The FBI along with the Department of Homeland Security are warning law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to be prepared for plots by “extremists” to disrupt the upcoming political conventions, including using what officials described as acid-filled eggs, Fox News reports.

A joint FBI-DHS bulletin issued Wednesday also warned that protesters may try to cause chaos by blocking roadways, shutting down transit systems and using improvised explosive devices like Molotov cocktails. It almost sounds like they are describing your average Occupy rally, doesn’t it?

The bulletin specifically mentions a group of “anarchists” from New York City who may be planning to invade some of the events and block surrounding bridges.

Anarchists “see both parties as the problem,” so both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are prime targets for them, a federal law enforcement official told Fox News.

The RNC will begin on Monday in Tampa, Fla., pending a potential hurricane, and the DNC is set to open a week later in Charlotte, N.C.

“FBI and DHS assess with high confidence anarchist extremists will target similar infrastructure in Tampa and Charlotte, with potentially significant impacts on public safety and transportation,” according to the law enforcement bulletin. “Extremists will likely use secure communication methods and social networking sites, Internet chat rooms, message boards, and mobile devices such as smart phones to coordinate and facilitate violence or criminal activity.”

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Obama is Destroying America

Driven by the alleged anti-colonialist ideology of a father he barely met, President Barack Obama systematically is undermining America economically and militarily – leaving it vulnerable to financial collapse, and even as unlikely as the possibility may seem, nuclear attack.

That’s among the claims in a politically explosive book and documentary hitting theaters nationwide this week by New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza.

The production also notes during Obama’s first term, the national debt soared from $10 trillion to $15 trillion. At this rate, the federal debt will have doubled to $20 trillion if he wins another term.

And it charges as he slashes the defense budget, Obama is simultaneously pushing to reduce the nation’s nuclear stockpile to as low as a few hundred missiles – even as other countries like China, Russia and North Korea are modernizing and expanding their arsenals, and Iran – widely believed to be close to developing nuclear weapons – is threatening to annihilate Israel.

The film, “2016 Obama’s America,” is based on D’Souza’s highly controversial 2010 book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” and his new book, “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.”

In the first book, D’Souza explored how Obama’s upbringing and early career molded him into a man who viewed America as the “great colonial exploiter, oppressing and taking advantage of the rest of the world.” Now, in his sequel, D’Souza reveals how Obama’s anti-American worldview has given the nation everything from Obamacare to Solyndra – and “what disasters the next four years will hold if Obama wins a second term.”

D’Souza, a former fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, author of “Illiberal Education,” “What’s So Great About America” and “What’s So Great About Christianity” and a prolific writer whose articles have appeared in Forbes, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Monthly, Vanity Fair, New Republic and National Review, said Obama is attempting to “downsize” America, and the nation is “now on the short path toward becoming the shortest-lived superpower in world history.”

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With Election Day less than 11 weeks away, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh says Democrats are “set to implode,” becoming more “maniacal” and going to war against each other.

“Obama isn’t looking happy. Nobody on the Democrat side is looking happy,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “These people are at war with each other and they’re getting, even if it’s possible, more maniacal in their TV appearances.”

Two national polls out today by Gallup and Rasmussen have Mitt Romney ahead of President Obama by two percentage points, while an Associated Press/Gfk poll has Obama leading by one point.

While analyzing the surveys, Limbaugh explained, “You can detect trends, and in swing states, Romney and Ryan are gaining ground. And in some places, it’s small but it’s perceptible. There’s something happening out there. And I frankly have been of the opinion that – and I’ve been very careful saying this – but you’ve heard me say it. If the election were held today, I think we’re looking at landslide. I thought that a week ago. I don’t want to say this too often because political situations are too volatile as the [Todd] Akin thing illustrates.”

Akin is the six-term Republican congressman from Missouri whom some Republicans are urging to quit his race for the U.S. Senate after suggesting a woman’s body can shut down a pregnancy after a “legitimate rape.” Akin has apologized for the remark and said he will not withdraw from the race.

Limbaugh said Democrats are “saying some of the craziest, wackiest things, and the Akin thing is unfortunate, but I think the Democrats are – I don’t want to say this too loud either ’cause I don’t want to affect what their inclinations are – but I think they’re set to implode over this. They have these hot-button, boilerplate issues that cause them to go to Page Two of their playbook that’s 30 years old.

“And they put plans into motion that just are not relevant. They live in a bubble. They lie to themselves about their own popularity. They fall for it because the media creates a false impression of just how many people do support Democrats and liberals in this country.”

As an example, Limbaugh said, “Nobody’s showing up at Obama appearances, so they say, ‘Oh, well we’re doing that on purpose. We are limiting the audience size so the president can have a more intimate event with the attendees. And we’re also limiting the amount of money at any one time.’ That’s such a crock! There isn’t the enthusiasm for Obama that there was. Nowhere near it.”

