ESPN Commentator: RGIII a ‘Cornball Brother’ Due to Possible Republicanism

ESPN’s Rob Parker dropped a bombshell today when he called NFL rookie star and MVP candidate Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother.” That means, according to Parker, that RGIII isn’t a real black person, and that he might not be “one of us” or “down for the cause.”

What was his justification? RGIII is engaged to a white woman, and could be a Republican.


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A female squad commander serving in the Israel Border Police in Hebron shot dead a 17-year-old Palestinian who had aimed a gun at one of the men under her command Wednesday evening. Only later, it was learned the gun the youth was brandishing – though made out of metal – was fake.

Palestinians started circulating her photo on social media, some demanding she be brought to trial while others threatened her life.

One of the messages said: “There’s no escaping death.” Another said: “You’re going down.”

One Arabic Facebook page posted her photo with the caption: “Wanted for international justice — we demand that this murderer be tried at The Hague Court.”

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Despite the carefully constructed myth surrounding Muslim Brotherhood groups in America, advanced by a hostile and pro-jihadist media, the truth about these killers is out there.

One of the chief al-Badr (Jamai Death squad in 1971) executioners. It has been clearly proved that he himself shot to death 7 teachers of Dhaka university in the killing zones at Mirpur. A certain Mofizzuddin, who drove the vehicle that carried those hapless victims to Mirpur, has clearly identified Ashrafuzzaman as the “chief killer” of the intellectuals.

ICNA’s NY president, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, is charged in the abductions and deaths of 18 people during the 1971 war with Pakistan that led to Bangladesh’s independence. When called for comment, Khan said, “I don’t know what is happening in Bangladesh. I am not a citizen of Bangladesh.” He sounds just like those Nazi war criminals when discovered living new lives in America (or Paraguay, Uruguay, Buenos Aires et al). The only difference is that the Nazis were hiding. These Islamic supremacists are held up as role models and pillars of tolerance and interfaith ishcabibble by media and clueless politicians.

ICNA is long known to Atlas readers. ICNA runs those bus ads (along with CAIR) proselytizing for Islam. It was those very ICNA ads that were the impetus for my first bus campaign. Everyone loved ICNA’s ad (most especially the enemedia and the elites), but I had to sue to get our pro-freedom ads up.

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Black mobs take over Washington Metro

No one knows what the two white women were doing on that Metro in that part of Washington, D.C.

They “did not want any trouble,” they said on the video. To the black mob that confronted them, threatened them, beat them and robbed them, it was no trouble at all.

So they grabbed their iPhones, but not before the girls fought back to retrieve them. Unsuccessfully.

All the while one of the members of the crew was rolling video.

Members of this mob call themselves the 44th Street Crew in Southeast Washington. For those not familiar with the different sections of Washington, that is not the lobbyist/media/functionary dinner-party part of town.

Reporters at the Fox affiliate in Washington seemed surprised at the mob violence. But to people who ride the Metro, it was just another day.

Metro police have seen so much of it they are ready with instructions for riders who encounter it: Resistance is futile:

“There’s nothing worth fighting over and getting assaulted for,” said Deputy Chief Ron Pavlik of the two women defending themselves. “There are lot better ways to fight back.”
Some people devote entire newsletters to the lawless Metro, where black mob violence is often seen, but seldom reported. According to UnsuckDCMetro, here’s a “Harrowing Account of Yet More Metro Violence”
that never made the Washington Post:

I have never been more disgusted or shocked by what I witnessed Saturday night at the Anacostia Metro. I went to pick up a family member at the Metro, and just as she was telling me about the fights (Yes, plural!) that happened on the Green Line train [between L’Enfant and Anacostia], we witnessed a group of 6 to 8 young black teenagers kick, stomp, punch and push a lone teenage girl.

I could not believe my eyes! I also could not believe there was not an officer in sight.

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71 Year-Old Christian Missionary Dies After Being Shot in Pakistan

71 year-old Christian Missionary Birgitta Aledy died today in Stockholm. She was shot last week in Pakistan.

