In the rough-and-tumble of a town hall-style debate, not all of the presidential candidates’ claims stood up to scrutiny Tuesday night.

Yet again, President Barack Obama claimed that ending the Afghanistan and Iraq wars makes money available to “rebuild America,” even though it doesn’t. And he pointed to a string of job creation while ignoring the job losses that came before it, on his watch.

Republican Mitt Romney actually corrected some of the errant claims he’s made before, while stretching the facts on the auto bailout he opposed.

A look at some of their claims:

OBAMA: “Let’s take the money that we’ve been spending on war over the last decade to rebuild America, roads, bridges, schools. We do those things, not only is your future going to be bright, but America’s future is going to be bright as well.”

THE FACTS: What Obama didn’t mention is that much of the money that has been paying for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was borrowed. In fact, the government borrows nearly 40 cents for every dollar it spends. Thus using money that had been earmarked for wars to build schools and infrastructure would involve even more borrowing, adding to the federal deficit.

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A British ‘death panel’ horror story

Liberals typically criticize the American health care system for being inhumane, and they often use medical horror stories to promote their case for more government control. But this shocking story from the Daily Mail demonstrates what can happen when the government takes control of personal life and death decisions:

An elderly woman died alone after doctors failed to tell relatives they were ending her life on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway.

Olive Goom, 85, passed away with no one by her side after medics neglected to consult with her family about her treatment at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital….

As Miss Goom lay dying alone, staff reassured relatives on the phone just hours before her death that there was no urgent need to visit – even though doctors had already removed tubes providing vital food and fluids.

Her family discovered that she had died only when her niece went to visit her and found she was already being prepared for the mortuary. They said last night that they will never be able to stop feeling guilty that no one was there in her final hours.

The Mail has been contacted by several families who claim that relatives were put on the Liverpool Care Pathway – the controversial system designed to ease the suffering of the dying in their final hours – without any consultation.

Some said they found out that their relatives were on the pathway only after they happened to read their medical notes; and by that time it was too late.

The process involves withdrawing life-saving treatment and can involve the heavy sedation of a patient and the removal of tubes providing food and fluid. Thousands of patients every year are placed on the pathway, which was devised in the 1990s as a means of easing pain when it is impossible for a patient to recover and death is imminent.

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Media: Obama ‘wins debate before it even starts’

The second presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney hasn’t even taken place yet, but the national media is already preparing to declare Obama the winner.

That according to radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said left-leaning reporters and analysts have their Obama-as-victor copy already written in advance.

“If Obama shows up tonight and successfully breathes, he’s going to be declared the winner,” Limbaugh said.

“He would have to set his hair on fire and other things to be even considered the loser in the debate tonight. The media has already written the story: ‘The comeback kid!’ Just get ready for it. They can’t wait for that meme, if you will, for that narrative.”

It’s already taking place in some media venues.

Former debate moderator and left-leaning journalist Carole Simpson cast doubt on Mitt Romney’s expectations while building up President Obama’s.

“I would have to say he [Obama] would have the edge in this debate,” Simpson told CNN Monday. “One of Mitt Romney’s problems throughout the campaign season has been does he relate to ordinary people?” she asked before adding “I’m not sure he can.”

Limbaugh explained if Obama tries to do what Vice President Joe Biden did by laughing at his opponent in last week’s debate, “that’s fraught with danger.”

“He can’t recapture 2008. If he tries to re-create the magic of 2008 with all the lofty, flowery nothings, sorry, folks, there’s a record of four years now. He can’t do that. He’s sort of reduced here to making Romney look like a creep.”

“I don’t know what he can do. He’s lost the big ingredient. He was an unknown, and anybody could make him what they wanted him to be. Can’t do that anymore.”

Limbaugh stressed the biggest problem Obama faces is his dismal record since taking office in 2009.

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Tonight: Obama to Play Hero, Take ‘Full Responsibility’ for Libya

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly accepting blame for the security failures in Libya the night before a hugely important presidential debate might be nothing more than a fabricated set-up to allow President Obama to dig himself out of a hole. Hillary’s statement was obviously timed so that it would take some of the pressure off Obama and swamp today’s pre-debate news — which it has. But the timing also pretty much ensures it will come up during tonight’s debate, and that’s where I smell a rat.

