Glee Star Jane Lynch Blasts Fast Food Chain During Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr

Actress Jane Lynch held the title of “Roast Master” during the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr on Saturday, and she used her platform to slam Chick-fil-A for its recent decision to back traditional marriage, the Huffington Post reports.

Prior to introducing Barr, Lynch dished out a few obligatory jabs at some of the scheduled roasters, including Carrie Fisher, Katey Sagal and Ellen Barkin.

Poking fun at the woman-heavy lineup, Lynch quipped: ”This show is serving up more old spoiled hens than a Chick-fil-A. Oh, that reminds me… F*ck Chick-fil-A.”
HuffPo referred to the Atlanta-based restaurant chain as “anti-gay“ and explains that the crowd erupted in ”riotous laugher and applause” following the joke. We have to take their word for it because the event will not air until August 12 at 10 p.m. ET.

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Domestic IED Threat Hyped As Justification For Martial Law Takeover

Despite the fact that cases involving the use of improvised explosive devices within the United States are virtually non-existent, the government is hyping the mythical threat to completely butcher Posse Comitatus and turn up the volume for martial law.

It has always been the plan to push IEDs as a reason to have the military oversee law enforcement. As far back as my 2000 documentary Police State 2: The Takeover, we documented how the military was being used to conduct illegal checkpoints and warrant services across the country.

Citing an alleged increase in the use of improvised explosive devices on U.S. soil, including last month’s Colorado massacre, the federal government and members of Congress are pushing for Posse Comitatus to be curtailed and for the U.S. military to work closer with law enforcement in fighting “homegrown terrorists”.

Warning about the “growing threat” of IEDs across the United States, the Pentagon is pushing for Congress to relax Posse Comitatus, which substantially limit the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement unless under precise and extreme circumstances.

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Should Obama And Congress Be Arrested Under The NDAA?

Welcome to the beautiful and surreal reality of life under American corporatism, under a Congress that churns out thousands and thousands of pages of (often contradictory) legislation a year.

If providing material assistance to al-Qaeda is illegal under the National Defence Authorization Act (2012), and Obama and Congress are sending $25 million of aid to al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrian opposition, aren’t Congress and President Obama violating their own law? Should Obama (or at least the Justice Department) not be using “all necessary and appropriate force” including “the power to indefinitely detain” to prevent Obama and Congress from assisting al-Qaeda? Did anyone in Congress or the Obama administration even bother to read the law that they were signing? Do Federal laws no longer apply to lawmakers?

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine ‘Disgusted’ with Obama’s Attack on Wealth

Metal legend Dave Mustaine has been sparking controversy in the wake of his recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

Jeanne Dupuis wrote at KO

During interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, [Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine] revealed that hes is less than pleased with the current Commander-In-Chief.

Mustaine said: “See, the thing that I laugh about when I hear Obama say, ‘Give the folks a chance. Give everybody a chance. Take away from the rich people.’ Well, what happens when the folks that he’s giving a chance gets a chance, becomes successful, is rich. Well, then all of a sudden, you’re Obama’s enemy now.”

“I’m disgusted with this guy,” he added. “He’s my president, I respect the office of the presidency, but I think as a person and the things that he says, I’ve never heard anything this offensive ever come out of the mouth of a president. And I’m 50 — I’ve heard a lot of presidents talk in my life.”

Mustaine also asked why no one had tried to impeach Obama, touching about the wars, the controversy surrounding the Obama’s eligibility and birth certificate and much more.

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Charlie Daniels unloads ‘dag-blamed truth’ on Obama

“There’s a move afoot to change life in America into a totally European – I’ve heard that so much I’m getting sick of it: ‘European’ – socialist thing,” says country-music legend Charlie Daniels, “but it’s the dag-blamed truth [sic], and it don’t work, it never has worked, and if America goes that way, America will never be America again.”

Daniels told WND in an exclusive interview that he expects 2012, with the nation’s very identity on the line, will be “the biggest election we have ever had.”

