Illegal Alien Tells Congress Not Call Him “Illegal”

Students taught oral-sex tricks (and more)

The University of Chicago is leaving little to the imagination with its Sex Week schedule, as it hosts a number of eye-opening events that it promises will go “far beyond typical sex education” with workshops including “Great Oral Sex with Tea Time and Sex Chats,” “Anal 101,” “The Perfect Vagina,” “Sex Ed for Kids” and a play titled “Genitalia the Musical.”

According to the university’s official webpage, the oral-sex symposium will include discussion on “going down on men and women, techniques as well as individual differences and sexual health practices. Yes, expect tea.”

Another workshop, titled “Partner Acrobatics,” advertises that members of a circus will “teach you (and your friends) how to stand on shoulders and every other place on the body.”

“We’ll have a rope-demonstration where you’ll find that kink is really focused on consent and communication,” the college also notes.

The session titled “Anal 101,” is billed as a course on the “logistics and pleasures of anal sex.” It features lessons on “prep, protection, barebacking, etc.”

Other workshops will feature “hilarious” sex scenes from film and television, as well as a pornographic parody of the “Star Wars” saga. Axel Braun, the director of “Star Wars XXX” and some 400 other porn films will even be on hand hosting one event.

The “Sex Ed for Kids” seminar asks: “How do we talk about sex and its related concepts of choice, gender, and desire to our kindergartners?”

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High School Students Suspended for Chanting “USA, USA!” and Wearing Red, White & Blue Bandanas

Four California high school students were suspended this week for chanting, “USA! USA!” and wearing red, white and blue bandanas during a basketball game.

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