Prof accused of ordering students to masturbate

A federal lawsuit alleges a “human sexuality” class instructor at Western Nevada College in Carson City demanded that students masturbate and then write reports about their experiences or flunk his class.

The claim, reported by Oliver Darcy at, was filed on behalf of Karen Royce against the college, instructor Tom Kubistant and the college president, Carol Lucey.

College spokesman Mark Ghan told WND the college investigated the complaint and found nothing to act on. The U.S. Department of Education also accessed the college’s report and found no grounds for action.

“The fact that the Department of Education declined to pursue the matter didn’t preclude the plaintiff from filing a lawsuit,” he told WND.

Ghan said he’s preparing a motion to dismiss, because the allegations are “embellished to such an extent they don’t reflect [what happened] in the classroom.”

He declined to be specific about what did happen but denied “absolutely” that students were told to perform sexually.

The federal lawsuit paints another picture. Royce, who says she experienced sexual abuse in the past, reported she felt “pure terror” when she was told the final term paper for students would be “A Sexual Case Study … You.”

The paper required students to detail how they lost their virginity, any sexual abuse they experienced, how they become sexually aroused, their masturbation habits and their promiscuous behaviors.

The complaint alleges Kubistant promised to deduct points from students’ grades should their papers not include the specifics.

The course description for the psychology department class said it covered “major topics in human sexuality such as gender, sexual anatomy, sexually-transmitted diseases, sexual response and disorders, sexual orientation, sexual coercion, and commercials sex.”

Royce, who wants to be a social worker, thought the class would be relevant to issues she might encounter in her career, the complaint explains.

“The first day of class was on August, 30, 2011. At the start of the class, Kubistant locked the door to the classroom. Kubistant intimidatingly informed the class that he unilaterally could kick any student out of his class at any time and give such student an ‘F.’ Kubistant touted himself to the class as a respected author and professional speaker. Kubistant demanded all students refer to him formally as ‘Doctor Kubistant.’ Although Kubistant has degrees in philosophy and counseling degree under the education heading, Kubistant informed the class he was a psychologist. Although it appears Kubistant possesses no valid license through the state of Nevada, Kubistant informed the class he was a ‘marriage and family therapist,’ a ‘professional sexologist,’ and a private practice sex therapist for over 20 years.”

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

One thought on “Prof accused of ordering students to masturbate”

  1. I was a student in that class and withdrew after a few weeks. It was like a freak show. 30% of the class withdrew not including several that dropped the first week. I can’t believe they named hm teacher of the year. He is expoliting the students for his reading pleasure. He needs to be fired and so does the college president Carol Lucey. They did an “independent investigation” do by the lawyer for the Nevada System of Higher Education, Brook Shields. She has been lead counsel for 10 years and they lied and said she was an independent consultant. Funny they never asked any of the students who withdrew from the class any questions. He told the class he was a marriage and family therapist and professional sex therapist. Not so funny…he has never had a license to be a therapist. I think that is against the law.
    I hope Royce wins and the school is punished for how they treated her. No wonder the students don’t complain. You get the legal staff threatening the students.
    They are a disgrace to education.

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