Is the Obama campaign playing a simple game of checkers where Hillary’s statement is meant to let Obama off the hook 24 hours prior to the debate? Or is the Obama campaign playing a more complicated game of chess that potentially sets up a powerful presidential moment for Obama?

Think about it: If Obama were to stand up before the American people tonight and thank Hillary for being The Greatest Secretary Of State In The History Of The Americas and then pull her out from under the bus and accept 100% of the responsibility himself, he’d look like some kind of hero.

A moment like this would be dramatic, make the president look good, and likely command a lot of the attention in post-debate coverage. Pulling a manufactured stunt like this also presents almost no downside (everyone blames Obama anyway) and almost 100% upside.

Just for starters, Obama would look chivalrous rescuing his female Secretary of State. This can’t hurt with the women’s vote and it certainly can’t hurt with Hillary’s core supporters who might be thinking of voting for Romney. Moreover, the media will absolutely gush over Obama for pulling Hillary off her sword. Almost immediately, The Libya Narrative could shift to how noble and brave it was for Obama to step up and accept responsibility. Suddenly, he’d actually look as though he has some credibility on the Libya issue.

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Big Bird Has Donated Many Golden Eggs to Obama and the Democrats

Sesame Workshop tried to defuse controversy after the ridiculous Big Bird ad from Team Obama after the first presidential debate, proclaiming “Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns.” But a quick look at the campaign contributions of Joan Ganz Cooney, the group’s co-founder, offer a strong factual rebuttal.

In 2012, according to an Open Secrets search, Cooney has donated $30,800 [the maximum] to the DNC, $50,000 to Priorities USA Action (Obama’s super PAC), another $10,000 to the Nebraska Democratic Party, and $5,000 to Bob Kerrey’s attempt to reclaim his Senate seat in Nebraska. She also gave $2,000 to liberal Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) and $2,500 to John Douglass, who’s running against first-term Rep. Robert Hurt (R-Virginia).

In 2011, Cooney donated $30,800 [the maximum] to the DNC, $5,000 to Barack Obama, and $5,000 to liberal Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.). .

The website Newsmeat reports Cooney gave the DNC $30,400 in 2009 and $30,400 in 2010, as well as $9,100 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2010. She gave the “Obama Victory Fund” $33,100 in 2008. She also donated $25,000 to the DNC in 2004. All these Cooney donations (not the complete list) add up to more than $250,000.

Cooney’s not the only Sesame Workshop executive whose name comes up on Open Secrets. Maura Harway, a vice president for finance at the Workshop, also donated $2,250 to Barack Obama in the last two years.

Newsmeat reports Harway donated $2,550 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008 and $2,000 to John Kerry’s campaign in 2004. She especially liked Hillary Clinton, donating $4,350 to her 2008 presidential run and another $3,950 to “Friends of Hillary” (the Senate campaign fund) over the years.

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Obama Takes Responsibility For Benghazi-Gate

France to Cover 100 Percent of the Cost of Abortions

The French national health-care system is called Sécurité Sociale. It is currently running a $13 billion deficit, but President François Hollande has some ideas about a new direction for the program. For starters, in 2013, it will start covering the cost of abortion entirely. That’s right: If you get an abortion in France, the “government” will pick up the tab and it won’t cost you a dime. But in the name of fiscal responsibility, the president will pay for the new spending by taxing seniors. Hes planning on imposing a tax of 0.15 percent on retirees, which will double in 2014. To be fair, the revenue from the new tax is not just meant to cover the new “abortion” spending, but also to reduce the deficit. We’ll see how well that goes.

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Pakistani Taliban Declare War on Media

Malala Yousafzai has taken one more step in her very long and difficult journey. Separated from her family for now, the 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl arrived today at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Britain’s primary receiving facility for military casualties returning from overseas. Doctors say she still has not regained consciousness since being shot in the head by a Pakistani Taliban gunman who forced his way into a van full of schoolgirls, asked for her by name, and opened fire.

