A Nation of Sandra Flukes

According to Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, invited to address the Democratic convention and the nation, America faces a stark choice this November. “During this campaign, we’ve heard about two profoundly different futures that could await women in this country — and how one of those futures looks like an offensive, obsolete relic of our past,” she cautioned. “That future could become real.”

In one of those futures, women will be “shut out and silenced,” rape victims will be “victimized all over again,” pregnant women will “die preventable deaths in our emergency rooms,” and “access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it.” If you’re wondering where all that is on your ballot form, just check the box marked “R.”

“We know what this America would look like,” warned Miss Fluke sternly. “In a few short months, that’s the America that we could be. But that’s not the America that we should be. And it’s not who we are.”

Fortunately, the America that we could be that isn’t the America that we should be doesn’t have to be the America that we would be. The good news is that “we’ve also seen another America that we could choose. In that America, we’d have the right to choose,” said Miss Fluke. This would be “an America in which our president, when he hears that a young woman has been verbally attacked, thinks of his daughters, not his delegates or his donors. And in which our president stands with all women. And strangers come together, and reach out and lift her up. And then, instead of trying to silence her, you invite me here, and you give me this microphone — to amplify our voice. That’s the difference.”

So, if you’re looking for an America where strangers lift up Sandra Fluke and amplify her voice, that would be the box marked “D.”

“I’ve seen what these two futures look like,” she said. “And six months from now, we’re all going to be living in one future, or the other. But only one.” Because you can’t have two futures simultaneously, even under Obamacare.

With respect to Sandra Fluke, I think there’s a third future looming. The paperback edition of my book comes out in a week or so, and you can pretty much get the gist of it from the title: After America. For me, the likely scenario isn’t that the Republicans will be terrorizing rape victims or that the Democrats will finally pass the necessary legislation to make contraception available for the contraceptively starved millions crying out for it, but that America will be sliding off the cliff — literally, as Joe Biden would literally say. And when America slides off the cliff it lands with a much bigger thud than Greece or Iceland. I’m not certain that the Republicans will be able to prevent that happening. But I know that the Democrats can’t. America owes more money than anybody has ever owed anyone in the history of the planet. But millions of Americans don’t see it, and millions of those who do see it don’t see it as a problem.

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FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America

Birthmarks, be damned: the FBI has officially started rolling out a state-of-the-art face recognition project that will assist in their effort to accumulate and archive information about each and every American at a cost of a billion dollars.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reached a milestone in the development of their Next Generation Identification (NGI) program and is now implementing the intelligence database in unidentified locales across the country, New Scientist reports in an article this week. The FBI first outlined the project back in 2005, explaining to the Justice Department in an August 2006 document (.pdf) that their new system will eventually serve as an upgrade to the current Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) that keeps track of citizens with criminal records across America .

“The NGI Program is a compilation of initiatives that will either improve or expand existing biometric identification services,” its administrator explained to the Department of Justice at the time, adding that the project, “will accommodate increased information processing and sharing demands in support of anti-terrorism.”

“The NGI Program Office mission is to reduce terrorist and criminal activities by improving and expanding biometric identification and criminal history information services through research, evaluation and implementation of advanced technology within the IAFIS environment.”

The agency insists, “As a result of the NGI initiatives, the FBI will be able to provide services to enhance interoperability between stakeholders at all levels of government, including local, state, federal, and international partners.” In doing as such, though, the government is now going ahead with linking a database of images and personally identifiable information of anyone in their records with departments around the world thanks to technology that makes fingerprint tracking seem like kids’ stuff.

According to their 2006 report, the NGI program utilizes “specialized requirements in the Latent Services, Facial Recognition and Multi-modal Biometrics areas” that “will allow the FnewBI to establish a terrorist fingerprint identification system that is compatible with other systems; increase the accessibility and number of the IAFIS terrorist fingerprint records; and provide latent palm print search capabilities.”

Is that just all, though? During a 2010 presentation (.pdf) made by the FBI’s Biometric Center of Intelligence, the agency identified why facial recognition technology needs to be embraced. Specifically, the FBI said that the technology could be used for “Identifying subjects in public datasets,” as well as “conducting automated surveillance at lookout locations” and “tracking subject movements,” meaning NGI is more than just a database of mug shots mixed up with fingerprints — the FBI has admitted that this their intent with the technology surpasses just searching for criminals but includes spectacular surveillance capabilities. Together, it’s a system unheard of outside of science fiction.

