Obama: A Metrosexual President?

On Friday’s “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC, Charlie Cook of the famed The Cook Political Report offered his theory as to why Iowa seems to be tilting toward the Republicans in the upcoming election.

According to his co-guest David Drucker, a reporter for Roll Call, it stems from a dissatisfaction with Washington, particularly with ObamaCare. However, Cook says it is something more.

“Small towns — states with a large small town rural populations, Democrats in general, the president has had a really hard time,” Cook said. “I mean, we have kind of a metrosexual president … that doesn’t go over well in the small town. And it’s just cultural. It is what it is.”

Joe Biden: Pretend You Like Me

During a $2500-a-head breakfast at the Fairfax hotel, the vice president told more than 200 members of the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities:

“I guess what I’m trying to say without boring you too long at breakfast – and you all look dull as hell, I might add. The dullest audience I have ever spoken to. Just sitting there, staring at me. Pretend you like me!”

According to the press pool report, the joke “drew big laughs from the crowd.”

Boehner Addresses ‘War on Women’, ‘Give Me a Break’ ‘This is Beneath Us’

“Now, we‘re going to have a fight about women’s health. Give me a break. This the latest plank in the so-called ‘war on women,’ entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain. Let’s review the facts: The president, in his budget, called for reductions in spending in this slush fund that’s given to the Secretary of HHS. The President called for reductions in spending. He may have already forgotten that several months ago you all voted to cut $4 billion out of this slush fund when they passed the payroll tax credit bill. So to accuse us of wanting to gut women’s health is absolutely not true. Ladies and gentlemen, this is beneath us. This is beneath the dignity of this House and dignity of our constituents. They expect us to come here and to be honest with each other. To work out these issues. And to pick this big political fight where there is no fight is just silly. Give me a break.”

NPR: Maybe a slow economy is just what we need!

The economy is slow … and that’s great news! After this morning’s GDP report from the Department of Commerce, NPR offered the counterfactual headline you’d only see during a Democratic administration:

The Muslim Brotherhood in America Part 2

“Muslim Brotherhood in America” Part 1

‘They Hate Us’

Foreign Policy Magazine’s cover story for its May/June 2012 issue, entitled “Why Do They Hate Us?“, is certainly stirring up controversy. The article, which provides a lens into the lives of women who reside in Arab countries, reinforces much of what we already know about the challenges they face in the region. But some women — particularly feminist Muslims who would typically be praising the fact that these tragic details are being exposed — are criticizing the article’s writer, Egyptian-American Mona Eltahawy.

The piece delves into the ugly side of fundamentalism and covers female genital mutilation, physical violence that has worked its way into the legal code and the overall denial of fundamental rights in the Arab world. Eltahawy’s words do anything but hide the problematic mindset she believes has taken hold in the Middle East.

“Name me an Arab country, and I’ll recite a litany of abuses fueled by a toxic mix of culture and religion that few seem willing or able to disentangle lest they blaspheme or offend,” she writes. “When more than 90 percent of ever-married women in Egypt — including my mother and all but one of her six sisters — have had their genitals cut in the name of modesty, then surely we must all blaspheme.”

Eltahawy was also careful to state her view that many nations — including the United States — also mistreat women (or, at the least, do not treat them equally). But her claim, when it comes to the Middle East, is that Arab societies hate women. From economics to human rights abuses, the writer tackles many of her qualms with the region, while tying all of the elements back to an overall issue she sees embedded in the culture:

Not a single Arab country ranks in the top 100 in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, putting the region as a whole solidly at the planet’s rock bottom. Poor or rich, we all hate our women. Neighbors Saudi Arabia and Yemen, for instance, might be eons apart when it comes to GDP, but only four places separate them on the index, with the kingdom at 131 and Yemen coming in at 135 out of 135 countries. Morocco, often touted for its “progressive” family law (a 2005 report by Western “experts” called it “an example for Muslim countries aiming to integrate into modern society”), ranks 129; according to Morocco’s Ministry of Justice, 41,098 girls under age 18 were married there in 2010. […]

How much does Saudi Arabia hate women? So much so that 15 girls died in a school fire in Mecca in 2002, after “morality police” barred them from fleeing the burning building — and kept firefighters from rescuing them — because the girls were not wearing headscarves and cloaks required in public. And nothing happened. No one was put on trial. Parents were silenced. The only concession to the horror was that girls’ education was quietly taken away by then-Crown Prince Abdullah from the Salafi zealots, who have nonetheless managed to retain their vise-like grip on the kingdom’s education system writ large.

Read more here.

The Thought Police Arrive in Sacramento

We don’t have to travel to the future — only to Sacramento — to find a progressive government that mandates what people should be thinking and not thinking.

From The Volokh Conspiracy we read about a “meddlesome” and Orwellian governmental overreach.

California Bill Would Ban Psychotherapy Aimed at Changing Under-18-Year-Olds’ Same-Sex “Desires, Attraction, or Conduct”

The bill is SB 1172, and it bans “psychotherapy” of under-18-year-olds “aimed at altering the sexual or romantic desires, attractions, or conduct of a person toward people of the same sex so that the desire, attraction, or conduct is eliminated or reduced or might instead be directed toward people of a different sex.” This so regardless of whether the patient or the patient’s parents want the therapy to take place.

The bill also regulates such psychotherapy for adults, but the outright prohibition applies only to under-18-year-olds.

Where to begin? Parental rights, medical ethics, radical gay activism, thought-crimes, malpractice issues — this endless list of sociopolitical pressure points is destructive, dangerous, and certainly deliberately provocative. Bottom line: this is our government mandating health care providers. They must do what the state wants rather than what the patient wants. Slopes so slippery that no people have clawed their way back up the mountain to individual freedom without a shattering revolution.

Heartless Baseball Fans

Although the couple who caught the ball claim they didn’t notice the bawling child sitting right next to them, someone in the Rangers dugout did. An employee came out and threw the upset fan a new ball.

Sharpton & the NAACP Use Megachurch to Host Racist Trayvon Martin Rally

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