Animal-rights crazies attack U.S. Olympian

Why Do Liberals Want To Save Animals Yet Murder Human Babies?

Animal-rights advocates launched a vicious social media attack on U.S. Olympic trap shooter Corey Cogdell, just days before the 24-year-old Alaska native’s effort to best her 2008 bronze medal performance in Women’s International Trap. Her Facebook page and Twitter accounts were inundated with comments calling the beautiful young athlete a bitch, psychopath and murderer, and suggesting that she should shoot herself, be used as a target, or be physically assaulted. Some of the commenters went so far as to directly threaten physical violence on Corey, while others stuck to name-calling and expressing their hope that she would fail in her Olympic efforts.

The reason for the nasty assaults is that along with being a world-class trap shooter, Corey Cogdell is an avid hunter and outdoorswoman. Photographs of Cogdell with game she had taken were spread among animal-rights networks along with outrageous claims of animal cruelty and waste. As the hate spread, the threats and viciousness escalated, and the lies grew bigger.

Along with direct attacks on Cogdell, the anti-hunting extremists began lobbying the International Olympic Committee to have Cogdell – and any other athlete who engages in the lawful, and long-honored tradition of hunting – banned from Olympic competition. While the idea of banning hunters from the Olympics may seem a bit far-fetched, there is a strong anti-gun and anti-hunting sentiment among the elites who run the IOC. Consider the outrageous reaction when a couple of members of the Australian swim team posted a picture of themselves holding guns in a California gun shop. The two were threatened with expulsion from the team, but, after contrite apologies, they were allowed to compete. They were, however, required to leave London as soon as their events were over rather than staying for the conclusion of the games.

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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