Walker survives recall election in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker beat back a recall challenge Tuesday, winning both the right to finish his term and a voter endorsement of his strategy to curb state spending, which included the explosive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers.

The rising Republican star becomes the first governor in U.S. history to survive a recall attempt by defeating Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the union leaders who rallied for months against his agenda.

Democrats and organized labor spent millions to oust Walker, but found themselves hopelessly outspent by Republicans from across the country who donated record-setting sums to Walker. Republicans hope the victory carries over into November and that their get-out-the-vote effort can help Mitt Romney become the first GOP nominee to carry the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

The recall was a rematch of the 2010 governor’s race. Throughout the campaign, Walker maintained his policies set the state on the right economic track. Defeat, he said, would keep other politicians from undertaking such bold moves in the future.

“We’re headed in the right direction,” Walker said many times. “We’re turning things around. We’re moving Wisconsin forward.”

Barrett repeatedly accused Walker of neglecting the needs of the state in the interests of furthering his own political career by making Wisconsin “the tea party capital of the country.” He said Walker had instigated a political civil war in Wisconsin that could be quelled only by a change in leadership.

“I will end this civil war,” Barrett promised in a debate. “That is something the people of this state want.”

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National Guardsman claims Boston landlady refused to rent to him over war service

A National Guardsman who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is reportedly suing a Massachusetts woman he tried to rent from, claiming the landlady told him his war service presents a “conflict of interests.”

Sgt. Joel Morgan, 29, said he tried to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Boston from property owner Janice Roberts, 63, in April, the Boston Herald reported. But Morgan claims the woman later told him in a message left on his phone that renting to him would be problematic, saying, “We are very adamant about our beliefs,” according to the newspaper.

“It just is not going to be comfortable for us without a doubt. It probably would be better for you to look for a place that is a little bit less politically active and controversial,” Morgan claims Roberts said, according to his complaint — a copy of which was obtained by the Herald.

“For her to do that to me, it was like a spit in the face,” Morgan told the newspaper. “For what we have gone through overseas, to come home to our country and have people … discriminate against us. … It made me extremely insecure about being a soldier.”

Roberts wrote in a “response” to Morgan’s attorney, Joseph L. Sulman, that she has belonged to a civil-rights group called Garden of Enlightenment since 2000, according to the newspaper. She reportedly wrote that “This bodes the question, ‘Why would someone like Joel Morgan, who apparently fought so valiently (sic) in wars in which he believed, want to even choose to subject himself to renting an apartment from people — like myself — who were so vigorously seeking an end to the Iraq War??’

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Can’t Believe Obama is Pushing This Incredible Lie

Obama is still at it. He’s still trying to push this bald-faced lie that he is one of the lowest spending presidents in history. He pushed the line again yesterday at a campaign appearance with Bill Clinton … actually saying that he and Clinton are among the lowest spending presidents.

This Obama lie was exposed almost as fast as the ink dried on the Wall Street Journal MarketWatch story where it first broke. The only way that Obama can come close to making this claim is to take his stimulus spending and $400 billion in TARP spending and — now get this — crediting that spending to George Bush. This is a cold lie of astounding proportions, and the only reason that Obama can get away with this dishonesty is because the voters inclined to vote for Obama are so damned ignorant they wouldn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, and the ObamaMedia can pretty much be counted on to protect him on this.

If this hack wins in November we are in soooooo much trouble.

Did You Know the U.S. Was Planning on Funding a $20 Million Pakistani Version of Sesame Street?

The U.S. has terminated funding for a $20 million project to develop a Pakistani version of Sesame Street, the U.S. Embassy said Tuesday. The decision came as a Pakistani newspaper reported allegations of corruption by the local puppet theater working on the initiative.

The organization in question is the Rafi Peer Theater Workshop, a group in the city of Lahore that jointly developed the show with Sesame Workshop, the creator of the American series.

The show, which includes Elmo and a host of new Pakistani characters, first aired in December and was supposed to run for at least three seasons. The U.S. hoped it would improve education in a country where one-third of primary school-age children are not in class. It was also meant to increase tolerance at a time when the influence of radical views is growing.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Robert Raines said the U.S. Agency for International Development terminated funding for the program, but declined to provide further details.

