he had “met with two fine, professional Secret Service agents” in Oklahoma.

“Good, solid, professional meeting concluding that I have never made any threats of violence towards anyone. The meeting could not have gone better,” the 63-year-old singer and guitarist said. He was due to perform a concert in Ardmore, Oklahoma on Thursday.

The Secret Service, which is tasked with protecting the U.S. president, senior officials and other figures, confirmed the meeting with Nugent.

“The Secret Service interview of Ted Nugent has been completed,” agency spokesman Brian Leary said. “The issue has been resolved. The Secret Service does not anticipate any further action.”

Earlier Leary said the agency respected freedom of speech, but also had a responsibility to “investigate intent.”

Nugent, a Michigan-born conservative who has endorsed Obama’s presumed Republican challenger in the November elections, Mitt Romney, drew Secret Service attention with his blunt remarks about Obama and administration officials at the NRA event.

“We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November,” Nugent said at the convention.

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Suspended for standing up to bully

A 9-year-old Colorado boy claims he was suspended from his elementary school after fighting back against a bully who was beating him.

Nathan Pemberton, a third-grader at West Elementary School in Colorado Springs, was suspended Tuesday following a physical altercation with another student, Fox affiliate KDVR-TV reported.

“One kid kicked me in the back, then punched me in the face. Then I punched him in the face and then I got in trouble,” the boy told the station.

The boys parents said their son has repeatedly complained of being bullied at school.

“Finally, yeah, we told him, if you have to, if there’s nobody else around, you do what you have to do,” said his mother, Deborah Pemberton.

“The school had told us and told him as well, just walk away. Walk away, find a teacher,” Pemberton said. “Well, when those things happened, and he did find a teacher, there was hardly any repercussions.”

A school released a statement to the station saying that the district has a “no tolerance student discipline policy.”

“If a student is involved in a physical altercation on school property, they are automatically suspended,” the statement said. “District 11 schools employ many anti-bullying teaching techniques … and none of these methods include violence or retaliation.”

The NRA party rocked

If all of America was just like the great families at the NRA 141st Annual Members meeting in St. Louis last weekend, our country would be flawless. Surrounded by my family, friends, patriots, law enforcement and military heroes, veterans who have sacrificed dearly for freedom and the US Constitution, the goodwill and positive energy in the air was cleansing to say the least. We set another attendance record for the NRA and for St. Louis. It was downright perfect.

I spent all three days doing fundraisers for children’s and military charities, fondling much hardware, meeting legions of good folks at the Ted Nugent Ammo exhibit, and shaking hands with great Americans, Canadians, Brits and freedom loving people from around the globe.

As always, I also conducted numerous media interviews providing unlimited self-evident truth and the inexhaustible evidence supporting the beauty of keeping and bearing arms for defense of self, family and liberty. Unarmed helplessness is for sheep. Such an embarrassing, irresponsible, crime inducing condition is inexcusable.

On Sunday, April 15, my killer MotorCity soulbrother, Derek St. Holmes joined me onstage for an impromptu celebration of Motown classics and my firebreathing soundtrack of defiance and God given, constitutionally guaranteed individual rights. Much enthusiastic footstomping and dancing erupted like it was the 4th of July.

Introduced lovingly by the great Texas’ Attorney General Gregg Abbot, I took the stage, humbled yet proud that such a gathering of fine people would unite to hear the old guitar player raise hell for a better America.

My speech, just like every year at NRA, was about the unlimited greatness of this sacred experiment in self-government, thanking the heroes of the US Military and law enforcement for their incredible sacrifices waging war against the enemies of freedom wherever it may slither.

But beyond all that is good, the real duty of we the people is to watch out for and fight against the bad and the ugly brought about by people of power that historically have always abused it.

I named names. I called out Eric Holder for his fast and furious and other offenses. I railed against our president for his engineered dismantling of the once greatest economy in the world. I reminded everyone how Hillary Clinton sides with the evil criminals of the UN instead of her own great nation. I reminded good Americans that it isn’t the enemies fault for sneaking into the White House and abusing power, but rather we the people for bending over and allowing them to take corruption to a horrible new level.

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Obama Jobs Plan: Work and get Unemployment

The Obama administration is looking for states that will experiment with unemployment insurance programs by letting people test a job while still receiving benefits.

The plan is a key feature of a payroll tax cut package that President Barack Obama negotiated with congressional Republicans in February.

The Labor Department will open the application process Thursday for 10 model projects across the country. Any state can apply for the “Bridge to Work” program.

The plan is modeled after a Georgia program called “Georgia Works.” Under the plan, workers who have lost jobs can be placed in other temporary jobs as trainees for short periods to retain their skills or gain new ones while receiving jobless assistance. About a third of the time, those workers wind up getting hired full-time.

A number of states are combining unemployment benefits with on-the-job training, including North Carolina, New Hampshire, Utah and Missouri.

A senior administration official said those states would be eligible to apply for the federal demonstration project. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the program before an administration announcement.

States that are chosen could get waivers from the federal government allowing them to tap their unemployment insurance accounts to pay for such costs as transportation for workers in temporary jobs.

The program has had mixed results in some states that have their own programs. Administration officials said they hope the waivers and assistance offered by the federal demonstration projects could help rectify any problems that have emerged.

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How America was built

Barack Obama doesn’t have a clue what makes this country great. This is a man who told us just a few weeks ago that America is great because of government spending. He truly believes that! And in true Obama campaign mode, he is now resorting to writing his own version of American history. In a speech yesterday in Ohio, Obama told the crowd that Republicans want to revive trickle-down economics instead of spending money on priorities to help the middle class. Caesar Obammus says that Republicans “don’t seem to remember how America was built.”

No, Barry. That’s not quite it. Republicans know that government spending didn’t build America, as you believe. That obviously bothers you … but maybe it won’t mean quite so much when you’re back in the streets of Chicago organizing demonstrations and looking forward to your evening weed with Bill Ayers.

America was built by the blood, sweat and dedication of free Americans working to create a better life for themselves and their families. It’s getting more difficult with each passing day to stomach Obama’s version of America. Lucky for him, generations of government education will ensure that he will receive little backlash or resistance.

AZ Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Bible Classes in Public Schools

Over the past few years, Arizona has become a hotbed of domestic controversy. The ongoing debate over the state’s immigration policies will now be joined by an equally-controversial decision: The inclusion of Bible classes in public school curriculum.

Back in January, The Blaze first told you about Arizona’s consideration of a bill that would ensure that the Bible found its way into public and charter schools. Rather than using proselytizing as the basis for the law, proponents have argued that the Bible’s historical significance warrants its study in the classroom. Well, it seems these individuals have won the debate — at least for the time being.

This week, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer made it official and signed the controversial bill into law. Arizona is now the sixth state to offer courses in Biblical studies. Now, it’s important to note — before critics find themselves getting worked up over the legislative decision — that the classes aren’t mandatory. Additionally, the elective courses teach students about the Bible’s history as it pertains to its influence on Western civilization (this is starkly different than, say, preaching based on the holy book’s tenets).

Students will learn about the information present in the Old and New Testaments, the history that is recorded in them and the influence that the book has had on law, literature, art, music and cultural values. Despite this historical and academic focus, some groups are still unhappy with the bill’s passage.

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