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‘No Mas’

Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama’s base among Latino voters, releasing a new Spanish-language ad titled “Ya No Más.”

The community’s unemployment rate has remained disproportionately higher than the national average and, though Obama supports measures like the DREAM Act, it seems his support among the demographic may be waning.

Opening with a fuzzy clip of the president saying “Yes, we can” at a campaign rally, the ad then clearly shows several Latino voters voicing their opinions on Obama’s progress.

The Hill has translations of a few of the statements:

“I voted for Obama four years ago. I believed in what he said,” says one voter, identified as Gustavo Pinto.

Another, Sandra Mora, adds, “He tells us a lot of nice things, then forgets about us.”

“Obama has no idea what we are going through,” says Lilly Lopez, while Roberto Serna adds “He looks like a nice guy, but that doesn’t get us jobs.”

“Promises and promises and nothing,” says Aline Fernandez of Obama’s tenure.

The ad concludes with voter Olga Rodriguez saying “I will not give Mr. Obama four more years.”


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Too bad, ACLU! The Bible’s back in school

Once upon a time in America, most public school children – including several future presidents – studied, discussed and even learned to read from the Bible.

A pair of landmark Supreme Court cases in the 1960s, however, put the fear of litigation into school principals, and a new era in education began, where advocates for the “separation of church and state” used the courts to push the Bible out of classrooms.

This foundational divide in U.S. history was only highlighted by Barack Obama’s controversial remark in 2006, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”

One county in Tennessee, however, has found a way to keep biblical instruction in its public schools – with the blessing of a court decision, the support of the community and in keeping with a tradition that began in 1922.

On Sept. 16, a group of 11 Hamilton County, Tenn., churches – including Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Assemblies of God and more – will meet for the “Hixson Gathering,” a prayer service and fund-raiser for a unique program of elective, for-credit, Bible history classes taught at 20 schools in the county, including the Hixson Middle and High Schools.

With the help of an organization called Bible in the Schools, area residents, like those at the Hixson Gathering, are able to reimburse the Hamilton County Department of Education for certified Bible teachers – hired at no cost to the taxpayers – while dodging the legal tactics of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

“The federal courts have affirmed that teaching the Bible in our public schools is a constitutionally protected freedom,” Bible in the Schools asserts. “[And] with all the concern over character, no program is better positioned to touch more students quantitatively or qualitatively.”

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It’s that birther thing again.

President Barack Obama was at an Orlando sports bar, snapping a University of Florida Gators’ sign, sipping a pint and working a crowd when he walked up to a table with five children. According to the Associated Press, one of the adults pointed to one of the boys– 7-year-old Andre Wupperman of Orlando– and informed the president that he was born in the president’s native state of Hawaii.

The president, seemingly delighted, greeted the boy with a Shaka sign, the pinky and thumb gesture typical of Hawaiian culture. The boy gestured back.

“You were born in Hawaii?” the president said. Then he added teasingly: “You have a birth certificate?”

The patrons at Gator’s Dockside, clearly aware of the discredited claims that Obama was not born in the United States, reportedly broke up laughing.

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Millions turning 9/11 into day of prayer for future

While the dust of the collapsed towers still floated over New York on and after 9/11, church pews were filled with those stunned by the vulnerability uncovered in America, but it seemed when the dust cleared so did the pews.

That, decided a network of prominent leaders from a broad coalition of evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic ministries, didn’t bode well for the nation.

And under the banner of Cry Out America, they’ve been working to alert people that at a minimum, the nation needs to pay attention to the message that could be coming from day of the death and destruction.

And the message is not that America no longer is a Christian nation, or that Christian employers are going to be required by the government to violate their faith and pay for abortifacients, or that the problem is those who cling to their Bibles, all developments from just the last few years.

“I think most Christians in America have awakened to ask the question, ‘What happened to my country?’” Billy Wilson, executive director of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal, Empowered21 and The Awakening America Alliance, told WND.

