White House: Obama ‘Will Not Sign’ a Deal Unless It Increases Taxes

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today that no matter what else happens President Barack Obama–who is the only modern president other than Franklin Roosevelt to serve in four years when federal spending topped 24 percent of GDP–will not sign a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that will arrive at the end of this year unless that deal increases taxes.

“So the President made clear that he is not wedded to every detail of his plan,” said Carney. “The President has also made categorically and abundantly clear that he will not sign an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for top earners. It’s bad economic policy and we cannot afford it. He will not sign that.”

According to official calculations made by the White House Office of Management and Budget that go back to 1930, Barack Obama and Franklin Roosevelt are the only two presidents who have served in four fiscal years when federal spending exceeded 24 percent of GDP. Roosevelt did so in 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945 (when he died in office). Obama did so in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Since 1930, according to the White House, there has been only one year when federal tax revenues went as high as 20 percent of GDP. That was 2000, when revenues were 20.6 percent of GDP.

No matter what the federal income tax rates have been, at no time since 1930 has the federal government been able to collect as much as 21 percent of GDP in taxes.

To balance the budget at a level of spending higher than 20.6 percent of GDP would require an historically unprecedented level of taxation.

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School Removes God From First-Grader’s Poem

When the word “God” becomes inappropriate in public schools, America really has ceased to exist.

Consider the story of a first-grade girl in West Marion, North Carolina, who had the word “God” stripped from a poem she wrote and was going to read at her school’s Veterans Day assembly earlier this month.

The poem honored her two grandfathers who served during the Vietnam War.

“He prayed to God for peace,” she wrote of one of them. “He prayed to God for strength.”

Unfortunately, a parent found out about this, and complained to the school district.

At a McDowell County Board of Education meeting last week, employee Chris Greene said, “We had one parent concerned with the use of the word God in this program. This parent did not want the word God mentioned anywhere in the program. When the demand from this person was heard, the rights of another stopped. It did so by hushing the voice of a six-year-old girl.”

“I believe that this little girl’s rights were violated,” Greene continued, “and that those who worked so hard to prepare this program should receive an apology.”

“We need to keep in mind what was our country founded on,” said McDowell County resident Esther Dollarhyde. “It was founded on God and Jesus Christ, and our veterans went out and fought for us so we would have a free country, but if we aren’t allowed to honor them the way that the children want to then America is getting lost.”

School Board member Lynn Greene told McDowell News, “My understanding on the law is a teacher cannot promote any certain religion, but when it comes to students voicing their opinion or expressing themselves in a poem we pretty much have to give some leeway. To me this whole thing is a violation of that child’s rights. Nobody forced her to write the poem, that was her part of the program. She was asked to write a poem about veterans and she did. My personal opinion is that her rights were violated.”

After fully examining the issue during the BOE meeting, President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Paulson stated the school did in fact have the right to remove the word “God” from the child’s poem.

“Courts have consistently held up the rights for students to express themselves unless their speech is disruptive to the school,” stated Paulson according to McDowell News. “When the little girl wrote the poem and included a reference to God she had every right to do that. The First Amendment protects all Americans. She had every right to mention God, (but) that dynamic changed when they asked her to read it at an assembly.”

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“Stupid” and “Ignorant” Fast Food Workers Demand Outrageous and Laughable Wages

Workers at some fast food restaurants in the New York City area walked off the job on Thursday.

A large group gathered outside a McDonald’s on Madison and 40th St. in Manhattan demanding higher wages and the approval of a workers union.

“They’re giving us $7.25 an hour, so many of my co-workers are living on food stamps. You can’t live on that in this city,” a protester told Good Day NY.

The workers who say they don’t make enough to put food on the table for their families would like an increase in their hourly pay to $15.

Some franchise owners have said they’d have to hire fewer workers if the increase is approved.

According to The New York Times, McDonald’s said in a statement that it values its employees and remains committed to them.

Union drives have been rare at fast food restaurants because turnover is high and few employees work full time.

At UN Mahmoud Abbas Calls Israel Racist, Colonialist State – Demands Palestinian State at 1967 Borders

It’s The Spending, Stupid

The Hill published a report Wednesday that ought to warm the hearts of all fiscally responsible Republicans and, perhaps, give hope that GOP Speaker John Boehner will hold to his pledges on taxes during theses fiscal cliff talks with the White House.

