Is Obama a Socialist?

I saw an article a few days ago discussing whether or not Barack Obama is a socialist. The reporter interviewed several leaders and members of various socialist movements to ask them if they considered Obama one of their own. The did not. So there. This means that those people calling Obama a socialist are just haters who have no clue what they’re talking about.

Well .. the reporter is right. Strictly speaking, Obama is not a socialist. He’s also most definitely not a capitalist. So that leaves the question … just what in the hell IS he?

Well … you’re gonna learn right now.

No economic system is pure; neither socialism nor capitalism .. nor the system that Obama truly embraces … fascism. In a pure sense … here is how you would define the three basic economic systems. To simplify these definitions – even to the point that government educated American Idol and Entertainment Tonight fans can understand – we will establish one common term to be used in all three definitions … “the means of production.” By “the means of production” we’re talking about the mechanism by which wealth is created; the mechanism by which products and services are manufactured or created and then presented to the people for consumption. Ready? Read on:


The means of production is privately owned and controlled with only minimal regulatory interference from the state for the purposes of public health and safety. Economic decisions made by millions of independent consumers acting in the marketplace.


The means of production is owned and controlled by the state. Private property and business ownership is not permitted. State is in complete control of the economy.


The means of production is privately owned but state controlled; a command economy driven by political whims.

Again … those are pure definitions, and no economic system anywhere is solidly in one camp or the other. But as you read these definitions you will see that Obama clearly is much more of an economic fascist than a socialist. It’s control over industry he seeks, not ownership. Capitalist? Hardly. Remember … Obama described his limited days in the private sector as “working behind enemy lines.” Isn’t that just swell? We have a president who thinks that the private sector is the enemy. Wonderful; just wonderful.

Church Loses Majority of Members & Faces Foreclosure Following Pastor’s Support for Gay Marriage

The Rev. Oliver White of Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minnesota, has lost two-thirds of his congregation. The mass exodus from his pews started back in 2005 when he voted in favor of gay marriage at the national United Church of Christ assembly meeting. Following his support for the measure, the majority of his 320-member flock was flabbergasted and left the church.

“I was really in shock. I visited one member after another, who told me they weren’t coming back because of it,” White, who has pastored at the house of worship for 22 years, said in an interview with The Star Tribune. “The membership evaporated right before my eyes. Their fundamental belief was it’s wrong for a man and a man to marry or a woman and a woman to marry. A lot of them said if I change, they’d come back. But I told them, it is what it is. I am who I am. And this is what I fight for.”

In an interview with CNN, he reiterated these comments, claiming that his church members simply couldn’t rectify their personal beliefs with the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

“Categorically they said, I can not be a part of a church that accepts same-sex marriage,” White explained.

Watch the reverend explain his views on same-sex marriage and the controversy that has taken over his church, below:

See the video here.

If Obama re-elected ‘we don’t deserve to keep our country’

President Barack Obama and his administration have wreaked havoc on America, according to ”The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic,” a new book by New York Times bestselling author and attorney David Limbaugh.

While the title speaks for itself, Limbaugh dedicates over 400 pages to making a heavily footnoted case against the current administration, claiming the president is “waging a war on America.”

“I think we’re in a critical situation in this country today and we face crippling debt, and Obama’s policies are causing it, and he refuses to lead us toward fiscal solvency — and obstructs Republican efforts to stop it,” Limbaugh explained in an interview with The Daily Caller. “So we have to get him to see it. And I want to alert the public to the extent that I can just how bad his record has been, and how much worse it would be if he were re-elected.”

“So the goal is to help defeat him, ultimately,” said Limbaugh.

The book delves into Limbaugh’s analysis of Obama’s economic illiteracy but goes well beyond fiscal policy, with entire chapters detailing the president’s “wars on” energy, the Right, American culture, business, guns, national security and the dignity of his office.

Like Limbaugh’s 2010 analysis, “Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama,” this follow-up pulls no punches.

“[H]e’s bankrupting us and obstructing our ability to reform entitlements, which are now at 99.4 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and his annual deficits are projected at almost a trillion a year, according to CBO, [for] the next 10 years — during which he says he’s not going to add a dime to the debt,” Limbaugh explained. “This brilliant president does not know the difference between the deficit and the debt so he’s not going to add a dime to the trillion dollar deficit!”

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Washington ‘Vigilante’ accused of killing sex offenders

A Washington man accused of fatally shooting two convicted sex offenders on the Olympic Peninsula indicated he didn’t plan to stop with two, a prosecutor told a judge on Monday.

Patrick Drum, 34, of Sequim, remained jailed without bail after a Clallam County Superior Court hearing.

A signed note Drum left in a rental car said he hated sex offenders and “it had to be done,” the county sheriff said Monday.

Drum was arrested Sunday for investigation of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of burglary in the weekend deaths of Gary Lee Blanton Jr., 28, and Jerry W. Ray, 56.

The arrested man “had stated his intent not to stop with two victims but to continue as long as he could until he was stopped by law enforcement,” County Prosecutor Deb Kelly told Judge George Wood, according to the Peninsula Daily News.

A probable cause statement from the sheriff’s office said “Drum also stated that he had intended on driving to Jefferson County where another sex offender resided, with the intent to kill him, too.”

“Frankly, I’m concerned about the vigilante aspect,” Kelly said.

Kelly told the judge she plans to seek charges of aggravated first-degree murder.

Drum, who yawned repeatedly during the hearing, told the judge he wanted to defend himself.

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Man Gets 10 Years in Kuwaiti Prison for Sending Anti-Prophet Mohammad Tweets

We’ve already told you that Kuwaiti officials arrested a man for allegedly sending disparaging Prophet Mohammad tweets earlier this year. Following the initial detainment for his “crime” in March, Hamad al-Naqi, the man at the center of the controversy, is slated to spend 10 years behind bars.

The harsh sentencing comes after al-Naqi was found guilty of endangering state security as a result of sending his controversial anti-Mohammad social media messages. In addition to posting tweets against the holy figure, he also purportedly went after leaders in Saudi Arabia and Iran, commenting about them on Twitter as well. How his actions constitute an endangerment of national security – well, that hasn’t quite been explained.

Since the case commenced, al-Naqi has maintained his innocence. Back in March, he has claimed that his account was hacked and that he was not the individual who sent the messages in question. He has also said that attacking the “Holy Prophet” is not something he would ever do.

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Liberal Talk Show Host: National Anthem is an ‘Abomination’