Obama: ‘New York girlfriend’ was a Lie

One of the more mysterious characters from President Obama’s 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father is the so-called ‘New York girlfriend.’ Obama never referred to her by name, or even by psuedonym, but he describes her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms in specific detail.

But Obama has now told biographer David Maraniss that the ‘New York girlfriend’ was actually a composite character, based off of multiple girlfriends he had both in New York City and in Chicago.

“During an interview in the Oval Office, Obama acknowledged that, while Genevieve was his New York girlfriend, the description in his memoir was a “compression” of girlfriends, including one who followed Genevieve [Cook] when he lived in Chicago,” Maraniss writes in his new biography, an excerpt of which was published online today by Vanity Fair.

Though Dreams From My Father is an autobiography, and hence non-fiction, Obama makes no mention of this “compression,” nor is their any note by the publisher, Broadway Books. In fact, Obama only acknowledged the “compression” after Maraniss learned that Cook had no recollection of some of the events at which Obama said she was present.

“In Dreams from My Father, Obama chose to emphasize a racial chasm that unavoidably separated him from the woman he described as his New York girlfriend,” Maraniss writes, before offering a passage from the book in which they go to see a play by a black playwright. He continues:

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New Slogan: ‘Real Change Is Slow’

Michelle Obama seems to have tried out a new campaign slogan at today’s fundraiser in Las Vegas.

“I’m not going to kid you,” the first lady said at the fundraiser, according to the pool report. “This journey is going to be long. And it’s going to be hard. And there are going to be plenty of twists and turns along the way. That’s how change always happens in this country. The reality is real change is slow and it never happens all at once.”

Seems like a winning slogan to me! “Change is slow.”

“Michelle Obama addressed about 130 people at a private fundraising breakfast at a café inside The Springs Preserve, a 180-acre protected nature area a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip,” according to the pool report. “The guests paid at least $2,500 each, raising more than $300,000 for the Obama Victory Fund, a committee raising funds for his re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”

One wonders how receptive these high dollar attendees were to the new tone.

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Blogger Offers $10,000 Bounty for Obama’s College Transcripts

Conservative blogger Brooks Bayne is looking to shed some sunlight on President Barack Obama’s past academic record. Bayne says he is part of a group of eight individuals who have offered up a $10,000 bounty in exchange for authentic copies of Obama’s transcripts from any of his past universities – Occidental College, Harvard University or Columbia University.

The initial call for the college records was announced on a web site — TheTrenches.us — and did not state Bayne’s name (nor did it mention the others who are joining him in this unique initiative). After proclaiming that the media have failed at properly vetting Obama, the official announcement for the effort offers up the financial incentive for accurate records. The web site reads:

You’ve failed, media.

You’ve had over three years to vet President Barack Obama. Yet in three years in office and over a year of campaigning beforehand, you have either been oddly uninterested or purposefully ignorant of Barack Obama’s educational history. You were, however, quite interested in George Bush’s transcripts.

This uncharacteristic absence of curiosity about an American president alarms us. At $15 trillion, our nation’s debt is the highest it has ever been – and it keeps growing. We’re not convinced that Barack is as smart as you media elitists keep insisting he is.

We therefore offer in reward $10,000 to anyone who provides the college transcripts of President Barack Obama. Occidental, Harvard, Columbia…any would represent more intellectual curiosity about the leader of the free world than the media has demonstrated since Obama won the Democrat primary.

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Obama Gives Himself a Shout Out

You know that old bait-and-switch technique your older sibling pulled on you when you were a kid? The one where he asked you a bunch of questions that evoked a “yes” response, and then slyly sneaked in a question that should exhibit a “no” but you’re so used to answering “yes” that you accidentally mix it up. That’s kind of what Barack Obama did yesterday — to our troops.

While addressing soldiers at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the president started giving shout outs to different military units “in the house,” each time eliciting cheers from the crowd. But after calling out a couple of those names, he quickly turned to evoking his own: “And we’ve got me in the house.”

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