The D.C. paper reported that Speaker Boehner (R-OH) quickly shot down the tax balloon floated by Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), who recently proposed that the House go with Obama’s idea of passing an immediate extension of the current tax rates for the middle class.

As The Hill further notes, Boehner and the rest of the GOP House leadership are sticking with their own pledge to make sure any fiscal cliff solutions are tied to spending cuts.

Comparing the nation’s spending crisis to a “freight train,” Boehner said “it’s time for the president and Democrats to get serious about the spending problem that our country has.”

The Party’s number three man, Chief deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R, IL) agreed saying, “The White House has not produced any of the balance in the president’s described balanced proposal.”

Others, such as Michael Steel, reiterated the House GOP’s negotiating principle. “We accepted this meeting with the expectation that the White House team will bring a specific plan for real spending cuts,” Steel said, “because spending cuts that Washington Democrats will accept is what is missing from the ‘balanced approach’ that the president says he wants.”

For his part, Cole stuck with his own idea of suggesting that the tax rate renewal come before House Republicans get any other concessions from the Democrats and the President. “I don’t see any advantage in delay,” Cole said. “I think the appropriate thing is to make sure that places where we know we’re not going to raise taxes, we get those taken care of first. I don’t think that somehow weakens our position in negotiations.”

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Baby Death Panels: New Study Reveals Gruesome Practice of Starving Sickly Babies

The Daily Mail reported:

Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’.

Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults.

But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies.

One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone.

Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’.

The LCP – on which 130,000 elderly and terminally-ill adult patients die each year – is now the subject of an independent inquiry ordered by ministers.

The use of end of life care methods on disabled newborn babies was revealed in the doctors’ bible, the British Medical Journal.

Earlier this month, an un-named doctor wrote of the agony of watching the protracted deaths of babies. The doctor described one case of a baby born with ‘a lengthy list of unexpected congenital anomalies’, whose parents agreed to put it on the pathway.

The doctor wrote: ‘They wish for their child to die quickly once the feeding and fluids are stopped. They wish for pneumonia. They wish for no suffering. They wish for no visible changes to their precious baby.

‘Their wishes, however, are not consistent with my experience. Survival is often much longer than most physicians think; reflecting on my previous patients, the median time from withdrawal of hydration to death was ten days.

‘Parents and care teams are unprepared for the sometimes severe changes that they will witness in the child’s physical appearance as severe dehydration ensues.

Egyptian Lawmakers Include Sharia Law in New Constitution

Al-Aarabiya reported

Egypt’s Constituent Assembly decided on Thursday to keep “principles of sharia” or Islamic law as the main source of legislation, leaving the article’s language unchanged from the previous constitution.

The issue was the subject of a long dispute between hardline Salafi Islamists and liberals in the assembly which will vote on each of 234 articles in the draft constitution before it is sent to President Mohamed Mursi for approval. After that, Mursi must put it to a popular referendum.

The body writing Egypt’s new constitution began a session to vote on a final draft on Thursday, a move President Mohamed Mursi’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood hope will help end a crisis prompted by a decree expanding his powers.

The constitutional panel is voting on the constitution article by article.

Mursi is expected to call for national unity in a public address at 7.00 p.m. (1700 GMT) to ease the crisis, which has set off a week of protests and threatens to derail early signs of economic recovery from two years of turmoil.

In an interview with Time, Mursi said the majority supported his decree. But he added: “If we had a constitution, then all of what I have said or done last week will stop.”