“Somehow the church has lost her influence, and the only way to regain that is to increase our connection to God personally. I would say intimately with a relationship with Jesus Christ,” he said.

The Cry Out events are simply a joining of the faithful for a moment of united, public pray for awakening and revival across America. The date picked for the prayer gathering is Sept. 11, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by radical Muslim terrorists who killed almost 3,000 people on that morning under clear blue skies over New York and Washington.

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Liberals call 11-year-old pro-lifer ‘stupid kid’

A longtime pro-abortion activist has publicly berated an 11-year-old girl praying the rosary at the site of a pro-life protest during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

“You’re just a stupid kid,” the activist told Zoe Griffin, according to her mother, Brice.

The activist, identified as Sunsara Taylor, approached the group, whose members had been placing 3,300 red carnations on the sidewalk outside Time Warner Cable Center, where the DNC is meeting, to represent the estimated 3,300 abortions performed daily across America.

When the last flower was placed, the group formed a line and began to pray the rosary. That was when Zoe noticed people approaching.

“They were carrying signs and blowing whistles,” she told WND. “They were jumping around and chanting things like ‘A baby’s not a baby ’til it comes out, that’s what birthdays are all about.”

The signs most of the protesters waved around said, “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology.”

“They were acting like five-year-old children,” the young Griffin girl told WND.

Zoe and her group also had signs that said, “I’m a person” next to an image of a baby in the womb.

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Sharia in UK: No jail time for child torturer at Blackburn Lancashire mosque

This is Western law, a western court — the UK. A teacher at a mosque who abused and beat chidren gets a suspended sentence because child abuse is part and parcel of the sharia. Is it any wonder that these children grow up void of humanity?

Judge Robert Altham said Patel had an “outdated understanding of what discipline is”

So his actions are not inherently evil, just outmoded?

Back in July, I posted about a UK teacher at Blackburn mosque who used “torture positions” on pupils. The teacher admitted using beatings and torture positions as “a form of discipline on four pupils.” Irfan Patel, 33, pleaded guilty to four counts of cruelty to a person under the age of 16.

The UK dhimmi court system in action: No jail time for child torture at Blackburn Lancashire mosque. This is sharia in the West.
“Irfan Patel: Blackburn mosque torture teacher sentenced” BBC, September 7, 2012 *(thanks to Tom S)

A religious teacher at a Lancashire mosque who admitted using torture techniques on four children has been given a suspended sentence.

Irfan Patel, 33, of Pelham Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to four counts of cruelty to a person under the age of 16 at Preston Crown Court.

He was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months. In sentencing,

Judge Robert Altham said Patel had an “outdated understanding of what discipline is”.

Patel, who was trained as a madrassa teacher in India, admitted using stress positions in which pupils squatted for long periods as a punishment.

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A judge has ruled that ten rare gold coins worth roughly $80 million belong to the U.S. government, not the family that possessed them, according to ABC News.

In 2003 Joan Langbord and two other family members opened a safety deposit box that belonged to their father, Philadelphia coin dealer Israel Switt, and found the valuable collection. When they asked the Philadelphia Mint to authenticate the find, the coins were seized without compensation.

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle is “one of the most sought-after rarities in history,” Courthouse News relates. Originally valued at $20 each, one owned by King Farouk of Egypt reportedly sold for as much as $7.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2002.

The Langbords unsuccessfully sued the government in 2011, alleging that the coins are rightfully theirs, and now they have the appeal.

Jacqueline Romero, assistant U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, explained that the coins legally belonged to the government after Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered citizens to exchange their gold for cash in an effort to keep the banks afloat.

“Those coins were all in a vault and were supposed to be melted,” she asserted.

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Obama: ‘You’ll Love Me Even More’ With My Plan to Ask the Wealthy to Pay Higher Taxes

President Barack Obama told an enthusiastic crowd on Friday they would “love me even more” once he told them about his plan to ask wealthy households to pay more in taxes.

Speaking at the University of Iowa, an audience member shouted out, “We love you Obama!” He replied with his somewhat standard “I love you back,” then added: “But let me tell you the fourth thing — you’ll love me even more.”


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