Syrian violence threatens to terrorize world

As the violence in Syria escalates, it seems no one is safe.

A YouTube video posted this week reportedly shows a Syrian al-Qaida fighter and his cohorts executing a group of young men who claim to also be Sunni Muslims.

The alleged victims could be heard in the video pleading for their lives and shouting out, “We are Sunni Muslims too!”

Dutch human rights activist and Middle East analyst Martin Janssen verifies the authenticity of the video and the reality it reveals.

“On this video you hear one of the young man victims say that he is also a Sunni Muslim,” Janssen said. “The person who shot him answers that the shooters are al-Qaida and that they will know who al-Qaida is.”

American Enterprise Institute Middle East policy specialist Michael Rubin explains why al-Qaida fighters may be turning on some of their Sunni allies.

“Unity is a very transitory trait among Islamists. Even among the most radical groups, factions develop,” Rubin said. “And in a culture which brokers no dissent, the penalty is often death.”

Developments in the Syrian civil war this week were not limited to Muslim-on-Muslim violence.

Several news agencies this week have reported that embattled Syrian leader Bashir Assad has threatened to deploy and use chemical weapons, allegedly against the rebel army trying to overthrow him.

However, a report on the intelligence analysis web site Lignet says the Langley Intelligence group is skeptical of Syria’s threats and believes the threat is a bargaining chip to receive asylum in another country.

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Obamacare to kill people and animals alike

Obamacare’s new taxes will soon apply to medical equipment that’s used by both physicians and veterinarians — and pet owners will ultimately foot the bill — according to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation.

According to the conservative policy organization, the Internal Revenue Service published a rule Friday covering “dual-use” equipment and supplies. That could include “examination gloves, sterile catheters, infusion pumps, etc.,” according to the Food and Drug Administration.

A Fairfax County, Va. veterinarian who did not wish to be named told The Daily Caller that the category could also include “syringes, tubes, blood centrifuges, sterilizing autoclaves, microscopes — and even things like surgical lights, exam tables and x-ray machines.”

“I don’t know what they’re up to in Washington,” the veterinary doctor said, “but I never thought Obamacare would apply to cats and dogs. Lots of things I use in my practice will cost more.”

The New York Times reported in April 2011 that American pet owners spend $12 billion annually on veterinary care and related services.

“Under existing [FDA] regulations,” the new IRS rule reads, “a devicRAe intended for use exclusively in veterinary medicine is not required to be listed as a device with the FDA, whereas a device intended for use in human medicine is required to be listed … even if the device may also be used in veterinary medicine.”

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Judge Mocks Obama’s “Accomodation” Proposal On Contraception Mandate

Pigs Flying moment? How refreshing to hear a Judge that understands and respects the constitution and limited government. As a side note, everything Obama does should be mocked and mocked often.

The WashingtonExaminer reports the following:

Judge Brian Cogan mocked the “accommodation” on religion liberty outlined by President Obama in regards to his health care law’s contraception mandate while ruling against a Justice Department motion to dismiss the Archdiocese of New York’s lawsuit against the regulation.

“There is no, ‘Trust us, changes are coming’ clause in the Constitution,” Cogan wrote in his ruling against DOJ. “To the contrary, the Bill of Rights itself, and the First Amendment in particular, reflect a degree of skepticism towards governmental self-restraint and self-correction.”

Cogan was referring to the fact that Obama’s promise to accommodate the concerns of religiously-affiliated institutions that would have provide free contraception.

“Under the rule, women will still have access to free preventive care that includes contraceptive services -– no matter where they work,” Obama said in February 2011. “So that core principle remains. But if a woman’s employer is a charity or a hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of their health plan, the insurance company -– not the hospital, not the charity -– will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge, without co-pays and without hassles.”

As Cogan noted, though, the rule has not formally been changed. Religious groups also question the sufficiency of the accommodation outlined by the president.

“The archdiocese argued in court papers that even though it is unclear what its legal obligations will be once the exemption is fully outlined, it expects to incur nearly $200 million each year in penalties if it is forced to comply with the coverage requirement,” Reuters also observes.

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Obama to Attend Psy Protest Despite His Anti-American Past

Barack Obama will attend the Psy concert in Washington this week despite his anti-American past.

This is the same guy who palled around with Bill Ayers, so is it really a surprise?
Yahoo reported:

President Barack Obama will attend a charity concert where PSY is scheduled to perform after reports that the South Korean rapper participated in anti-American protests several years ago.

A spokesman says Friday that the Obama family will attend the Dec. 21 Christmas in Washington concert, as is custom.

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Principal claims Indians ‘scalped’ on Thanksgiving?

(Hackensack Record) School officials said Thursday that they were investigating a complaint that a high school principal made an inappropriate announcement before Thanksgiving break.

Superintendent Donnie Evans said the district’s lawyers were looking into a report that Amod Field, principal of operations at the John F. Kennedy Educational Complex, allegedly made inappropriate comments over the school’s public-address system. Evans said privacy rules barred him from discussing details of a personnel matter, but he expected to have the results of the investigation next week.

A purported recording of the announcement has been emailed among teachers and was sent to The Record and Herald News.

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Despite Tax Increase, California State Revenues in Freefall

California State Controller John Chiang has announced that total state revenue for the month of November 2012 fell $806.8 million, or 10.8%, below budget.

Democrats thought they could hammer “the rich” by convincing voters to pass Proposition 30 to create the highest state income tax in the nation. But it now appears that high income earners have already “voted with their feet” by moving themselves and their businesses out of state, resulting in over $1 billion shortfall in corporate and income taxes last month and the beginning of a new financial crisis.