Two people have been killed and hundreds injured in countrywide protests ignited by the decree Mursi issued last Thursday.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2012.11.29 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 60-year-old caretaker at a Shia mosque is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen.
2012.11.28 Syria Jaramana 54 120 Fifty-four people are blown to bits by two Fedayeen suicide bombers in a residential neighborhood.
2012.11.28 Afghanistan Quro 5 0 Five civilians are kidnapped by the Taliban and executed.
2012.11.28 Iraq Tarmiyah 7 0 Four young children are among a family of seven massacred in their home by al-Qaeda.
2012.11.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a Buddhist man to death.
2012.11.27 Iraq Baghdad 7 21 Seven Shiite worshippers are taken out by an Islamic Army of Iraq car bomb outside their mosque.
2012.11.27 Iraq Baghdad 9 20 Nine Shiites are slaughtered by Sunni bombers.
2012.11.26 Afghanistan Khost 2 19 Two civilians bleed to death following remote detonation of a Taliban bomb on a bicycle.
2012.11.26 Pakistan Karachi 1 4 A bomb targeting a Shia procession kills at least one passerby.
2012.11.26 Nigeria Abuja 2 0 Jama�atu Ansarul Muslimina terrorists attack a police station and kill two officers.
2012.11.26 Nigeria Barkinladi 10 3 Fundamentalists fire into a bar selling alcohol, killing at least ten patrons.
2012.11.26 Pakistan Gulbahar 1 0 A 30-year-old Shiite bleeds to death following a drive-by attack by Sunnis.
2012.11.25 Somalia Kismayo 1 2 A woman is torn to pieces by an al-Shabaab bomb.
2012.11.25 Somalia Kismayo 4 0 An Islamist bomb at a market place leaves at least four dead.
2012.11.25 Nigeria Jaji 15 30 Two suicide bombers massacre fifteen worshippers at a Protestant church.
2012.11.25 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 6 90 Six more innocents are pulled apart when a second Shiite religious procession is hit with a Sunni bombing.
2012.11.25 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Mujahideen take out a 13-year-old boy with an IED.
2012.11.24 Yemen Sanaa 4 10 A rocket fired at Shiites celebrating a religious holiday sends at least four straight to Allah.
2012.11.24 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 10 22 Four children are among ten members of a Shia funeral procession disassembled by Religion of Peace rival bombers.
2012.11.23 Pakistan Bara 2 0 Two members of a peace committee are blown up by Sunni militants.
2012.11.23 Afghanistan Maidan Shar 3 90 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three others, including a woman.
2012.11.22 Nigeria Maiduguri 18 12 Three young children are among eighteen people murdered by Boko Haram in a series of terror attacks.
2012.11.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A female Buddhist school principal dies from injuries after being hit by automatic weapons fire in a target attack.
2012.11.22 Nigeria Bichi 4 2 Angry Muslims riot, burn churches and kills four Christians over a rumor of blasphemy concerning a t-shirt.
2012.11.22 Pakistan Bannu 4 6 The Tehreek-e-Taliban murder four Pakistanis in two attacks.
2012.11.21 Israel Tel Aviv 0 27 Arab terrorists bomb a passenger bus.
2012.11.21 Dagestan Shamilkala 3 1 Islamic ‘insurgents’ plant a bomb at a bank that kills two disposal experts and a civilian.
2012.11.21 Afghanistan Kabul 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber sends two Afghans to Allah.
2012.11.21 Pakistan Rawalpindi 23 62 Children are among the casualties when a Shahid suicide bomber plows into a Shiite procession and detonates, killing dozens.
2012.11.21 Pakistan Karachi 2 17 A suicide bombing is among two bomb blasts outside a Shiite mosque that leave two innocents dead.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Jamrud 1 1 A truck driver is shot in the head by Taliban militants.
2012.11.20 Israel Eshkol 2 23 Two Israelis are killed during a Hamas rocket attack.
2012.11.20 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A government official is shot in the head by suspected Islamists.
2012.11.20 Iraq Baghdad 3 26 Sectarian attacks leave three dead and two dozen injured.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Kulachi 1 0 A tribal elder is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2012.11.20 Pal. Auth. Gaza City 6 0 Six torture victims are brutally murdered by a Hamas lynch mob and then dragged through the streets on motorcycles.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen pick off a Shia civilian.
