German Defence League demonstrates in support of Tommy Robinson

Democrat operatives launch class-warfare website

A George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party has launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare while hailing what it calls a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections. was launched last week by the Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF.

CAF’s co-director, Robert Borosage, explained the need for such a website.

“America’s growing diversity and its increasingly socially liberal attitudes played a big role in this election. But looking back, we are likely to see this as the first of the class warfare elections of our new Gilded Age of extreme inequality,” he wrote in a statement.

“More and more of our elections going forward will feature class warfare – only this time with the middle class fighting back. And candidates are going to have to be clear about which side they are on,” he wrote.

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WH: Obama ‘Is Not Particularly Concerned’ Whether Susan Rice Lied to the American People

‘Welfare Nation’: The Sad Truth

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich during the Republican presidential primaries often referred to President Barack Obama as the “food stamp president,” a charge that was met with piercing and outraged cries of “racism!”

“Over here you have a policy which, with Reagan and me as speaker, created millions of jobs — it’s called paychecks. Over here you have the most successful food stamp president in American history, Barack Obama,” Gingrich said.

Supposed “racist dog whistles” aside, it should be noted that Gingrich is not the first person to voice concern over the expansion of our so-called “welfare nation.”

But is this concern warranted? That is, is the growth of the welfare state really something we need to worry about?

Considering the fact that for every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, one person currently receives welfare assistance and the fact that for every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, one person currently receives welfare assistance or works for the government, we’d say “yes.”

“[It] is now more lucrative — in the form of actual disposable income — to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work,” Zero Hedge grimly notes.

As the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, confirms, staying on government welfare has indeed become a lucrative gig for many.

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No Freedom of Speech for You: eBay Yanks Beck’s ‘Obama in Pee Pee’ Art Project Meant to Raise Money for Charity

The popular online auction site eBay has yanked a piece of artwork done by Glenn Beck citing its belief that the project featured an Obama figurine floating in actual urine (it was not, however). Bids can now be emailed in the subject line to the following email address set up by Beck:

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck featured an Obama bobble head doll in a jar of yellow liquid, catalyzed by Michael D’Anouto’s painting titled, “Truth,” which features a crucified Obama and also parodies the controversial “artwork” dubbed “Piss Christ” that defaced a crucifix in a glass of urine.

Beck’s piece was meant to underscore the importance of adhering to the First Amendment and highlight the hypocrisy of those who adhere to it only when it suits them. Often, members of the Left will rail against the disparaging of figures they hold dear, but do not hold themselves to the same standard when disparaging figures others hold dear.

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