Passage of Proposition 30 set off euphoria and expectations of higher spending for public employees. The California Teachers’ Association (CTA) trumpeted: “California students and working families won a clear victory today as voters clearly demonstrated their willingness to invest in our public schools and colleges and also rejected a deceptive ballot measure aimed at silencing educators, other workers and their unions.”

State bureaucrats immediately ramped up deficit spending far beyond the state’s $6 billion annual tax increase, with the Departments of Health Services and Developmental Services increasing this month’s spending by over $1 billion versus last year. The lower tax collection and higher spending drove the State’s deficit after the tax increase to $2.7 billion for the first 5 months of this fiscal year. State Controller John Chiang reported:

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Why America Is Going To Miss The Bush Tax Cuts

President Obama seems to have a strategy to terminate all of the Bush tax cuts, not just those for “the rich,” as he has been saying since 2008. He is offering the Republicans exactly zero concessions in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. No spending cuts, no entitlement reform, no compromise on the rates. It is entirely my way or the highway, and if the Republicans refuse to do everything exactly as he demands, he will let the Bush tax cuts expire entirely, for the middle class and working people as well as the upper incomes, and blame the Republicans for refusing to go along with him, and for the economic results.

It is a cynical game worthy of an undeveloped, third world country, not the United States of America. But this is just one more reason, with many more to come, for the American people to regret the mistake they made on Election Day.

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Before the presidential election, I got the idea to commission a scientific poll to find out what Muslim-Americans really think – and how it might affect their votes.

The results were eye-opening and alarming. They should be to every American who believes in the U.S. Constitution and Judeo-Christian morality

Here’s the overview from 30,000 feet:

Nearly half of those polled, a scientific sampling of 600, said parodies of Muhammad should be criminally prosecuted with offenders given punishments as severe as the death penalty;
40 percent of Muslims believe they should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution, but by Shariah standards and Islamic judges;
Only 30 percent believe Christians have a right to evangelize Muslims;
20 percent say Muslim men should be allowed to have more than one wife;
58 percent said any criticism of their religion should not be allowed under the Constitution – even while nine of 10 said they support the First Amendment;
One in three said Israel has no right to exist or were uncertain about it;
72 percent said they would definitely be voting for Barack Obama, while another 8.5 percent were leaning in that direction;
Only 11 percent were supporting Mitt Romney at the time – just days before the November vote;
About 55 percent said the U.S. is generally on the right track.
Now, maybe you question the authenticity or reliability of this survey. Maybe you think it was biased. Maybe you think the sampling of Muslims, 98 percent of whom have U.S. citizenship, wasn’t large enough.

Well, shortly after WND commissioned this survey by respected pollster Fritz Wenzel, another similar survey was commissioned by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which bills itself as a Muslim civil-rights organization but which in fact is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

The results were strikingly similar – at least on the questions asked in both surveys. This CAIR survey, conducted on a smaller sampling of 500, received extensive coverage by the media.

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The Beatles’ legendary founder John Lennon has become a celebrated “atheist” for penning the lyrics “imagine there’s no heaven” and claiming his band had become “more popular than Jesus.”

But history’s temptation to embrace the Beatles as champions of anti-Christianity is a bit overzealous and betrays the band members’ personal journeys of faith, claims international evangelist Ray Comfort, whose new film “Genius” and book “The Beatles, God & the Bible” are sure to challenge what many have come to believe about “the Fab Four.”

“I believe that history has given John Lennon a bad rap,” Comfort writes in “The Beatles, God & the Bible.” “Like all of us, he had his many sins, but he wasn’t the hard, satanically driven, proud, anti-Christian, God-hating person many make him out to be.”

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Military drones are watching you

It’s confirmed: The drones are overhead.

Records newly released to the Electronic Frontier Foundation reveal the federal government has approved dozens of licenses for unmanned aerial surveillance drones all across the United States.

“These records, received as a result of EFF’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),” the EFF reports, “come from state and local law enforcement agencies, universities and – for the first time – three branches of the U.S. military: the Air Force, Marine Corps and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).”

Some of the records show drones used for purposes as sensible as helping the U.S. Forest Service fight forest fires.

Others purposes, such as performing aerial observation of houses when serving warrants or covert surveillance of drug sales, however, have prompted the EFF to question privacy issues.

“Perhaps the scariest is the technology carried by a Reaper drone the Air Force is flying near Lincoln, Nev., and in areas of California and Utah,” EFF reports. “This drone uses ‘Gorgon Stare’ technology, which Wikipedia defines as ‘a spherical array of nine cameras attached to an aerial drone … capable of capturing motion imagery of an entire city.’ … This technology takes surveillance to a whole new level.”

The use of military drones further raised flags in a New York Times report earlier this year, when reporter Mark Mazzetti joined a group of observers watching drone use at Holloman Air Force Base in remote New Mexico and discovered the military was practicing for foreign missions by spying on American vehicles.

“A white S.U.V. traveling along a highway adjacent to the base came into the cross hairs [of the drone’s view] and was tracked as it headed south along the desert road,” Mazzetti wrote. “When the S.U.V. drove out of the picture, the drone began following another car.

“‘Wait, you guys practice tracking enemies by using civilian cars?’ a reporter asked,” according to Mazzetti. “One Air Force officer responded that this was only a training mission, and then the group was quickly hustled out of the room.”

The EFF clarified that while the U.S. military doesn’t need an FAA license to fly drones over its own military bases (these are considered “restricted airspace”), it does need a license to fly in the national airspace, which is almost everywhere else in the U.S.

“And, as we’ve learned from these records,” EFF reports, “the Air Force and Marine Corps regularly fly both large and small drones in the national airspace all around the country.”

In fact, compiling the various approved applications for military, educational and law enforcement use enabled EFF to create a map of drone locations in the records they’ve received so far

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