2012.11.19 Syria Barad 20 0 al-Nusrah claims a suicide bombing that leaves twenty dead.
2012.11.19 Pakistan Charmang 1 2 Rockets fired by Islamic militants crush a 6-year-old girl.
2012.11.18 India Jammu 1 5 One person is killed when fundamentalists throw a grenade into a wine shop.
2012.11.18 Pakistan Shin Qamar 3 3 Three laborers bleed to death following a Taliban bombing attack at a construction site.
2012.11.18 Pakistan Abbas 3 23 A bomb targeting Shiites goes off outside a mosque, killing three people, including a woman.
2012.11.18 Iraq Balad 7 25 Seven Shiite pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bus bombers.
2012.11.18 Thailand Narathiwat 3 35 Three people are killed when Muslim militants set off a bomb at a railway station.
2012.11.18 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A woman is killed, and her son injured, when Islamic ‘insurgents’ open fire on a plantation.
2012.11.18 Pakistan Mir Ali 2 7 Religious extremists plant a bomb that leaves two local soldiers dead.
2012.11.18 Nigeria Kano 1 0 A prominent politician is assassinated by Boko Haram gunmen while sitting at a restaurant.
2012.11.18 Yemen Ataq 1 0 A local soldier is kidnapped by al-Qaeda, tortured to death and then dumped at his family’s house.
2012.11.18 Yemen Sanaa 1 0 al-Qaeda is suspected of shooting an intelligence officer to death.
2012.11.18 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 An 70-year-old retired Protestant pastor is executed in cold blood by Islamic extremists.
2012.11.18 Kenya Garissa 3 0 Three Kenyan soldiers are murdered by suspected Islamic radicals.
2012.11.18 Iraq Khalis 3 16 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three Iraqis.
2012.11.18 Kenya Nairobi 10 30 An al-Shabaab bomber slaughters ten minibus passengers
2012.11.17 Syria Aleppo 1 4 One person is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.11.17 Thailand Yala 1 20 Islamists kill a woman with a motorcycle bomb.
2012.11.17 Indonesia Bireuen 3 10 Three ‘heretics’ are hacked to death by a mainstream mob.
2012.11.16 Somalia Barawa 1 0 A Christian convert is beheaded for leaving the Religion of Peace.
2012.11.16 Afghanistan Dawlat Abad 19 16 Six children and seven women are among nineteen members of a wedding party slaughtered by Sunni bombers.
2012.11.16 Yemen Zinjibar 3 4 Three civilians are ripped to pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.11.16 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Three Christian traders are shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.11.16 Syria Aleppo 20 60 Sunnis detonate a bomb outside an Orthodox church that leaves at least twenty dead.
2012.11.15 India Srinagar 2 3 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen fundamentalists fire into a store selling alcohol, killing a hotel employee and a patron.
2012.11.15 Israel Kiryat Malach 3 3 Two babies and a child are among the casualties when Hamas fires a rocket into an apartment building.
2012.11.15 Nigeria Madauchi-Zonkwa 5 0 Muslim radicals are suspected in the slaughter and burning of a Christian family in their home.
2012.11.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot the 49-year-owner of a rubber farm three times in the head.
2012.11.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 46-year-old man is assassinated in front of his home in a Muslim drive-by.
2012.11.14 Iraq Kut 3 15 Three civilians at a restaurant are blown to bits by ‘insurgent’ bombers.
2012.11.14 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two young local men are dragged from their car and brutally shot to death by the Taliban.
2012.11.14 Iraq Hawijah 4 5 Municipal street cleaners are among the victims of an al-Qaeda bomb blast at a commercial district.
2012.11.14 Iraq Kirkuk 5 34 Five children are disassembled by Islamic Army of Iraq bombers at a Kurdish neighborhood.
2012.11.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A mosque official is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.11.14 Thailand Yala 1 0 A religious leader is gunned down by suspected Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2012.11.14 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A Shia teenager is shot to death by Sunnis.
2012.11.14 Iraq Hillah 7 44 At least seven people are pulled into pieces when al-Qaeda detonate a car bomb near a crowded marketplace.
2012.11.14 India Nowgam 3 2 Three border guards are killed when Islamic militants from Pakistan open fire.
