What media didn’t tell you about Obama boyhood

Although the Washington Post this past week featured an extensive profile of Mitt Romney’s high school days, which alleged the presidential hopeful engaged in bullying, the news media has yet to probe important aspects of Obama’s early education that may evidence later radical ties.

In 2009, WND exposed Obama’s attendance in a church Sunday school that espouses far-left politics and served as a sanctuary for draft dodgers from the Students for a Democratic Society during the time Bill Ayers was a leader in that organization.

WND had caught up with Rev. Mike Young, pastor of First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, who affirmed the congregation where Obama attended Sunday school as a boy has “always” been involved in political activism.

“The Sunday school has always been and to this day still is involved in political activism,” said Young.

“We are involved in community organizing, helping churches in foreign countries, social justice issues, like making sure inmates get dinner,” said Young, speaking from Hawaii.

While Obama’s membership as an adult in the controversial Trinity United Church of Christ has received widespread media attention, almost nothing has been reported about his Sunday school attendance at First Unitarian, a far-left activist church that may have helped provide the president’s initial political education.

Andrew Walden, publisher and editor of the Hawaii Free Press, dug up newspaper clippings from that period as well as print editions of “The Roach,” an SDS publication describing the group’s draft-dodging activism, including at the Unitarian church.

The SDS connection to Obama’s boyhood church is instrumental. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama notoriously brushed off Ayers’ extremism as irrelevant since most of the Weathermen radical’s violent actions were carried out when Obama was a kid.

“This is a guy [Ayers] who lives in my neighborhood … the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago – when I was 8 years old – somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense,” Obama said in 2008.

Obama, however, likely learned values during his Sunday school days at the First Unitarian in the early 1970s.

After living from age 7 with his mother and step-father in Indonesia, where he was enrolled as a Muslim under the name “Barry Soetoro” in public schools, Obama was sent back to Hawaii at age 11 in 1971 to reside with his grandmother. His mother moved back to Hawaii in 1972 and stayed there until 1977, when she relocated again to Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

In his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama recounts on page 17 moving to Hawaii and being enrolled in the Unitarian church.

When Obama’s maternal grandmother died in November 2008, the memorial service, attended by the then-presidential candidate, was held in Honolulu’s Unitarian church.

According to an account in the Tampa Tribune, when Young reminded Obama at his grandmother’s memorial service that he attended the church’s Sunday school as a kid, Obama’s eyes lit up, and he turned to his wife, Michelle, and said, “Hey, that’s right. This is where I went to Sunday school.”

Young recounted to WND in 2009 how the bathrooms for the main sanctuary were in full use after the service. Obama said he had to use the restroom, so Young directed Obama and his secret service detail to instead utilize the upper floor facilities, located at the church’s Sunday school operations.

“When he returned,” Young recalled, “I asked Obama if the Sunday school looked familiar. He said it didn’t, but I explained to him we recently remodeled.”

Notorious hotbed of far-leftist activism

Young came to the Honolulu church in 1995. He claimed to WND the church and Sunday school is non-partisan. However, just as it is now, during Obama’s attendance in the early 1970s, the church was a hotbed of far-leftist activism.

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