The Local reported, via Religion of Peace:

The Swedish charity worker who was shot in the chest in Pakistan last week died in a Stockholm hospital on Wednesday night.

Sveriges Television (SVT) reported that 71-year-old Birgitta Almeby died at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm late on Wednesday.

She was receiving treatment after having been flown home to Sweden for specialist medical care for her injuries.

Niclas Lindgren, director of the missionary wing of the Pentecostal church in Sweden, said it was hard to come to grips with Almeby’s killing.

“Birgitta worked with social issues like education and health care. If she’d worked with political issues, it may have been understandable why she got murdered,” he told The Local.

“There was no indication that there was a threat to her life. It was very unexpected. As it is now, we don’t know what the motive was or why she was killed.”

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Obama Spending More Time Socializing than Negotiating Fiscal Cliff Deal

While the country worries about whether the White House and Congressional leaders will agree to a budget deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, President Barack Obama has spent more time socializing this holiday season than negotiating with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

An administration official told the Washington Times that the White House is “hosting more than 25 holiday parties this month.” The White House said the Obamas were hosting parties for “volunteers, members of Congress, White House staff, Secret Service personnel, White House reporters and Americans from across the country.”

Nearly 14,000 people will attend a White House party or reception this holiday season.

Since November 21, Obama has also played three rounds of golf, “attended a holiday concert Sunday at the National Building Museum and presided over the national tree-lighting ceremony along the Mall” while only having one face-to-face meeting with Boehner. This means means Obama has had as many face-to-face meetings with Boehner as he has had with the singer of “Gangnam Style,” PSY, who rapped anti-American lyrics at at least two rallies during the last decade.

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Draft Army Manual Tells Soldiers to Avoid Criticizing Taliban, ‘Pedophilia’ or ‘Advocating for Women’s Rights’

A newly proposed Army handbook seeks to address U.S. soldiers’ “ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms” to combat the recent spike in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against coalition forces. Because of this ignorance, the handbook explains, members of the Afghan security force can sometimes react violently, carrying out what are known as “green-on-blue” attacks.

While it has yet to be released, The Wall Street Journal was able to review the “final coordinating draft” of the controversial proposed Army handbook.

The draft handbook provides a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should not discuss, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.” Apparently, censoring U.S. troops will make them more safe.

“Bottom line: Troops may experience social-cultural shock and/or discomfort when interacting with [Afghan security forces],” the handbook states. “Better situational awareness/understanding of Afghan culture will help better prepare [troops] to more effectively partner and to avoid cultural conflict that can lead toward green-on-blue violence.”

While it is possible that radical Islam is also listed as a potential reason for insider attacks, The Wall Street Journal’s report makes no reference of it. The handbook was reportedly written by the Center for Army Lessons.

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Girl gang called the ‘Bad Barbies’ on loose in The Bronx

Mattel doesn’t make dolls like this.

There’s a new gang in town — a sinister group of hellions wreaking havoc across The Bronx. And the wildest part is they’re women who call themselves the “Bad Barbies.”

Authorities say the dangerous dames were discovered during a major crackdown of Hispanic gangbangers by the feds and the NYPD. They’re an offshoot of the murderous Trinitarios.

“When this case started last year, we were not surprised that the Trinitarios were up to no good in The Bronx — but the Bad Barbies? Who knew?” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “Apparently, it is a sign that gender is no bar when it comes to crimes of robbery and murder and other serious offenses.”

The alleged leader of the Bad Barbies, short and busty Maria Mejia of The Bronx, was charged yesterday with crimes including murder, racketeering and assault.

Mejia, 24, is accused of “luring a robbery victim to the front of a Mexican bar where he was shot,” but not fatally, in June of last year, Kelly said.

Mejia — who was hauled into Manhattan federal court wearing a red-and-white-striped sweater with white cargo pants tucked into knee-high brown boots — pleaded not guilty and was held without bail.