2012.11.14 Afghanistan Farah 2 0 Two drivers are burned alive when Islamic fundamentalists torch a fuel truck.
2012.11.14 Pakistan Bahadurabad 1 0 A Sunni seminary teacher is assassinated by sectarian Jihadis.
2012.11.13 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 The Taliban fire a rocket at an airport, killing a local civilian.
2012.11.13 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists take down a Shiite with four bullets to the head.
2012.11.13 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot a 52-year-old civilian several times in the head and body.
2012.11.13 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Islamists murder two in their homes, including a university lecturer.
2012.11.13 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 63-year-old man is murdered in front of his wife by Muslim terrorists.
2012.11.13 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim militants shoot a 52-year-old man to death.
2012.11.13 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 58-year-old villager is machine-gunned by suspected Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2012.11.12 Somalia Baidoa 3 3 At least three civilians are killed during an al-Shabaab ambush.
2012.11.12 Afghanistan Akazai 4 2 A brutal landmine attack by Sunni hardliners leaves four local security personnel dead.
2012.11.12 Iraq Muqdadiya 2 3 Two Iraqis are taken down by a roadside bomb.
2012.11.12 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A cleric is among two Sunnis killed by suspected Shia militants.
2012.11.12 Pakistan Bolan 4 1 Four religious minorities lose their lives in a targeted killing by Sunni radicals.
2012.11.11 Pakistan Karachi 6 9 Six Sunni seminary students are machine-gunned at a tea shop by angry Shiites.
2012.11.11 Afghanistan Sabari 6 0 A mother and newborn child are among a family of six exterminated by Islamists on their way home from the hospital.
2012.11.11 Lebanon Sidon 3 7 Hezbollah attacks supporters of a rival cleric, killing three.
2012.11.11 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 Three civilians are taken out by a Taliban landmine.
2012.11.11 Pakistan Faisalabad 2 0 Two woman are ‘honor killed’ by their families for unIslamic behavior.
2012.11.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists shoot a Shiite four times at a market.
2012.11.11 Israel Sderot 0 4 Islamic Jihad rocket fire into a neighborhood leaves four Israeli casualties.
2012.11.11 Afghanistan Khakrez 2 0 Two civilians on foot are blown into pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2012.11.11 Pakistan Organi Town 3 2 A Shia father and his two sons are sent to Allah by Sunni gunmen at their repair shop.
2012.11.11 Pakistan Sultanabad 1 0 A prayer leader is murdered in his own mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.11.11 Dagestan Beaver Ridge Canaan 1 0 A moderate Muslim cleric is murdered by his more radical co-religionists.
2012.11.10 Nigeria Gaidam 5 0 Five Christian iron welders are slaughtered in their own home by Boko Haram gunmen.
2012.11.10 Nigeria Gwange 1 0 Islamists shoot a refrigerator repair man to death in his shop.
2012.11.10 Iraq Hillah 2 0 A woman and child are killed in their home by Jihadi bombers.
2012.11.10 Syria Daraa 24 9 Suicide car bombers kill about two dozen Syrian troops at their base.
2012.11.10 Pakistan Quetta 2 2 Four Shiites riding in a cab are sprayed with bullets by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.11.10 Israel Ashkelon 0 3 A border guard is blinded by Palestinian terrorists.
2012.11.10 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Hazara religious minority is shot to death by Sunni radicals.
2012.11.10 Pakistan Kamalia 1 0 A teenager is hacked to death with an axe by her father for unIslamic behavior.
2012.11.10 Pakistan Mochiwala 1 0 A woman is killed in her home by an uncle on suspicion of extra-marital sex.
2012.11.09 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Hazara Shia is murdered in a sectarian attack.
2012.11.09 Nigeria Damaturu 3 0 Boko Haram ambush and kill three police officers.
2012.11.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia scholar is gunned down by Sipah-e-Sahaba radicals.
2012.11.09 Iraq Mosul 2 1 Muslim ‘insurgents’ invade a home and shoot an old woman and her grandson to death.
2012.11.08 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 2 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out three Afghans.
