Maryland Gangs

Dead Man Inc. Dead Man, Inc. (DMI), the third largest gang in Maryland, was founded in 1990 within the Maryland Correctional System. DMI founders had many of the same anti-religious and anti-government beliefs as the Black Guerrilla Family and created a similar “white off-shoot” gang. As the gang gained popularity and influence, some of its members were transferred to correctional facilities in Texas and Louisiana in an effort to marginalize the group. Unfortunately, these transfers resulted in an expansion of the gang in those areas as well Maryland. DMI now has an estimated 10,000 members nationwide. Although DMI members are largely located in correctional facilities, current leadership is pushing for an increase of members on the streets. Currently the largest concentration of DMI members outside the correctional facility is in and around Baltimore City, Maryland. Identification DMI members often display an eponymous tattoo on their chest, neck, back, or other areas of their bodies. These tattoos may also depict three adjacent skulls, the name of their gang, the illuminati pyramid or 4,13,9 which are the numerical letters for DMI according to the alphabet. Common identifiers of this gang’s members are shown in the photographs below. Membership DMI was originally an all-white gang. The gang has recently seen an increase in non-white membership by low level leaders. In 2009, senior leadership discouraged the further recruitment of non-Caucasians. DMI members are commonly referred to as “Dawgs” (DMI Against World Government), with newer members being puppies on probation period.

Membership in DMI is achieved through a formal, written application process. All members are to undergo a background investigation. Members are held to a strict, written code; the consequences of violations of that code are fatal. The gang follows a parliamentary structure. The Supreme Commanders are at the top of the hierarchy. Each correctional facility with DMI members is referred to as a “unit,” which is lead, in descending order of power, by a commander, a lieutenant, a field general, a sergeant-at-arms, and a finance officer.

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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