FreedomWorks President: Tea Party’s Success Has Media ‘In a Bit of a Panic’

FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe said Tuesday that the success of the Tea Party has the media in a bit of a panic.

Speaking with NewsBusters at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Kibbe also said press attacks on the Tea Party will probably end “the day after the election”

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MSU Student’s Mouth Stapled Shut During Horrific Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

Zachary Tennen, a 19-year-old Michigan State University student, was the victim of what police investigators are categorizing a hate-crime following an attack at an off-campus party. Tennen, a resident of suburban Detroit, is telling media that his attackers, who broke his jaw and reportedly stapled his mouth shut at the lips and gums, asked if he was Jewish before assaulting him.

Zachary Tennen, a 19-year-old sophomore in MSU’s journalism program, was attending a house party early Sunday morning when two men approached him and asked if he was Jewish. After responding in the affirmative, the two men allegedly performed a Nazi salute and recited “Heil Hitler” before beating the young man unconscious.

CBS Detroit reports that 20 people witnessed the attack as the two assailants proceeded to staple Tennen’s mouth shut and broke his jaw.

“They knocked me down really hard … and I assumed someone would help me,” Tennen said in a statement. “But after some guys at the house basically kicked me out, I had to get a cab.”

Tina Tennen, the student’s mother, told the Detroit Free Press her son took a taxi to Sparrow Hospital in East Lansing for initial treatment, but underwent surgery in metro Detroit Monday night to have his jaw wired shut.

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Obama ’causes more misery than natural disasters’

With Hurricane Isaac headed toward the U.S. Gulf Coast this afternoon, radio host Rush Limbaugh said President Obama is tied to more misery than caused by any natural disaster.

“Name for me one thing that kills more people than natural disasters?” Limbaugh asked rhetorically.

While his staff threw out answers including obesity, eating carrots, heart disease and jury verdicts in Los Angeles, Limbaugh explained:

“There’s one thing that kills more people than natural disasters, and that’s poverty. Poverty kills more people than natural disasters. Poverty has always been a killer. Why worry about it otherwise? Now, who has done more to increase poverty in this country in the last four years?

“Barry. The One. The Big O. You could say that President Obama has been tied to more misery than people in natural disasters. I mean if you wanted to be real about it. Of course, that’s being critical of Obama and we’re not supposed to do that, because, of course, that’s racist.”

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Police Question Army Vet for Anti-Obama Message on Truck: ‘Obama FUK Off’

Police in Wisconsin questioned a U.S. Army veteran who had the words “Obama Fuk Off” painted on the tailgate of his Chevy pick-up truck in large black letters. Police say dispatchers received a complaint from a resident that the message was too profane for “kids in the area,” the Smoking Gun reports.

Dennis Hamm, 55, was contacted by deputies with the Racine County Sheriff’s Department after the anti-Obama message was first seen on his truck last week. Hamm reportedly told the deputies that he did not care how people felt about his anti-Obama ad on wheels.

Hamm also argued that he didn’t misspell the f-word on his vehicle with “Fuk.” He says F-U-K actually is an acronym for “Fundamentally Useless Kenyan,” referring to President Obama.

The Smoking Gun reports that the sheriff’s report is being forwarded for review by the village attorney in Union Grove, where Hamm’s truck was spotted outside his Wisconsin home.

Hamm’s Facebook page indicates that he served in the U.S. Army from 1973-1976. He goes by the nickname “Wild Boar” and describes himself as “Still fighting for the freedoms I served to protect. Carry a weapon as a means to convince those who have a distorted view of ‘Free Enterprise’ that things must be earned, not taken.”

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School Allegedly Asks Deaf Preschooler to Change His Name Because Sign Language Version Resembles ‘Weapons’

A deaf 3-year-old from Nebraska is being asked by the school district to change his name, his family alleges, because the way he refers to himself in sign language resembles “weapons.”

Apparently the Grand Island school district has a policy that prevents students from bringing “any instrument…that looks like a weapon” to school, and now hands can be considered “instruments.”

“Anybody that I have talked to thinks this is absolutely ridiculous. This is not threatening in any way,” Hunter Spanjer’s grandmother Janet Logue said.

Brian Spanjer, the boy’s father, added: “It’s a symbol. It’s an actual sign, a registered sign, through S.E.E. [Signing Exact English]”

Hunter signs his name by crossing his middle and index fingers– leaving his thumbs up– and then wagging his hands.

