DNC Delegates Can’t Name a Business Obama Ever Worked For

“It’s the economy, stupid.” Now even more than ever. And at both the RNC and the DNC, all the buzz seems to point to that. So one major question for the country is: Which candidate and party can best manage the fragile financial ship called America? With that in mind, TheBlaze hit the convention floor at the DNC to simply find out which candidate has more business experience, at least in a classical sense.

For every Obama supporter that told us the “economy” or “jobs” was the most important issue for them, we had two follow up questions:

1. Can you name a business Mitt Romney was involved in?

2. Can you name a business Barrack Obama was involved in?

The reactions are pretty much what you would expect:

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The racist, bloody truth about Democrats

I don’t how Democrats will lie and misrepresent their own history and the history of their political opponents this week in North Carolina.

But you can be sure it will be a major part of the Democratic convention.

I got to thinking about this after listening to Vice President Joe Biden insinuate to a mostly black audience last month that Republicans sought to enslave them, again.

Specifically, Biden said Mitt Romney is “going to let the big banks once again write their own rules – unchain Wall Street!” Looking around the room, Biden said in his best attempt at a Delaware drawl: “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

Biden is hardly alone. Democrats have been lying about themselves and their opponents for so long, few Americans understand the deep history of racism in the party. Even fewer comprehend that Republicans were the liberators of the slaves and the party that fought segregation.

I didn’t know this when I had my first opportunity to vote in 1972. I voted for Democrat George McGovern. I didn’t know this the second time I voted for president in 1976. I voted for Democrat Jimmy Carter. I still didn’t know the truth the third time I voted for president in 1980. I voted, again, for Carter and against the man who would later become my hero, Ronald Reagan.

That’s my political history in brief.

But let me give you a brief history of the Democratic Party, not according to me, but according to one of the most distinguished liberal American historians, Eric Foner, author of “A Short History of Reconstruction.”

I encourage you to read the whole book as you listen this week to the smug and self-righteous speeches in Charlotte. This is the history they don’t want you to know.

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