Muslims Are Burning Down the World

The arson strategy is recommended in al qaeda handbooks, so this is not surprising. Has the Obama administration looked into the arsonists and/or their motives in the recent spate of forest fires in America? Or is this just another epic national security failure by the pro-jihadist White House? If Obama would cover up an Islamic terror attack on 9/11/12, arson would be child’s play.

“Al-Qaeda blamed for Europe-wide forest fires” The Telegraph
Al-Qaeda has been blamed for a recent series of forest fires across Europe, as the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service claimed they were set by arsonists as part of the group’s low-cost attack strategy.

“One should note that setting fires to forests in the countries of the European Union is a new tendency in al-Qaeda’s strategy of a ‘thousand cuts’,” Alexander Bortnikov said, according to state news agency RIA Novosti, at a meeting of heads of security agencies.

“This method allows (al-Qaeda) to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses.”

In linking al-Qaeda to the deadly wildfires, Mr Bortnikov pointed to calls to launch a “forest jihad” by various extremist websites which he said also publish detailed instructions about how and where to best carry out arson.

He said it was very difficult for special services to find and prosecute such arsonists.

Deadly fires have swept through forest land in EU countries such as Portugal and Spain over the past few months, killing scores of people and forcing thousands to evacuate.

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Bill Clinton Unleashed: “People Would Love It If Incomes Weren’t Falling As They Are Today”


Muslim savage brutally rapes 2-year-old Pakistani Christian girl because her father refused to convert to Islam

The girl was severely traumatized and nearly died. Even after five surgeries, she cannot urinate normally. She will never be able to have children. The family must now live in hiding for fear that they will be killed for reporting the attack.


Obama Campaign Staff Impersonating Election Officials in Florida

This morning, I wrote about the Obama campaign spreading misinformation about early voting in Pasco County, Florida. The effort is an obvious attempt to confuse voters and potentially reduce the number of GOP voters turning up at the polls. However, a more serious allegation against the Obama campaign has surfaced. Its staffers were able to speak before high school classes by posing as officials from Pasco County’s election office. This is likely illegal.

Obama campaign’s deception came to light after a local GOP official was first asked and then uninvited to speak before high school students.

District spokeswoman Summer Robertson explained that the Democrat who spoke to the classes got into the school by claiming to represent the county elections office as part of an annual voter registration drive. Once before students, this person gave a distinctly partisan message that the teacher, Jennifer Dixon, sought to offset by calling Bunting.

Every election year, county election officials conduct voter registration drives in area high schools. Obama campaign staff allegedly posed as election officials at at least three area high schools. At at least one of these schools, the campaign staff gave a highly partisan speech to the students.

Breitbart news as obtained an email sent by the county’s top election officials to the regional director for the Obama campaign [David Pearl].

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Killing Babies On The High Seas

“Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco on Thursday October 4 th at 13.00 AM”

MALI (Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship. The ship can provide women with safe legal medical abortions till 6.5 weeks of pregnancy, under Dutch law after sailing to international waters.

The ship will also launch a hotline number 0633234333 where women can get information about safe medical abortion. A medicine called misoprostol, that can be used to induce a safe abortion at home (till 12 weeks of pregnancy) is available in Morocco under the brand name Artotec. Misoprostol is on WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. Unfortunately, most women are not aware of this safe abortion method that requires only 12 tablets of Artotec. The WHO’s recommended method of medical abortion is 4 tablets of misoprostol (200 mcg) administered under the tongue. Up to three repeat doses of 800 μg can be administered at intervals of at least 3 hours, but for no longer than 12 hours.

Abortion is illegal and taboo in Morocco, but approximately 600 to 800 women still have an abortion every day. While wealthy women can afford safe abortion access, women of low socio-economic-status must often resort to unsafe methods that can result in morbidity and death. Therefore, access to safe abortion is fundamentally an issue of social justice. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe abortion methods cause 13% of pregnancy-related deaths.

MALI has invited Women on Waves to support the movement for legalization of abortion and to make information about the use of Artotec easily accessible. This scientific information is protected under Article 25 of the Moroccan Constitution that guarantees the Right to freedom of expression.

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Dan Savage is a Hateful Person

Homosexual activist Dan Savage, who earlier this year told school students to ignore the “bull—-” in the Bible, now has unleashed a tirade at Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

FRC was targeted just weeks ago when suspected gunman Floyd Lee Corkins entered the organization’s headquarters and shot and injured a man serving as a guard.

The gunman reportedly had been a volunteer in a “gay” community center and made reference to the FRC’s Bible-based position on homosexuality.

At the time, Perkins said the attack came in an atmosphere created by groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which label the FRC and others “hate groups” for their position on sexuality.

It was during a recent “Fall 2012 Lyceum Series” at Winona State University in Minnesota when Savage accused Perkins and other Christians of wanting homosexuals dead. The rant was uncovered by the investigative reporters at

“Tony Perkins and Family Research Council, they tell parents whose kids come out to reject them,” he said. “Tony Perkins tells the parents of queer kids to do what he d— well knows drives those kids to suicide.

“Every dead gay kid’s a victory for the Family Research Council,” he said. “They argue the gay lifestyle is sick and sinful and dangerous and point to suicides … [then they] do everything in their power to make sure that suicide rate does not come down,” he charged.

“Tony Perkins sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work.”

He charged all Christians with hatred.

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Another Unearthed Speech? 2002 Clip Shows Obama Railing Against Rich People Who Inflict ‘Violence’ By Using ‘Accountants and Tax Loopholes’


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