News about a homeless man receiving boots from an NYPD officer as captured in a touching photo by a tourist in New York City continues to emerge. The latest suggests he isn’t technically homeless after all.

TheBlaze first reported about the photo last week. On Monday, the man had been identified as Jeffrey Hillman, and although grateful for the gift, he was not wearing the shoes because he feared for his safety due to their expense. Not only that but he was asking for his “piece of the pie” due to the fame the photo had gotten without his permission.

The New York Daily News on Tuesday reported it found out that Hillman has an apartment in the Bronx, which is paid through federal assistance. As the Daily News puts it, “The revelation that Hillman has a warm home and a bed to sleep in further complicated what at first seemed like a perfect feel-good tale for the holidays.”

It reported Barbara Brancaccio, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Homeless Services, saying he “has a history of turning down services.”

Hillman in the past had been in housing provided by the city for the chronically homeless. He later received housing through the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to Brancaccio.

The Daily News reported a friend from Hillman’s past, Rev. John Graf Jr., saying he was surprised when he learned of the state of his high school buddy’s life.

“I never thought I’d open up a newspaper and see that the guy I played with in my own backyard swimming pool, and in high school games would be on the streets of New York,” Graf said to the Daily News.

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Ugly, Hateful Liberal tries To Murder South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

A 46-year-old woman has been arrested and charged with threatening a public official after threatening to “smuggle in a gun and kill” South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, according to WYFF4.

Liberty police arrested Jennifer Phillips Tuesday after she told her potential plan to a school official with the Santa’s Workshop program where she was a parent volunteer.

After being notified of the threat, Liberty Middle School Principal Lowell Haynes explained: “I felt like it was something that I needed to notify law enforcement and let them handle it from there. It’s not up to me to decide if there’s intent there. I felt like that’s their job let them investigate and decide just turn it over to them.”

Pickens County School District spokesman John Eby said Phillips is a regular volunteer at Liberty Elementary, and alarmingly, Haley was scheduled to speak there Tuesday morning.

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Sandra Fluke Cannot Get Fluked

The auction for a private one-hour online “strategy session” with women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke ended two days early because the auctioneer, a charitable website BiddingForGood, deemed some responses to the auction as unacceptably “harassing.”

“We had a wonderful opportunity to make Sandra Fluke available for a consulting session with the highest bidder in this auction, but unfortunately, due to a disturbingly high number of harassing responses to this item, we have decided to close the auction two days early,” BiddingForGood said in a special note on the webpage for the auction.

“We congratulate the winning bidder, and we apologize to those who share our enthusiasm to collaborate with Sandra and expected an opportunity to continue bidding on this auction item.”

The winning bidder was apparently RosieR, who bid $400. RosieR had been in something of a bidding war with two other bidders, SimonTemplar and RustyTRN.

When bidding unexpectedly closed, RosieR had bested SimonTemplar’s final bid by a mere $10.

RosieR will now be able to receive advice from the 31-year-old Georgetown Law graduate “by phone or Skype at a mutually convenient time,” for up to an hour. If all goes according to plan, Fluke will help RosieR “harness the power of activism and/or advocacy.”

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DeMint Blasts Boehner’s ‘800 Billion Tax Hike’

The DC political world thrives by obfuscating and making things seem more complicated than they actually are. The entire government edifice is built on buzz-words and euphemisms intended to obscure that’s happening. When Speaker Boehner promotes a Democrat-inspired “balanced approach” that increases federal revenues he’s doing one very simple thing; he’s raising taxes.

Thankfully, we still have Sen. Jim DeMint:

Speaker Boehner’s $800 billion tax hike will destroy American jobs and allow politicians in Washington to spend even more, while not reducing our $16 trillion debt by a single penny.

[I]f neither party leadership is going to put forward a serious plan to balance the budget and pay down the debt, we should end this charade. We can stop the fiscal cliff with the bill that House Republicans already passed that simply extends the current tax rates and replaces the defense cuts with reductions in wasteful spending.

