‘Everyone Is a Child’: NYC Department of Health Allegedly Mulling ‘Happy Hour’ Ban

The New York Post is reporting that the Department of Health is considering a ban on beer and booze specials in New York City bars and restaurants, and the proposal is apparently serious enough that one source quipped: “the alcohol lobby better find itself a good lawyer.”

While a spokesman for the Department of Health has denied “plans to pursue any policy around discount-alcohol sale,” a source reportedly told the Post: “It’s absolutely been discussed.”

The source continued: “It goes to show you the spirit with which they operate. Everyone is a child.”

The Post elaborates:

[Sources] said the anti-booze sentiment at the agency has reached a fever pitch, with officials recently asking state officials about the “legality of liquor in ice cream,” referring to potent products infused with bourbon, rum and tequila.

A prohibition on discounted drinks is solidly in line with [Commissioner Thomas Farley’s] goals, which he outlined in his “Take Care New York 2012” report.

Farley said he aimed to “reduce risky alcohol use,” noting [that] alcohol-related hospitalizations in 2006 were roughly 209 per 100,000 people. His goal was to reduce this number to 170 per 100,000 by this year.

“DOH will advocate for policies that reduce access to alcohol by adolescents and for limits on sales practices in communities and campuses that promote drinking among adolescents and heavy drinking among adults,” the document reads.

Those familiar with the potential policy say Farley is proceeding with caution after his plan to reduce the “density” of alcohol outlets backfired, with Bloomberg apparently furious that he was never informed of the scheme.

Read more here.


Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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