2012.11.08 Afghanistan Musa Qala 10 7 Women and children are amply represented among the victims of a roadside bombing against a wedding party by religious radicals.
2012.11.08 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 7 A Muslim sniper murders a local cop.
2012.11.08 Syria Damascus 3 24 Sunnis set off a car bomb outside a Shiite mosque that kills three worshippers.
2012.11.08 Iraq Hillah 1 9 The Islamic Army of Iraq car-bombs a commercial district, killing a bystander.
2012.11.08 Afghanistan Zabul 2 0 Two boys, ages 12 and 14, are pulled into pieces by Religion of Peace bombers.
2012.11.08 Pakistan Karachi 3 20 A Shahid suicide bomber rams a government building because the occupants are ‘doing nothing to serve Islam’.
2012.11.08 Afghanistan Badpakh 5 1 Sunni hardliners detonate a bomb that ends the lives of five local security personnel.
2012.11.08 Pakistan Orangi 2 0 An uncle and nephew are shot to death by Sunnis because they are Shia.
2012.11.08 Iraq Mohmoudiya 3 7 Sunni bombers target their sectarian rivals in a residential area, killing three.
2012.11.08 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 The 35-year-old owner of a pet shop is murdered by sectarian fundamentalists.
2012.11.08 Nigeria Kachin 2 0 A man and his wife are murdered in their home by Muslim raiders.
2012.11.08 Iran Tehran 1 0 A ‘secular’ blogger is abducted off the street and tortured to death.
2012.11.07 Pakistan Ajab Khan Chowk 1 14 One person bleeds to death following a Taliban bomb attack on a market.
2012.11.07 Pakistan Musharraf Colony 3 0 A father and son are among three Shiites kidnapped by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and tortured to death.
2012.11.07 Iraq Mosul 2 21 Sunni car bombers obliterate two religious minorities.
2012.11.07 Pakistan Karachi 5 0 Five Shia civilians are picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba snipers in three shootings.
2012.11.07 Egypt Sohaj 2 0 A conservative family regains its honor by murdering a wayward daughter and her boyfriend.
2012.11.07 Nigeria Mubi 2 5 Children are among the casualties when Islamists set off a bomb along a city street.
2012.11.07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A guard is killed when Islamic militia set off a car bomb near the parliament.
2012.11.07 Yemen Sanaa 1 0 al-Qaeda assassinate a government official.
2012.11.07 Pakistan Peshawar 6 36 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders six others along a crowded street.
2012.11.07 Nigeria Benisheikh 2 0 Two Chinese engineers are murdered by suspected Islamist gunmen.
2012.11.06 Pakistan Quetta 6 2 Three minority Shiites are shot to death in two sectarian attacks.
2012.11.06 Syria Damascus 3 7 Sunnis target a Shiite residential district with mortars, killing at least three.
2012.11.06 Pakistan Hangu 1 5 Mullah Nabi Hanfi terrorists storm a home, shoot the father to death and then beat his wife and children.
2012.11.06 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot and kill a 31-year-old man riding on a motorcycle.
2012.11.06 Syria Qudsaya 19 40 A Sunni car bomb in a Shia neighborhood leaves nineteen dead.
2012.11.06 Pakistan Hub 1 0 Wahhabis are blamed for the murder of a Shiite.
2012.11.06 Iraq Taji 33 56 Nearly three dozen Iraqis are dismantled by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2012.11.05 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 Sunnis bomb a market near a Shiite mosque, killing four shoppers.
2012.11.05 Pakistan Mir Ali 3 0 Three local tribesmen are ambushed and killed by local Taliban.
2012.11.05 Syria Sahl al-Ghab 50 12 An Islamist group claims that fifty people were killed by a Shahid suicide bomb attack on an attack on a ‘rural development center.’
2012.11.05 Syria Mezzeh 11 24 A dozen people are incinerated in a Seif-al-Sham car bomb blast.
2012.11.05 Jordan Ruseifa 1 0 Three brothers are accused of stabbing their married sister seventeen times over an immoral relationship.
2012.11.05 Bahrain Manama 2 1 Five bombs planted by Shia militants linked to Hezbollah leave two dead.
2012.11.05 Saudi Arabia Sharurah 2 0 Recently-released Islamic militants ambush and murder two border guards.
2012.11.05 Syria al-Yarmouk 18 70 al-Motasem terrorists reportedly target a bus packed with civilians, killing eighteen and injuring bystanders.
2012.11.05 Pakistan Saddar 2 0 Sectarian Jihadis shoot two Shia to death in their car, including a scholar.
2012.11.04 Nigeria Borno 3 0 Boko Haram gunmen take down three patrons at a cattle market.