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The Whore Is Back

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student labeled as a “slut” and “prostitute” by radio host Rush Limbaugh earlier this year, is now injecting herself back in the spotlight, with a cash appeal for Barack Obama based on the controversial comments of Rep. Todd Akin.

In a fundraising email titled “Legitimate rape,” Fluke writes: “In a recent statement that was both factually inaccurate and horribly offensive, Republican Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin said that victims of ‘legitimate rape’ don’t get pregnant because ‘the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.’

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to distance themselves from the remark — but the fact is they’re in lockstep with Akin on the major women’s health issues of our time. Just this morning, the Republican Party voted to include the ‘Human Life Amendment’ in their platform, calling for a constitutional ban on abortions nationwide, even for rape victims. Several Romney supporters and advisers stood silently by while this vote took place, and the Los Angeles Times reports that the platform ‘was written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.’”

Fluke adds: “This controversy is not an accident, or a mistake, or an isolated incident. It’s a reflection of a Republican Party whose policies are dangerous for women.

“Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us. President Obama trusts us to make our own. It’s as simple as that.”

Fluke’s push for insurance-covered birth control in March became the talk of the nation, and exploded after Limbaugh called her the derogatory names. He apologized at the time, saying he had wrongly descended to the name-calling level of the political left.

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In tough economic times, everyone likes to save, but a restaurant in Texas is reportedly offering unique, politically incorrect discounts based on the looks of its customers.

A receipt from Dallas-based Twisted Root Burger Co. gave a two-cent discount to one customer for having the “Best Butt” and for being “Best Looking.”

It was a penny off for each winning attribute.

The discount became known online when Reddit user “caraficionado24″ posted the photo with the comment, “A friend of mine got complimented rather sneakily at Twisted Root Burger.”

“The person who received it was a female,” Jason Boso, the owner of the restaurant told WND, adding the employee who gave her the receipt “is male and is single, so I’m sure he did it because he was hitting on her.”

“We have one or two people sending email saying were sexist with that,” Boso added. “Maybe I am a little sexist, but 99 percent think it’s funny, so I’m gonna go with the 99 percent. We don’t let the haters decide what we do.”

Boso’s restaurant, which has seven locations in Texas, also offers discounts for:

Best Hair
Best Smile
Best Laugh
Best Eyes
Sexiest Person
Nicest Person
Biggest Flirt
Most Likely to Succeed

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During a time of escalating world tensions, it is generally considered unwise to reduce U.S. military preparedness.

With Iran racing toward nuclear-weapons capability, Syria on the brink of all-out civil war and Russia rebuilding its Cold War-era bases in the Middle East, now would be the time for any president to push for increased funding for U.S. forces.

Instead President Obama’s plans for military cuts, should he win a second term, make his drastic first-term defense slashes – about the only area in which he’s reduced government spending – look like child’s play.

A handful of key progressive organizations behind much of Obama’s first-term agenda have now submitted even more radical proposals to the White House to “transform” the U.S. military.

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A U.S. Senate candidate in Washington state said Tuesday he’s not apologizing for telling a local reporter to “go f–k yourself” — and said the reporter “had it coming.”

Republican hopeful Michael Baumgartner acknowledged to the Associated Press he sent the emailed directive to reporter Josh Feit of the Seattle political blog PubliCola following an interview about Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. A written statement from Baumbartner‘s campaign indicated he sent it out of frustration that more media attention was being given to Akin’s controversial rape comments instead of Baumbartner’s platform of ending the war in Afghanistan.

The statement did include an apology for Baumgartner’s “strong language” — but the candidate seemed to retract it during an interview with local news station KIRO-TV.

“Let me just say, Josh had it coming in this email, and I don’t apologize,” Baumgartner, a state senator, told KIRO. “Look, it’s a naughty word. It doesn’t amount to a whole lot.”

Feit said he received the email from Baumgartner Monday night containing a photo of Baumgartner with someone who recently died in Afghanistan.

“Josh, this is Pat Feeks, a Navy SEAL killed last week in Afghanistan. Take a good look and then go (expletive) yourself,” the email stated.


A former University of Nebraska women’s basketball star faked an attack in which she allegedly carved anti-gay slurs into her skin because she felt it would spark change, police said Tuesday.

Four days before Charlie Rogers crawled naked and bleeding from her Lincoln home, screaming for help, she outlined in a Facebook post what investigators believe was her motive for faking the July 22 attack, Police Chief Jim Peschong said at a news conference.

“So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me,” read the July 18 posting, according to police.

Furthermore, genetic testing on evidence gathered at the crime scene undermines Rogers’ account of what happened, Peschong said.
Charlie Rogers, 33, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to making a false police report and was released on her own recognizance. She didn’t respond to a message seeking comment left Tuesday at a number listed as hers, but her lawyer, Brett McArthur, said she maintains the attack happened and plans to vigorously defend herself.

“This has been a very traumatic event for her, and having the focus of the investigation turn toward her has been really hard,” said McArthur, who described Rogers as reserved and soft-spoken, and not the type to seek attention.

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