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Is Salisbury Maryland Becoming A Joke?

The Salisbury Friends Worship Group of the Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers, of which the Salisbury Friends Worship Group is a part, is a denomination or movement within the larger Christian community with a rich and interesting history. Originally a movement of the Holy Spirit in England, Quakers came to America and settled in Maryland, the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Delaware, and other areas of the Northeast. They soon spread across the country and the world.
Today, Quakers continue to meet together for worship in meetinghouses, homes and other locations. While we honor our past, we seek to be a lively and vital Spirit-led community that reaches out to all with a living faith and hope in Christ Jesus, our Teacher and Lord who has come to teach His people Himself.
A Quaker meeting for worship involves the congregation gathering at a pre-set time in order to wait silently, remembering the promise of our Lord that where two or three are gathered together in His name, there He is in the midst of us. As led by the Holy Spirit, Friends may rise to sing, pray, read scripture, or minister in word to fellow believers, if they sense the Lord has truly given them something to share at that moment. All are welcome to worship with us.

Holding Christ-centered, unprogrammed meetings for worship the second and fourth Sundays of every month at 1 p.m. at Community of Joy church, located at 302 South Blvd., Salisbury, MD 21801. Telephone: (443) 735-6217, Email:

President Obama gets kiss blocked by Michelle at USA v. Brazil game

Businesses Prepare for ObamaCare

Here are the stories about ObamaCare that you will not see Obama or Axelrod or much of the ObamaMedia hawking on a daily basis … these are the stories of small business owners who are working on ways to keep their companies under 50 employees so as to avoid the taxes imposed by ObamaCare.

CNN Money did a story on Kari DePhillips, who co-owns the Content Factory, a public relations firm in Pittsburgh. Her company is on pace to hit the 50 person mark in just a few years. Instead of actively working to grow that company, Kari DePhillips is expending her energy trying to figure out how to get around the ObamaMandateTax. She thought about breaking up her company; that won’t work. She thought about creating a brand new company; that won’t work either. ObamaCare is set up to pretty much screw anyone who wants to grow a business.

As for larger companies who are already well above the 50 person limit, they are looking for ways to get employees and reduce workers down to part-time status, all to avoid the hassles associated with ObamaCare. Wow, that will do wonders for our economy! CNN’s story focuses on David Barr, who owns a bunch of fast-food restaurants in Alabama and Georgia. He has 425 workers. Extending healthcare coverage to every full-time worker (as required by ObamaCare) would cost him $545,782 a year. That’s quite a hit. As he points out, “This business model isn’t meant to support those costs.” But the Democrat architects of ObamaCare weren’t too concerned about business models when creating ObamaCare … Obama, especially. What does this guy know about business? Bupkis. But people like David Barr know a thing or two about business, and his plan is to fire people or reduce full-time workers to part-timers. He’ll pay the tax instead of providing care, because it is a cheaper option for his business.