2012.11.04 Kenya Garissa 1 10 One person dies from splinter injuries when Islamists toss a grenade at a church.
2012.11.04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ are suspected of shooting a local civilian four times during a drive-by.
2012.11.04 Pakistan Chinar Kot 1 0 An anti-Taliban tribal activist is gunned down by Mujahideen.
2012.11.04 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi shoot a Shia man to death in front of his mother and sister.
2012.11.04 Pakistan Sorsorang 3 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban gunmen open fire on a group of Shia believers, killing at least three.
2012.11.04 Nigeria Fika 2 0 At least two people are killed when Boko Haram militants attack a police station and primary school.
2012.11.03 Jordan Amman 1 0 A young woman’s throat is cut by her uncle to claim family honor after she divorced her husband.
2012.11.03 Afghanistan Dand 1 0 Fundamentalists take down a local cop with a roadside bomb.
2012.11.03 Pakistan Bahawalpur 1 0 A young woman is attacked and killed by her brothers for marrying of her own free will.
2012.11.03 Iraq Taji 3 2 Islamic ‘insurgents’ roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun three local security personnel.
2012.11.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A civilian defense volunteer is kidnapped and executed by al-Qaeda
2012.11.03 Thailand Narathiwat 3 8 Muslim car bombers take out three people near a school.
2012.11.03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shiite victims of a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi attack expire from their injuries.
2012.11.03 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 63-year-old man is shot off his motorcycle by Islamic ‘separatists’.
2012.11.03 Somalia Mogadishu 2 10 Two people at a restaurant are sent to Allah by Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2012.11.03 Pakistan Buner 6 3 A Shahid suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonates, killing six others.
2012.11.03 Egypt al-Arish 3 0 Jihadi gunmen murder three police officers.
2012.11.03 Afghanistan Mehterlam 1 0 Sunni hardliners assassinate a rival cleric on his way to a seminary.
2012.11.02 Sudan Sigili 13 5 Janjaweed militia attack a village and kill over a dozen residents.
2012.11.02 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A 70-year-old cleric is shot to death in front of his mosque by hardline rivals.
2012.11.02 Afghanistan Gereshk 4 0 Four local cops are gunned down by Taliban terrorists in uniform.
2012.11.01 Pakistan Jai 1 1 A 4-year-old girl is killed when Religion of Peace militants fire into her home.
2012.11.01 Syria Saraqeb 10 0 Ten captured soldiers are beaten and then executed by Sunni rebels to shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’.
2012.10.31 Afghanistan Kanjak 1 3 A man is killed and three children injured by Sunni bombers.
2012.10.31 Pakistan Khoi Ratta 1 0 A Muslim couple honor kill their daughter for talking to a man by dousing her with acid.
2012.10.31 Jordan Zarqa 1 0 A 22-year-old woman is strangled by her father on suspicion of having ‘relations’ with a man.
2012.10.31 Syria Al-Mazzeh 1 2 Sunni rebels plant a bomb near a rival mosque that leaves one dead.
2012.10.31 Libya Derna 1 0 Islamists are suspected in the assassination of a former official.
2012.10.31 Pakistan Karachi 4 5 The Tehreek-e-Taliban murder four people in targeted attacks.
2012.10.31 Syria Sayyida Zeinab 8 14 Eight people, including two children are killed when Abu Al-Baraa bin Malek terrorists car bomb a Shiite mosque.
2012.10.31 Afghanistan Musa Qala 10 2 Three women and seven small children are torn to shreds by a Taliban bomb.
2012.10.31 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Post Eid al-Adha targeted killings leave four Shiites dead.
2012.10.31 Thailand Pattani 2 4 Muslim gunmen open fire on employees at an ‘UnIslamic’ gambling site at a fair, killing two.
2012.10.30 Syria Homs 1 0 An 84-year-old Christian is murdered by Sunnis.
2012.10.30 Afghanistan Maruf 6 0 Six civilians in a minivan are sent to Allah by a bomb planted by religious radicals.
2012.10.30 Afghanistan Nahr-e Saraj 2 0 A terrorist dons a police uniform and shoots two British troops in the back.
2012.10.30 Somalia Kismayo 4 24 al-Shabaab militants toss a grenade into a tea shop, slaughtering four civilians.
2012.10.30 Dagestan Derbent 3 0 A ‘pro-peace’ cleric is assassinated in his car along with his father and brother.