“In my 75 years on Earth, it’s never been as clear-cut as it is now,” Daniels said. “We’re either going to go into socialism, where part of the people work and the rest of them don’t, and the ones that do will be taxed to death, or – I got the point where I don’t trust politicians anymore, but hopefully – the other side represents, ‘Let’s put America back to work; let’s re-instill the work ethic back in people.’”

Since the 1950s Daniels has been a country singer and famed fiddler, perhaps best known for his hit song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008.

But he also writes frequently on culture and politics, no stranger to bold statements in defense of God and country, and maintains a “soapbox” blog on his website,

For Daniels, the word “socialism” – synonymous in his mind with the big-spending, tax-the-rich, government-welfare, spread-the-wealth policies of President Obama and his fellow “progressives” – is a system not only destined for failure, but also inherently tyrannical.

“You cannot enforce socialism without some force,” Daniels told WND. “It’s a very top-heavy society, and every society that’s ever tried it has fallen, because you finally get to where there’s so many people, you cut out the work ethic, you make people think they have to be dependent on government for everything. It’s a mindset.”

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Occupy Vandals Smash Windows at Obama Campaign Headquarters

The remnants of Occupy Oakland have been staging a weekly “FTP” march to protest police brutality. This Friday the march also took up a new cause, the ability of vendors to get permits for a monthly street fair called “Art Murmur.” The protest consisted of about 100 people marching and dancing behind a portable PA system, blocking traffic, tearing down a fence, and at one point smashing the windows of an Obama campaign headquarters.

Occupy uploaded their own video of the march to You Tube Saturday including a portion where a masked man with a hammer smashes windows at the campaign headquarters. This brings a cheer from the crowd. The editor of the video added the titles “Hope. Change. LOL.” At the same time the windows are smashed, another man dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet attempts to enter the headquarters but is pushed away by someone who blocks the entrance. The vandalism occurs at 1:51 in the clip below.

The video description identifies those responsible for the vandalism as members of the “East Bay Uncontrollables.” This is the same black bloc group which claimed credit for vandalizing two police cruisers and an Oakland PD substation on early Thursday morning.

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Sikh Temple Shooting Being Handled as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Police in Wisconsin say the FBI will handle the investigation of shootings at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards says the case is being treated as a domestic terrorism case and the FBI is better equipped to handle that.

Edwards said during a news conference Sunday afternoon that seven people are dead, including the suspected shooter, and three people are wounded. One of those is a police officer shot by the suspect.

The shootings happened about 10:30 a.m. as people were gathering for a service at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, which is just south of Milwaukee.


The leader of a Christian youth ministry that holds assemblies in public schools has returned to the scene of threats against his moral message with a presentation of faith and hope.

“The point was proven before we got out of the vehicle to speak,” said Bradlee Dean, the leader of the band Junkyard Prophet and the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide ministry.

As WND reported in March, Dean and his band were accused of “gay bashing” in an appearance at a Dunkerton, Iowa, public school and warned by the fire chief that he would close the town’s roads to keep the band from returning.

But after support from the non-profit legal advocacy group Liberty Counsel, Dean returned to Dunkerton and spoke at the city’s library during the Dunkerton Days festival.

“We were given a victory by God’s providential hand and the example was given to this generation, and anyone else, how they can receive the same victory for truth,” Dean told WND.

“As I travel this awesome God-given nation I come up with the same conclusion every event I am part of,” Dean said. “The majority of Americans share the conservative Judeo-Christian values I fight for. We can win this culture war when we fight together. It is leadership we are lacking in our cause, someone willing to risk reputation to set the precedent that our silent majority is waiting to join.”

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Clint Eastwood endorsing Romney’s presidential bid

Clint Eastwood just made Mitt Romney’s day.
The Oscar-winning director and longtime movie star says he’s endorsing the Republican presidential candidate.
Eastwood tells The Associated Press that he’s backing Romney because, in Eastwood’s words, “I think the country needs a boost.”
Eastwood is among the Romney supporters attending a fundraiser for the Republican candidate Friday night in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Eastwood won Academy Awards for directing and producing “Unforgiven” and “Million Dollar Baby” and starred in those films as well as the Dirty Harry movies.

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