The attack has provoked unprecedented levels of public outrage, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan—even among people who have in the past sympathized with the militants. “First of all, attempting to kill a 14-year-old girl is a low act,” says Mullah Yahya, who was a high-ranking Afghan Information Ministry official back in the 1990s, when Mullah Mohammed Omar’s regime was in power. “Second, claiming responsibility for it is a sign that the [Pakistani] Taliban are not aware of the media’s importance. I have seen more anger against the religious elements in the past week than in all my 40 years of life.” Pakistan’s interior minister, Rehman Malik, says the government has posted a $1 million bounty on Ehsanullah Ehsan, the Pakistani Taliban spokesman who claimed responsibility for the shooting.

So how are the Pakistani Taliban responding to so much public condemnation? By declaring war on individual journalists and the media, of course. “For days and days, coverage of the Malala case has shown clearly that the Pakistani and international media are biased,” says a Pakistani Taliban commander in South Waziristan. “The Taliban cannot tolerate biased media.” The commander, who calls himself Jihad Yar, argues that death threats against the press are justified: he says “99 percent” of the reporters on the story are only using the shooting as an excuse to attack the Taliban.

Jihad Yar does not apologize for the attempt to assassinate the girl, who was passionately opposed to the militants’ efforts to close girls’ schools. “We have no regrets about what happened to Malala,” he says. “She was going to become a symbol of Western ideas, and the decision to eliminate her was correct.” There’s proof, he says: video footage of her meeting America’s ambassador to Pakistan. “If she was not important for the West’s agenda, why would a U.S. ambassador meet her?” In the next breath, the commander insists that “Malala’s case is not important. The Taliban will not spare journalists who focus on this one girl and never talk about dozens of girls who have been killed by U.S. drones in tribal areas and Afghanistan.”

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Hillary Clinton Not Fully Responsible For Libya Security, ‘Buck Stops’ With the President

Sen. John McCain isn’t buying Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she is “fully responsible” for the security failures at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi prior to the deadly 9/11 terrorist attack. Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, McCain said no matter what Clinton says, the “buck stops” with the president of the United States.

Clinton’s decision to take all the blame is part of a broader plan to protect President Barack Obama before the upcoming election, according to McCain.

The former Republican presidential nominee also said the Obama administration has been in “cover-up mode” ever since the fiery attack, which left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead. The White House repeatedly blamed the attack on an anti-Muslim video even though intelligence suggested it was a terrorist attack as soon as 24 hours after the assault.

McCain wants to know what the president knew, when he knew it, and then what he did about it — all facts that the Obama administration has not been exactly forthcoming about.

“It’s either willful deception or a degree of incompetence and failure to understand fundamental facts on the ground. Either one of those is obviously totally unacceptable. There’s failures (by the administration) all over the Middle East,” McCain said.

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Democrat Political Signs Are Bad For Business

Play It Again Sports has been doing business in a storefront off Seminole Trail for two years, but the owner says a new neighbor in the shopping center is causing problems for business.

“We’ve had customers come in and tell us they aren’t going to shop here any more because of the signs outside, even though they aren’t our signs,” said Troy Crews, the owner of Play It Again Sports. “The tenant above us has the right to put those (signs) out there…and we are kind of suffering the consequences because of that.”

The second floor of the shopping center is home to campaign headquarters for General John Douglass, the Democrat running for the fifth district Congressional seat. His campaign had this to say about the sign complaints:

“It must be a slow news days to do a story on Douglass’s Help Virginia Families signs that have attracted our supporters to surrounding businesses. We encourage others to appeal to all voters by allowing signs on both sides.”

But small business owners say it’s not about politics, it’s about their bottom line. And contrary to Douglass’ campaign message, Crews says those signs are definitely not attracting new customers.

“Customers have said they will not shop here as long as the signs are out there and they wont shop here in the future knowing that we, as a shopping center, are supporting that political candidate-even though it’s not ‘we’ as a shopping center, it’s one tenant,” Crews said.

The landlord of the shopping center has heard similar complaints from other store owners, so a new rule is in place for the building tenants. The Douglass campaign can only put up signs for Douglass, not his party running mates.

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