The Pakistan Today newspaper reported Tuesday that the cause was “severe” financial irregularities at Rafi Peer, citing unnamed sources close to the project. Officials at Rafi Peer allegedly used the U.S. money to pay off old debts and awarded lucrative contracts to relatives, the sources claimed.

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Its Worse Than You’ve Been Told

One of the big topics of the upcoming election is the national debt and the yearly deficit. Although there have been recent attempts to portray President Obama as a fiscal conservative, we all know that this administration has spent and borrowed more than any other. We know he has added five trillion dollars to the national debt and that yearly deficits under his administration have been 1.3 to 1.5 trillion dollars. These are the numbers we are familiar with. They are very bad. We are borrowing forty cents out of every dollar and using these numbers, we would have to cut the federal budget by forty percent to balance it. We know the Democrats have no intention of attempting that but do you really think that the Republicans have the guts to cut real expenditures by forty percent? Or twenty? Or ten? Or even five? The gimmicks of reducing the deficit by some amount over ten years may fool some but they are worthless gestures that do nothing to slow our headlong rush to fiscal destruction.

Even if the looters in Washington could muster the political courage to cut the deficit in half or, miracle of miracles, balance the budget, it would all be a lie. You see, Washington doesn’t use the same accounting practices every other business in America is required to use. In fact, if a business did accounting like the politicians in Washington they would be in jail. But fudging the numbers for political benefit has a long and storied tradition in Washington, just look at the economic numbers, especially unemployment, they put out on a regular basis. Getting back to the point. Washington does not have to include future benefits in its budgetary considerations. A business must include future pensions and health benefits in its yearly budget, Washington does not. If it did, the numbers would get much, much worse. While many of us have heard that the national debt of sixteen trillion dollars is just the tip of the iceberg and unfunded liabilities put that number in the one hundred trillion dollar range, putting that in yearly and personal terms is something else entirely.

The yearly deficit under standard accounting practices, is a smidgen over five trillion dollars. Every year. This is not new, of course. Go back to the Clinton administration and the “balanced budget” and “surpluses” the he and the Republicans like to crow about. It was all an accounting trick. In fact the national debt rose by 1.6 trillion during Clinton’s eight years. The surpluses were created by taking all Social Security income and treating to as ordinary income. If any corporation treated pension contributions as ordinary income and spent it all its officers would be in prison. Yet our politicians do it routinely and lie about it with a smile.

There is no way to make up this deficit with taxes. No way. The average yearly household income in the United States is around $49,000. To balance the budget the government would have to confiscate $42,000 of that, leaving the average family $7000 a year to live on. In fact, if we collected one hundred percent of the income in this country, we would still be running a deficit. That is not going to happen. Raising taxes is not going to solve this problem. When the government is spending half our GDP, they cannot tax enough to cover it all without destroying the economy completely. But they are going to try. While confiscating all the wealth of the rich would fund the government for days or hours, politicians, particularly Democrats, will try to convince us that taking more money from the people who create wealth will improve the lives of those who don’t.

In addition to taxes, an even more nefarious scheme to keep people from protecting their wealth is coming. We all know that some corporations keep a portion of their profits outside the United States because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and that wealthy individuals often keep some of their money “offshore” to protect a portion of their assets. As our situation becomes ever more dire and the government looks for ways to get hold of even more of our money, politicians are considering ways to keep it here in the country where their tentacles reach into every financial institution. Barny Frank and Sander Levin recently wrote a letter to Timothy Geithner complaining that our current trade agreements don’t adequately address “capital controls.” What they are concerned about is the ease with which capital can flow out of the country and into other non US investments. I would like to remind you that one of the ten goals in the communist manifesto is the confiscation of the wealth of emigrants. What this means is that the government wants the ability to keep you from protecting your wealth by trading dollars for gold or other currencies.

