An Open Letter to Chris Rock

Dear Mr. Rock:

I am not going to call your tweet racist. Besides the fireworks, your comment was historically accurate. We did have slaves the day the declaration was signed. The founders did not put an end to slavery. The reason that they didn’t was the fact that they knew it would not be ratified if they had. The decision was made to have an imperfect United States, instead of no country at all. The hope had been that slavery would die on its own, as it had in many other countries by that time. Sadly, we did have to fight a civil war to end slavery.

I am not one to say that this country is perfect. We have many warts and many things we should be ashamed of. Even today things happen that are a true shame and black eye on our nation. One that comes to mind immediately is the fact that we have so many veterans that are homeless. These are men and woman who were willing to die to protect this nation and the very least we should do is pay them enough that this never happens to them. We are working on ways to solve these problems.

I looked up your net worth, it is said to be $70 million. That is more money than most Americans will make in a lifetime. You don’t seem to have done all that badly in this country, even though we once had slavery.
But the thing that I really don’t understand Mr. Rock, is why are not making these same statements about other countries that had slavery? Virtually every country in the history of the world had slavery in some form or another. In some instances the practice continues to today, it is just called by another name; indentured servitude. That is a very common practice in the Middle East, it is even known to happen in America as well when foreign workers are brought here to work for certain visas. This isn’t all that uncommon in people who work for diplomats that are in our country.

Why are you not railing about these practices? This is something that you can actually do something about. The history of slavery in this country cannot be changed. Our history is our history. But, it really isn’t anymore of a black eye on our country than it was on any other country that did the exact same practice? After all the Egyptians held the Jews slaves for many years. The Greeks and the Romans had slaves as well. Do you make the same statements about these countries? Or is it just the United States that you make these statements about? If so, I would like to know why.

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Chris Rock”

  1. Actually I would like to add, we the American people are slaves to things like , paying for others do as they don’t have to work. It’s now called redistribution of wealth . We do called whites have to take second place in line for jobs because we are white, we don’t have a NAAWP for us, or a all white miss America, a all white WET channel. We don’t call the race card every time we don’t get our way. It’s the others who are racist in our country. People like Chris Rock. It’s a shame that our country can’t seem to get over itself for fear of saying the wrong things , political correctness is out of control. It’s the white race that has the low card every time. Thanks for ruining our great nation.

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