Dan Savage Calls Conservative Gays ‘House F****ts’

Dan Savage, founder of the anti-gay-bullying organization “It Gets Better,” is well known for behaving in ways that seem rather like…well, a bully. Whether it’s cursing at Christian teenagers from the pulpit, or turning Rick Santorum’s last name into a demeaning neologism, Savage has made a name for himself as a scourge of the Religious Right, no matter how much he wants to pretend to oppose bullying now.

Besides, now Savage has moved on from simply attacking the Religious Right, and outed himself as purely partisan. Why? Because his most recent target is not a religious target — in fact, its members have come under fire from the religious Right. Who are they? None other than the conservative gay organization GOProud, which Savage is attacking for the sin of supporting Mitt Romney. Here‘s Savage’s Tweet, sent out today:

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Voting on strictly partisan lines, a House committee recommended Wednesday that Attorney General Eric Holder be cited for contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents relating to the botched Fast and Furious weapons sting operation.

The measure now goes to the full House for consideration, expected next week, of what would be an unprecedented event — Congress holding a sitting attorney general in contempt.

All 23 Republicans on the House Oversight and Goverment Reform Committee supported the measure, while the 17 Democrats opposed it, reflecting the deep political divide on the issue.

The vote ended an extraordinary day-long hearing that took place after President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege over some documents sought by the panel investigating the Fast and Furious program.

Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, D-California, refused to put off consideration of the measure, saying the White House assertion of executive privilege “falls short” of any reason to delay the hearing.

L.A. Councilman Proposes Ban on Soda in Parks & Libraries Because It’s Unhealthy & Makes Teens Violent

If we were the CEO of, say, Coca-Cola Co. or PepsiCo, we would be seriously annoyed with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Why? Because it looks like he has opened the anti-soda floodgates.

And here’s the latest: Los Angeles City Council member Mitchell Englander has proposed a ban on the sale of soda from city park and library vending machines because it’s unhealthy and, apparently, it makes teens violent.

Councilman Englander, who addressed a special committee on Tuesday, says he decided something needed to be done after he learned his daughter could buy only soda from the vending machines at a local park.

“Here in the city of Los Angeles, one in four children is obese,” Englander told the City Council. “In many of our communities, it’s one in three. This stands in stark contrast to a generation ago, when less than one in ten of our children were obese.”

Because childhood obesity is, like, kind of a big deal, he thinks it’s important that they make soda unavailable for kids and teenagers in public areas. He suggests that they replace the soda with water and fruit juices.

“Sodas are laden with sugar and caffeine and have proven to be the least healthy beverage for young children and teenagers … and teens drinking lots of soda could be missing important nutrients in their diet,” Englander writes in the official motion.

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