Ron Pagano: Salisbury’s Loony Occupy Leader Who Spouts Lies

A Letter to the editor:

Everyone leaves a legacy. When you die, you’re remembered, perhaps, for how you tried to make a better world for your children and grandchildren. Rep. Andy Harris’ legacy will be one of “lies, misleading distortions and half-truths” resulting in a less-safe, less-healthy world for women, children and the chronically ill.

The Republican playbook in 2012 includes taking credit for other people’s work. Romney tried to take “a lot of credit” for the auto industry recovery. Bogus is the nicest word I can muster on that claim.

Not to be outdone, Harris issued a news release last week claiming credit for keeping the U.S. Postal Service from closing facilities or offices. Can anyone tell me what Harris did? Anyone familiar with this issue — including hundreds of postal workers on the Eastern Shore — know it was Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin who led that fight. Mikulski even sent letters to Harris seeking his support to save these jobs — without even a response. Chalk one up for lies.

Polls show how most women feel about the lack of Republican support on issues ranging from health insurance to equal pay for equal work. Harris and his extremist cohorts have failed to support women’s issues. Of course, it should be different when it comes to violence against women, right?

Wrong. Last month, Harris and other right-wing radicals refused to extend the Violence Against Women Act, which has reduced domestic violence by 58 percent since 1994. Last week, in an attempt to fool women everywhere, Harris voted for a gutted version. The purpose was to muddy the waters and by confusing people, to appear to care about women.

What is it about the treatment of women in the 1800s that is so appealing to Harris? Here’s one for the misleading distortions column.

Now, for half-truths.

Truth: Harris talks big on making America energy independent. So why do we sell America’s oil and natural gas abroad? Why hasn’t Harris supported research into alternative energy sources that could reduce traditional energy costs? Why is he so intent on supporting fracking? The answers: Harris’ contributors want bigger profits. Fracking is being suspended by other countries and across the United States, because of health and pollution dangers.

Will it create jobs here on the Eastern Shore? No. But Harris gets lots of money from the Koch brothers and other out-of-state supporters in the oil industry. Harris has even voted to take away all powers of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to control greenhouse gas emissions, which affect our health and the environment.

These are just a few issues that affect Harris’ legacy. Ask yourself: Is this a legacy I would be proud to leave my children and grandchildren? I sure wouldn’t.

Ron Pagano is a retired attorney, entrepreneur and disability activist.


The lies just keep coming from the left. Are they capable of telling the truth or being moral at all? I do not think so.

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

15 thoughts on “Ron Pagano: Salisbury’s Loony Occupy Leader Who Spouts Lies”

  1. So…you refuse to acknowledge Harris’ lies, distortions and half-truths, but you provide no substance (not surprising) to support your allegations that I am lying. Typical right-wing nonsense, from limited information sources, that try to convince by emotions rather than facts. You should have run in the Preakness last week…you already have the blinders on!!

    1. Liberals run on emotion, conservatives operate on logic. I am sorry you drink the kool-aid, not my fault, nor is it my responsibility to keep proving facts to liberals. If you and they refuse to see the truth, so be it. I will continue living in the real world.

      1. That is the response of a person who lacks the facts to back up their fantasy! You obviously have no understanding of the “real world” my friend. You are simply locked into a Faux News kind of existence, where you absorb everything your told by your TV, without doing your own research. Unfortunately, you are not alone…too many limited-information voters out there. The saving grace is that you are outweighed by people who think and research and who will be voting for President Obama in November, for four more years!

      2. I hardly watch any tv, but you are too funny. Like I said, I will continue living in the real world. Have fun spouting your nonsense. People who come to this website are much more informed than the one’s you seem to deal with on a daily basis.

      3. So, you’re saying that you only write this blog to those who only follow & agree with you…that you aren’t interested in changing minds or at least, seeking common ground. There may well be issues we can agree on…in fact, I’m sure there are; but by automatically shutting off the conversation and decreeing your opponent as “loony”, you are taking the path that the obstructionists in Congress are taking, which leads to nothing getting accomplished and polarization of those who should be working on answers.

      4. Whatever you say! You are the typical right-wing extremist, refusing to debate issues and then twisting the conversation in order to make yourself sound reasonable. Incredible and not worth my time. Good luck to you. Also, please make sure you do not continue to use copyrighted material (text or photos) from my blog…you may link to my blog, but not take entire posts and repost them without my permission. I will be monitoring this in the future and will take appropriate legal action, as required.

      5. Again you are funny, but a boring liberal. However, do NOT threaten me. You really copyrighted your blog? Besides, an editorial in the Daily Times is fair game. You want to be an extremists and call others what you are fine, just leave me out of it. Again, this old liberal tactic is so damn boring and pathetic! Have a nice day, I know I will.

      6. You are a waste of time…also, your typing skills need work…I have no idea what this means: “You want to be an extremists and call others what you are fine…” Anyway…yes, my blog is copyrighted, as is all original material, whether filed with the US Copyright Office or not; I would have thought such a smart “Free Speech” guy as yourself would have known that! You have also taken my photo and posted it on your site, without permission, along with text from my blog…I am trying to be nice, but if you persist, I will be forced to report you to WordPress, as well as take action in the District Court. Enjoy your “nice day!”

  2. BTW…”loony”? Maybe…but, where did you ever see me “occupy” anything?? I like sleeping in my own bed at night…several joint replacements and arthritis has cut down my overnight camping activities! 🙂

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