Speaker Boehner has the gavel in large part because conservatives across the country rose up in opposition to stimulus, bailouts, rampant government spending and ObamaCare. The Republican presidential nominee lost a narrow election, while voters maintained GOP control of the House.

They did not reelect House Republicans to raises taxes. Every move Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership has made as been a play to appease the Democrat-Media industrial complex and seem “reasonable.” Of course, “reasonable” to the complex means increasing taxes with no meaningful spending cuts.

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Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money

To paraphrase the estimable Yogi Berra – it’s like deja vu all over, and over, and over, and over again.

The Jurassic Press media is enraptured with a certain story.

Chevrolet Volt tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey for the 2nd straight year

Chevy Volt tops Owner-Satisfaction Survey

Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports annual owner satisfaction survey

Everywhere you turn, there is an incessantly recurring Media theme.

Chevy Volt Tops Consumer Reports Survey, Again

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports most-loved car survey again

It seems the Chevrolet Volt has for the second year in a row topped a Consumer Reports satisfaction survey.

Chevy Volt again tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey

Chevy Volt Wins Again Consumer Reports’ Ranking

Chevy Volt tops most-loved car survey again

And the Press can’t get enough of issuing General Motors (GM) press releases.

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

Chevy Volt named most satisfying car in Consumer Reports survey

Chevy Volt owners are most satisfied, says Consumer Reports

You may also have seen this incessantly run Chevy Volt television advertisement featuring “satisfied” Volt owners.

“I go to the gas station such a small amount that I forget how to put gas in my car.”

Left out of all of these “news” items – and the ad – is the gi-normous Chevy Volt government money back story.

A story which sounds a lot like the Obama Phone. Or Obama Bucks.

Or liking President Barack Obama “because he gives me stuff.” Or because (you think) “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help (Obama), he’s going to help me.”

Here’s a shocking news flash: People like government klepto-conduits giving them Other People’s Money.

And the Chevy Volt is a rolling, multi-billion dollar Obama Bucks-mobile.

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Democrats to Veterans: Go To Hell

A major defense-spending bill hit an unexpected bump on its journey through the U.S. Senate over an amendment on veterans’ gun rights, which devolved into a heated floor debate and foreshadows a potential battle over Democrats’ vows to tweak the filibuster rules in the clubby, traditionally collegial body.
Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, wants veterans who have been deemed “mentally incompetent” to have their cases adjudicated by a judge — rather than the Department of Veterans Affairs, as happens currently — and argued that veterans who simply cannot support themselves financially are needlessly given the label and, as such, cannot buy or possess firearms.
“We’re not asking for anything big,” Mr. Coburn said Thursday evening on the Senate floor. “We’re just saying that if you’re going to take away the Second Amendment rights … they ought to have it adjudicated, rather than mandated by someone who’s unqualified to state that they should lose their rights.”
The late-night tussle served to pick at the scab of the ongoing debate over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bid to reform the chamber’s filibuster rules to place limits on the minority party’s ability to hold up debate on legislation, however.
Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, objected to Mr. Coburn’s proposal once he found out it was part of a package of amendments to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act the body was to vote on.
“I love our veterans; I vote for them all the time, they defend us,” Mr. Schumer said. “But if you are mentally ill, whether you’re a veteran or not, just like if you’re a felon, if you’re a veteran or not, and you have been judged to be mentally infirm, you should not have a gun.”
After a similar plea from Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, and a warning from Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, that the move could embolden Democrats’ push for filibuster reforms, Mr. Coburn eventually backed off.

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On the Nov. 30 episode of “The Mike Malloy Show,” liberal radio host Mike Malloy had some unfavorable words for U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. In fact, the controversial host said that the prominent politician should “drown himself in a vat of wine” and that such an action would lead Boehner to “the great bar in the sky.”

“Don’t you think Boehner, ought to just, I don’t know, go drown himself in a vat of wine, you know – he could – he could be jumping up and down with his bare feet like remember Lucy did, remember that time, Lucy episode, I love Lucy, and Boehner would fall down in it and try to drink it all and just gurgle himself right into the great bar in the sky,” Malloy said. “It’s always five o’clock somewhere right John?”

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