Her murder charge — which carries the death penalty — involves the 2005 death of Miguel Perez, 20, who a police source said was killed as revenge for the earlier slaying of a Trinitarios member, Gil Lanier, by the Dominicans Don’t Play gang.

But her court-appointed lawyer, Ed Wilford, described her as a “homemaker” who cares for her ailing mom and said it was “inappropriate for law enforcement to castigate people charged with capital crimes by using loose language.”

Kelly said there are up to 100 female gang members aligned with the Trinitarios “at any given time,” and that “men and women alike” routinely engage in violence against rival gangs.

Yesterday’s Manhattan federal court indictment added Mejia and 25 others to a case originally filed last December against 14 alleged Trinitarios.

It includes charges for nine murders in The Bronx and Yonkers 2005 and 2010, along with a laundry list of other crimes, including 24 assaults and attempted murders and extensive drug dealing and the use of firearms.

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Chinese airplane enters Japanese airspace over Senkakus for 1st time

A Chinese government airplane entered Japanese airspace over the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Thursday in the first such airspace intrusion in Japan, prompting an immediate protest from the Japanese government.

The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled F-15 fighter jets to the area after one of China’s State Oceanic Administration airplanes was spotted at 11:06 a.m. about 15 kilometers south of Uotsuri Island, one of the Japanese-administered Senkakus claimed by China, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters.

It is the first-ever intrusion by China into Japanese airspace since Tokyo started tallying the number of such intrusions in 1958, according to the Defense Ministry.

Four Chinese maritime surveillance vessels entered Japanese waters around the disputed islands in Okinawa Prefecture in the morning, marking the third straight day Chinese government ships have entered the waters, the Japan Coast Guard said.

Tokyo immediately filed a protest with Beijing after the airspace intrusion, Fujimura said, adding that it is “extremely deplorable” that the incident occurred on top of the intrusion by the Chinese ships, which lasted about six hours.

“We are determined to deal firmly with action that violates our country’s sovereignty in accordance with domestic laws and regulations,” the top government spokesman added.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda instructed relevant government offices to take further caution in warning and surveillance activities, he said.

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WashPost’s War on Women: Congressman Moran’s Son’s Brutal Assault on Girlfriend Buried Deep in Paper

Patrick Moran – the same embarrassing son of liberal Democrat Congressman Jim Moran who drew some national attention in October for being caught on camera by Project Veritas encouraging voter registration fraud – has now brutalized his girlfriend in an alcoholic rage.

A police officer saw “Moran grab a woman by the back of her head and slam it into a trash can about 1:23 a.m. in front of the Getaway nightclub in Columbia Heights.” Moran was initially charged with felony assault. Girlfriend Kelly Hofmann was found bleeding “heavily” from her nose, according to court records, and her nose and right eye were “extremely” swollen. Guess where the Washington Post placed this “war on women” story?

They buried it on the bottom of page B-4 – apparently because a lot of other news should come B-4 it. (Sorry.) It was at the bottom of “The Federal Worker” page, which carried a scintillating column headlined “Morale is sinking at Federal Maritime Commission.” It just begged you to turn the page before you glanced down to the bottom.

If this were a Republican congressman’s son, it might be on Page One of the Post today. Their local front-pagers were defensible: the death of local media magnate Joe Albritton (who owned Politico and the local ABC affiliate), and the Post’s investigation of how the tax office in the D.C. government cut commercial property assessments, depriving the local government of $2.6 billion in tax revenues. (Their is no liberal scandal like rich property owners getting a tax break.)

But what was on the front page of the Metro section on Thursday? “Arrest in deadly Va. home invasion,” that’s appropriate. But the big story with a picture was “Sprawling deployment for inauguration,” as Frederick Kunkle explained the military planning for Obama’s second parade….39 days from now.

Then there was this snoozer: “One of GWU’s deans is retiring,” because George Washington University was pulled from the U.S. News college rankings due to an error in admissions data.

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