White House Visitor May Have Ties to ‘The Project’ – A Muslim Roadmap for Infiltrating the West

A Muslim Brotherhood operative who visited the White House in March also has ties to a manifesto called “The Project” that turned out to be a Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West, according to a documentary film being released tonight on TheBlaze TV.

The visit by Hisham Yahya Al-Talib, who also has ties to several major U.S. Islamic organizations, was billed as an exercise in “faith outreach.”

It may well have been, but to treat Al-Talib as a garden variety faith leader would be severely mistaken. He is anything but – in fact, his connections to the more problematic elements of the Muslim Brotherhood run deep, as Michelle Malkin has documented in her column today, which runs through the laundry list of connections Al-Talib enjoys. For just a quick sample:

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