Watch an interview with the family, and a demonstration of the gesture:

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Louisiana Teacher Fights for His Job After Displaying Students’ Anti-Obama Cartoons

Louisiana teacher Robert Duncan is fighting for his job at Boyet Junior High School after displaying his students’ pictures of President Obama in the hallway outside his classroom. According to AOL, while the images indicated diverse political beliefs, several were deemed racist and offensive.

OL’s Claire Gordon explains:

[Some] of the cartoons, like one depicting a bullet hole in Obama’s temple…and another implying that it was Obama hunting season, disturbed a passing parent. The parent snapped photos of the cartoons on her cellphone and sent them to the media, according to Duncan’s attorneys. Then the firestorm began.

Secret Service agents went to the homes of two of the students, reports The Times-Picayune, and questioned the children and their parents to see if they posed a real threat to the president. Duncan was placed on paid administrative leave, and on Aug 6., Superintendent Trey Folse officially ended Duncan’s 13-year career at Boyet.

Folse testified on Wednesday that Duncan was fired for “making a bad, incompetent“ decision by posting the ”violent” pictures, as well as for dishonesty.

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Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills ‘Every Pro-Life, Xenophobic, Gay-Bashing SOB’ At The RNC

In the aftermath of the Family Research Council shooting, prominent voices on the Left have not tapped down their violent rhetoric against their opponents. Two Baby Boomer celebrities have taken to Twitter to hope pro-life, pro-family individuals and U.S. Congressman Todd Akin suffer a drowning or a same-sex rape, respectively.
On Sunday, Ellen Barkin expressed her hope that Tropical Storm Isaac would smash up the Republican National Convention in Tampa and drown all its delegates.

She retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ” Barkin did not express any disagreement in her retweet.

Anti-Romney Protester at ‘Vagina’ Costume Rally: ‘I Wouldn’t Cry if He Died’

Code Pink activists are protesting the Republican National Convention in a manner quite unique to the feminist organization– by dressing up as giant, walking vaginas.

MRC-TV’s Dan Joseph went to the event, where he saw signs like “Republican arrogance hurt America more than Al-Qaeda ever did,“ and ”abort s*it Romney and his Taliban party.”

The man holding the latter sign explained: “I feel it’s an appropriate term to use towards him…He’s against gay rights. He’s the American Taliban.”

When Joseph pressed him, saying, “but you’re not going to kill him,” the protester replied: “I’m not going to kill him. I wouldn’t cry if he died…”

Watch the entire clip, which really must be seen to be believed, below:

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Topless Michelle Obama Portrayed as Semi-Nude ‘Slave’ on Cover of Spanish Mag

Michelle Obama is gracing newsstands across Spain this month– but it’s not her famous arms that are on display.

On the cover of Magazine Fuera de Serie, the first lady’s head is featured on the body of a semi-naked woman, draped in the American flag with a headscarf sometimes associated with slaves.

Althea Legal-Miller for Clutch magazine aptly writes: “Perhaps because it seems so obviously offensive, the mind attempts to rationalize; ‘Did this get lost in translation, or is this as racist as I think?’”

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Catholic business owners who beat back ObamaCare denied award from Denver

The Catholic owners of a Colorado-based business won an injunction recently against implementing an ObamaCare mandate — only to be denied a proclamation now from the Denver City Council.

Hercules Industries, a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning manufacturer which employs 300 workers and has been in business in the Mile-High City for 50 years, was to be honored with a “Good Citizenship Award.” The laurel was in recognition of contributions to the community, including the historic restoration of company headquarters and, ironically, its “generous employee health care coverage.”

But the award was taken away after the owners of Hercules Industries, the Newland family, won the court injunction which said that they did not have to start providing employees with coverage that included abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization. As with several companies and colleges around the nation, the family that runs Hercules claimed that the mandates force them to violate their own religious beliefs.

Denver city councilwoman-at-large Robin Kniech originally motioned for the proclamation before taking it away, citing a heated election season.

“I opted not to submit a ceremonial proclamation on Hercules Industries in the hope of a avoiding a partisan food fight in a rancorous election year,” Kniech said in a released statement last week. “Obviously, the hunger for red meat is just too great, and I regret that this has taken on so much interest.

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