The Price of Freedom

2012 is shaping up to be the “Self Esteem” election.

Obama increasingly holds out the promise of “goodies” to people if they will vote for him. His Regime is BEGGING people to go on Food-Stamps, promising them FREE Healthcare, and stridently urging them to hold “the wealthy” responsible for EACH and EVERY problem, issue or ailment they have!

To hear Lord Obama screech, the ONLY impediments to his plans to give us MORE “goodies” are those rascally Republicans and that creaky old “Constitution” thingee (oh, and a few “headwinds” left over from “W”). But once Barry secures his 2nd term (and beyond?) he will just do whatever he wants and ignore those “impediments”…if the pandered-to will just VOTE for him, dammit!

Romney is promising to put America back to work! “Work”??? Ewwwww. Oh sure, Obama says things like: “Everyone has to do their ‘Fair Share’”…but then he winks at the 50% who pay NO TAXES, and the masses he is urging to get MORE dependent on the government, and they know he doesn’t mean THEM, for Allen’s sake!

Obama is counting on a deficiency of Self Esteem to propel him to reelection.

“Self Esteem” has many components, and Obama has chipped away at ALL of them from Day One in the White House.

National Identity. Lee Greenwood: “I’m proud to be American”. Not so fast. Obama went on a worldwide “Apology Tour” in his first six months, and he and his minions have reminding us ever since that so much of the ills of the world are OUR fault as Americans. “Proud to be an America”?…better not be. Obama says you should at least be humble…if not outright ashamed.
Personal identity. This is ok for some, but if you’re White then fuggetaboutit! In fact, if you’re Conservative, then you can fuggetaboutit too. A Black Conservative is quickly labeled “Uncle Tom”, a female Conservative is reviled as being “misogynist”, and so on. And if you’re a White Male, then Y-O-U should apologize to everyone else!
Personal beliefs. If you’re a Christian, then YOU are responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Nazi Germany! If you are Pro-Life, then you are a foot soldier in the “War Against Women”. If you believe in the Constitution as a true blueprint for our Republic, then DHS labels you a possible “Domestic Terrorist”. Etc…
Work ethic. Yikes! If you work hard and manage to get ahead then YOU are an exploiter of the masses! For the ONLY way that someone can EVER get ahead is at the expense of someone else!

The American spirit is intentionally being degraded, because that is the ONLY way Obama’s “vision” for America’s future doesn’t piss you off! If you have strong Self Esteem in the four categories above (or any others), then you are NOT someone Obama wants voting…EVER.

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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