Why does that matter to the vast majority of us who don’t have offshore accounts or trusts? Because neither party in Washington is going to make the cuts necessary to solve our fiscal nightmare. They are not going to eliminate any departments, they are not going to reduce Social Security or Medicare benefits, they are not going to cut military spending, food stamps or unemployment benefits. They do not have the political will or courage to do it. They will ride this horse to death and we are the ones who will pay the ultimate price. The only way the government can pay for all this is for the Federal Reserve to keep printing money. They have been printing trillions of dollars every year and inflation is rearing its ugly head. The only thing that is keeping the dollar strong at this point is that Europe is in even worse shape, in the short term, than we are. The dollar is the “least worse” currency right now. When that changes, hyperinflation will wipe out the savings and wealth of the average American and the only way to protect yourself is to own something of value other than dollars. But the politicians are working on making that impossible (remember FDR outlawed gold ownership, it has happened before), ensuring that we all go over the cliff together. Everyone except the political class and their well connected friends.

It is time to tell the truth. It is time to elect people who know it and are willing to take the radical steps needed to mitigate the worst effects of our foolishness. It is time to try liberty once again. Democrats and Republicans have gotten us into this mess and neither has the courage or desire to get us out. It is time for real change.

Mike Calpino
Candidate for Congress

Nebraska mom strangled son

Police say a Nebraska mom who disappeared last month with her son strangled the 10-year-old boy before strangling herself in the woods of an Iowa state park.

Council Bluffs police said Monday that Charlotte Schilling, 41, of Plattsmouth, Neb. and her son, Owen, both died with plastic zip ties around their necks in a murder-suicide.

The Schillings were missing from May 10 until their bodies were found May 20 in Lake Manawa State Park, south of Council Bluffs in western Iowa, about 20 miles north of Plattsmouth.

Council Bluffs police say Charlotte Schilling tried to commit suicide with a plastic zip tie in November, but a family member intervened then. Once a zip tie is tightened, the only way to loosen it is to cut it off, so police said after Schilling tightened one around her own neck enough to restrict breathing it would have been difficult for her to remove it.

Council Bluffs Police Sgt. Chad Meyers said Schilling actually lost consciousness during her previous suicide attempt, and a family member heard her fall. Someone was able to cut the zip tie off Schilling’s neck quickly enough for her to recover.

Investigators said friends described behavior in the days before Schilling disappeared with her son that’s consistent with someone contemplating suicide. For instance, Meyers said Schilling gave away some of her personal belongings.

“Individually, each one of these people probably wouldn’t have known anything was different,” he said. “When you put it all together and look at it, it paints a pretty clear picture of someone who is contemplating suicide.”

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CDC silent on zombie-inducing parasites that live in human brains

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently denied knowing of “a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms),” after a series of instances of cannibalism across the country were reported, but remains silent about the effect of zombie-inducing parasites that live in human brains.

A 2008 piece by Discover Magazine entitled, “Zombie animals and the parasites that control them,” named a single-cell parasite primarily found in cats, the Toxoplasma gondii — which alters the brain-chemistry of rats to make them more likely to seek out cats — as one such parasite.

The Toxoplasma “thus makes a rat more likely to be killed and the parasite more likely to end up in a cat — the only host in which it can complete the reproductive step of its life cycle,” Discover reported in a separate piece.

The parasite can also live in the brain cells of thousands of other warm-blooded animals, including humans. The Toxoplasma, when living inside humans, is linked to causing significant changes in behavior, including neuroticism, increased aggression and schizophrenia.

“[Animal] studies of Toxoplasma infections have demonstrated that this organism affects levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters, which are well known to be affected in persons with schizophrenia,” according to a 2003 article in the CDC’s “Emerging Infectious Diseases” publication.

The CDC’s own website acknowledges that Toxoplasma is “considered to be a leading cause of death attributed to foodborne illness in the United States.”

Approximately 1 out of every 5 Americans are infected with the parasite, which is transmitted through the consumption of undercooked meats or by coming in contact with cat feces.

Pigs are also a carrier of the parasite. A study published by the American Society of Parisitologists in 1995 said that pork “is considered to be the most important meat source of T. gondii infection in the U.S.”

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