Two in ‘Republican women for Obama’ ad exposed as Democrats

Although the ad got a lot of playtime on MSNBC Friday, a recent so-called “Republican women for Obama” video advertisement has turned out to be a disingenuous campaign ploy.

That ad, posted on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page on Friday, claimed to show a group of women that had previously voted Republican but later abandoned the party because they felt it went too far to the right, leaving them no alternative but to vote for President Barack Obama this November.

The problem is, so far two of these women have been shown to be Democrats who had previously supported Obama.

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MICHIGAN: Plans to turn a school into an Islamic Indoctrination Center face stiff opposition from residents

WEST BLOOMFIELD: Proposed Islamic Center has raised concerns over increased traffic, aesthetics, noise pollution, the risk of terrorist associations….and now, corruption among officials.

Arab American News This affluent Detroit suburb prides itself on its religious diversity, with 49 houses of worship within its 32 square miles, including at least 11 Jewish synagogues and 15 Protestant or Catholic churches…but no mosques. (Aren’t there way too many mosques all over Michigan as it is?)

Hundreds packed the West Bloomfield Township Hall for a joint meeting Tuesday held by the city’s planning commission and wetland review board to hear whether the Islamic Cultural Association’s (ICA) request to construct a storm water management system with a direct discharge to the Franklin Branch of the Rouge River, as part of its rennovation of Eagle Elementary School would be approved.

The ICA purchased the school which was owned by the Farmington Public School District last year for $1.1 million to build the Muslim Cultural Center. Since then controversy surrounding the sale has only escalated, and those opposing plans for the new project have taken a tougher stance to prevent it from reaching the final phase of completion.

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Colorado: 5 Muslims arrested for brutal rape with blunt instrument “horrific sexual assault”

The elderly victim “suffered from internal injuries that appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma.” This is not Pakistan. This is Colorado Springs. When police arrived on scene of the apartment, they found blood splattered on the walls.

Children and elderly women are “uncovered meat.”

“5 Iraqi men arrested for ‘horrific’ Colorado Springs rape” FOX, Denver

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs arrested five Iraqi men Tuesday in connection with what police are calling a “rare” and “horrific” sexual assault.

Colorado Springs Lt. Howard Black told FOX21 Colorado Springs that the woman police believe the men sexually assaulted at the Wildridge Apartments suffered from injuries that could have been life-threatening.

“I have been a police officer for a lot of years,” Black said. “When I look at the injuries, this is one of the more severe sexual assault cases I have been a part of and investigated.”

Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon were arrested for the actual sexual assault Tuesday. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were arrested as accessories to sexual assault.

All five men are are from Iraq and living in the U.S. legally as permanent residents. All five are in their 20s. If convicted, there is a possibility they could be deported.

Police said the sexual assault occurred on July 21, and started when an elderly woman who works nights responded to two groups of men appearing to be on the brink of a fight at around 1:30 a.m. The woman, who was checking her mail at the time, was able to successfully defuse the fight. Afterwards, one of the men involved in the altercation invited her back to his apartment.

At the apartment, the woman drank “what she believed to be lemonade” with four men in their 20s, according to the report. She cannot recall anything after that.

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Missouri conservatives rally to Akin, blast Republican “establishment”

Missouri conservatives say they are rallying around U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin despite his controversial comments about rape because they are outraged that “establishment” Republican Party leaders tried to railroad him out of the race.

A backlash has set in here in Akin’s suburban St. Louis congressional district, where supporters said the national party had no right to attempt to force out a duly-elected candidate.

Backers described Akin as the “real deal,” a politician fiercely committed to their social causes such as opposition to abortion, and to the Tea Party drive to downsize government.

Akin, 65, has defied widespread calls, including from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to step aside after he said women’s bodies have natural defenses against pregnancy from “legitimate rape.”

The uproar knocked Romney’s campaign off message days before the Republican National Convention, and major party paymasters pulled millions of dollars in campaign advertising for Akin.

The gaffe has put at risk what was considered a likely Republican pickup of a Democratic-held seat in a state becoming more conservative. Republicans need a net gain of four seats in the November election to ensure they gain a Senate majority.

“At first I felt (Akin’s comments) were offensive to women and insulting to my intelligence,” said Lisa Payne-Naeger, a member of the conservative Missouri Grassroots Coalition, who has an online political radio show. “What changed it for me was the Republican establishment’s effort to chop him off at the knees and install one of their own in the race.”

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CNN Poll: Majority want abortions prohibited

(LifeNews) CNN has released the results of a new poll showing a majority of Americans want all or most abortions prohibited — a clear pro-life majority.

The survey asked: “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal under only certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances?” Some 62 percent want abortions illegal in all cases or legal only in certain instances while just 35% want abortions legal for any reason.

Guns don’t kill people … but cops might

“Mass Shooting at Empire State Building,” the headlines blared.

“Two dead and nine wounded in rampage shooting,” we were told.

And these reports about the “mass shooting” almost always included some reference to this “latest mass shooting,” rekindling the debate over gun laws in our country. Even after it became apparent that the “gunman” had probably shot only one person, a former employer who he had threatened a year earlier – and that the rest of the victims were shot by police – the news stories and pundits continued to refer to this “latest mass shooting” and postulating on how politicians would or should respond.

According to New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, after the murderer had shot his victim repeatedly in the face and head, he calmly walked away. Two nearby police officers quickly responded and, when they challenged the suspect, he pointed his gun at them, but, Kelly said, he did not fire at them.

Witness accounts report that the two officers performed what is known in the shooting world as a “magazine dump,” rapidly emptying their guns in the general direction of the criminal, killing him and wounding all or most of the nine other victims. Thankfully, none of the wounds were thought to be life-threatening.

Even hours after it was clear that all or most of those wounded in the incident were actually shot by police, reporters and commentators continued referring to the “mass shooting” and equating the New York shooting with the recent tragedy in Aurora, Co., and the assault at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. They frequently decried the nation’s lax gun laws as the obvious culprit, generating lively and inane debate in the comments sections of online news sources.

Opponents of gun rights spouted nonsense about the National Rifle Association and “gun nuts” wanting everyone to carry a gun, and how much worse the tragedy would have been if citizens had all started blasting away (like the police did). In response, misguided supporters of gun rights repeated idiotic claims about armed citizens putting an end to these kinds of atrocities.

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‘Orwellian’: Lawyer of Former Marine Detained Over Facebook Posts Says 20K ‘Civil Commitments’ in VA Each Year Part of Bigger Problem

The 26-year-old former Marine detained for making controversial Facebook posts is back home at last. However, the fight to figure out exactly what happened — and what may be happening all across the country — has just begun.

Brandon Raub was scooped up in Richmond, Va. by federal and local law enforcement officials on Aug. 16 for making anti-government Facebook posts referring to “revolution” and statements that questioned the official story behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, said John Whitehead, Raub’s lead attorney and president of the Rutherford Institute. He was then sentenced to up to 30 days in a psychiatric facility on Aug. 20 — no trial, no arrest warrant, no charges filed. He was finally released on Thursday.

“They are doing it under a law in Virginia, a civil commitment law” Whitehead told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview. And there are similar laws in other states all over the United States, he explained. However, according to Va. Code § 37.2-808, the statute in question, a person can be civilly committed if a magistrate judge has probable cause that any person:

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