Obama’s America: Student Reading SAT Scores Hit Record Lows

President Obama has bragged about his supposed revolution in education over and over during this election cycle. He says he’s interested in upping standards while simultaneously appeasing teachers unions. But the performance of American students continues to sink to all-time lows.

2012’s high school seniors have the worst SAT reading score since 1972; they scored 486 on reading, out of a possible 800. In writing, students also dropped dramatically, down to 488. That’s a nine-point drop since 2006.

The tendency from leftists is to challenge the efficacy of the SAT in measuring performance – but it’s a standardized test with great care taken for consistency. Instead, the Washington Post’s Emma Brown suggests that more and more minority students are taking the SATs. “More than 1.66 million graduating seniors last year took the test, the highest number in history. Nearly half were minorities and about a quarter reported that English was not exclusively their first language. More than a quarter of public school test-takers — 27 percent — had family income low enough to qualify for a fee waiver, and more than a third — 36 percent — reported that their parents had not gone to college,” she writes.

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Howard Stern Does It Again: Interviews Obama Supporters in Harlem, Hilarity Ensues

Remember back in 2008 when shock jock Howard Stern had his associates conduct “man on the street” interviews with Obama supporters? We’re sure you do. The results were both hilarious and depressing (depending on your political persuasion, of course).

Why were the results of the 2008 experiment hilarious/depressing? Because it became painfully clear that many of the people interviewed by Stern’s team had absolutely no idea what they were talking about or why they were supporting candidate Obama.

And if you thought it was funny (and/or depressing) in 2008, you’ll really enjoy the 2012 edition. Yes, Stern’s cohort once again descends on Harlem to ask a fistful of Obama supporters about the president, his accomplishments, and his GOP rival Mitt Romney.

What did the Stern crew learn? Well, among other things, they discover Osama Bin Laden isn’t dead, Romney is pro-choice, Obama is pro-life, and Paul Ryan is Obama’s running mate.

Now, it would unfair to say that the folks heard in the following video are representative of all Obama supporters. It’s a small group of very similar people. Even Stern admits they didn’t interview a diverse group. In addition, the interviewer does set up some of the questions in a leading way. So take the results with a grain of salt:

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Snyderman: People ‘B*tched’ But Bloomberg Showed Leadership By Banning Big Sodas

If only the little people would stop clinging to their freedom, the elites could improve their lives so much . . .

During the push for ObamaCare, MSNBC gave Dr. Nancy Snyderman her own show to promote the cause. The show ended shortly after the passage of the law, but Dr. Nancy’s still around, supporting other politicians in their quest for more control over people’s lives.

On Morning Joe today, Snyderman celebrated New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, claiming he showed real leadership by imposing a ban on big sodas. Snyderman sniffed off opponents of the law as simply having “bitched about the nanny state.” Video after the jump.

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Islam is becoming the MSM’s official religion of America

Don’t look now, but Islam is becoming the MSM’s official religion of America.

Now, it’s not just that no one bats an eye at the amazing truth that the United States is beaming TV ads all over Pakistan apologizing for a derogatory Internet trailer for a nonexistent movie demeaning the being that Muslims call “The Prophet Mohammed.” No one in the MSM even slightly hints that doing the kowtow in the same country that sheltered Osama bin Laden to a group that reveled in, delighted in the terrorism against American civilians and still provides the framework for the terrorist Haqqani network, might be humiliating and an insult to the memory of the great Americans who were murdered just last week in Libya.

No, we just take it in stride that our President and our Secretary of State will apologize to the people who hate us and want us dead. That’s not what I am referring to.

I am referring to something worse: Have you noticed that in the past few years, and especially in the past few weeks since the murder of the Ambassador and his guards and colleague in Benghazi (a city that Erwin Rommel loved and whose inhabitants he praised), whenever the New York Times refers to Mohammed, they always call him, without quotation marks, The Prophet Mohammed, as if everyone with any sense understands that OF COURSE Mohammed is The One True Prophet and that it’s just understood that Mohammed is The Prophet.

I see this in other news outlets and on TV, too. Sober-looking newsmen and newswomen mention Mohammed as The Prophet Mohammed. No ifs, ands or buts. I hear it on the BBC World Service, too.

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Hateful Dems Vote on the ‘Worst Republican Ever’

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which describes itself as “the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House,” is holding a contest to determine the “worst Republican ever.”

More specifically, the candidates for the honor appear to be members of the House of Representatives in 2012.

Allen West (R-Fl), Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and Paul Ryan (R-WI) all shot to the top of the ranks, according to the organization’s website.

The Weekly Standard relates the DCCC’s description of the top three “finalists”:

Allen West: Where to start… Tea Party Congressman Allen West has called President Obama a “low-level socialist agitator,“ accused over 80 Democratic members of Congress of being members of the ”Communist Party,“ and claimed that progressive women were ”neutering American men.” …

Michele Bachmann: From back in 2008 when she called Barack Obama “anti-American,” all the way up to her recent claims that our government is being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Congresswomen Bachmann has proven herself to be one of the most extreme Republicans in Congress. …

Paul Ryan: You probably know Congressman Ryan as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. In Congress, Ryan was the architect of the Republican plan to end Medicare to pay for more millionaire tax breaks.

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Full audio of 1998 ‘redistribution’ speech: Obama saw welfare recipients as ‘majority coalition’

The Daily Caller has obtained a complete audio recording of the October 19, 1998 Loyola College forum on community organizing and policymaking during which a future President Barack Obama said he favored the government redistribution of wealth. The audio demonstrates the context of that remark and reveals other far-left positions that Obama held as a state senator.

Those positions encompass issues as wide-ranging as gun control, universal health care and welfare reform. Obama also said he viewed welfare recipients and “the working poor” as “a majority coalition” that could be mobilized to help advance progressive policies and elect their champions.

Last week the liberal Mother Jones magazine published video footage, shot during a campaign event, showing Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney opining that 47 percent of Americans are captive Democratic voters because they receive government benefits without paying income taxes.

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