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Rush Limbaugh to Rand Paul: “You Are, in Certain Ways, a Hero to a Lot of People Today”

Rand Paul Wins One For the American People

The slow slide into dictatorship via Canada Free Press

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Via Canada Free Press

A few months back Fox News’ Alan Colmes commented to the effect that anyone who sees a parallel between pre-WWII Germany and Obama’s America is in dire need of psychiatric help. Most people (and I think Alan Colmes in particular) don’t understand that Hitler’s rise to power came at the behest of German voters, who were swayed by the scapegoating and blaming of Germany’s problems on Jews and duplicitous Communists. Hitler’s rise to absolute power came about quite legally through a series of laws passed through the Reichstag, Germany’s then parliament. Ultimately those laws established the National Socialist (NAZI) party (note the word “socialist”) as the only legal political party in Germany by 1934.

Many writers today are loath to make a comparison to the rise of Hitler’s Power in comparison to the rise in Barack Obama’s power because they claim it is “extreme” or “trite.”…

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Fascist feinstein: “Veterans shouldn’t have ‘assault weapons’ …


“Veterans shouldn’t have ‘assault weapons’ because of this new thing called PTSD coming out of the Iraq war” ~Dianne Feinstein, FASCIST GUN GRABBER


TWG: I’ve been SCREAMING about this scheme, with nary a whimper from ANYONE else.  The Veterans causes have been infiltrated and overthrown by lefties. They’re pretending to care so they can label them with PTSD, drug them up with government big pharma drugs, and DISARM THEM. 

This once great Nation is chock full of brain-dead imbeciles today.  I wonder who, IF ANYONE, will ever see this diabolical scheme for what it IS.


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What is the Obama Youth Corps? “…The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany. Regardless of their name,…”

CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are

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The bulk of CIA strikes are now signature strikes? i.e. we don’t know who the people being killed by the CIA are. And will we use the same standard for drone strikes inside America?

Don’t you think we should know who is being killed.

Wired writes:

The expansion of the CIA’s undeclared drone war in the tribal areas of Pakistan required a big expansion of who can be marked for death. Once the standard for targeted killing was top-level leadership in al-Qaeda or one of its allies. That’s long gone, especially as the number of people targeted at once has grown.

This is the new standard, according to a blockbuster piece in the Wall Street Journal: “men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known.” The CIA is now killing people without knowing who they are, on suspicion of association with…

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‘Gays’ blast free Speech and Tebow’s new Liberty speech plans

Homosexual activists and leftists are blasting a decision by New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, whose pro-life Super Bowl ad drew widespread attention in 2010, to speak at a Wildfire Weekend conference at Liberty University.

“The university has hosted multiple anti-gay conferences and their law school is being sued over its alleged role in helping Lisa Miller disobey a court order and kidnap her daughter to Central America in order to avoid transferring custody to the girl’s other mother, her former partner,” lamented Brian Tashman at RightWingWatch.

“He seems to have few qualms about speaking before the anti-gay/anti-Catholic/anti-Muslim Liberty University, the home of Jerry Falwell,” added Bridgette P. LaVictoire at LezGetReal.

Liberty explains the sold-out weekend conference also features Willie Robertson, John Smoltz, Joe White, Tim Clinton and others. It’s described as a weekend “where men, life, God and the great outdoors come together.”

Liberty University is the largest private non-profit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world.

The speaking engagement comes only days after Tebow, who routinely had Bible verses on the anti-reflective black smudges beneath his eyes during his college football career, canceled an appearance at a large Baptist church in Dallas whose pastor has preached the biblical condemnation of homosexuality.

Tebow had tweeted that he canceled the April 28 schedule at First Baptist over “new information” that he’d learned.

There, Pastor Robert Jeffress, said Tebow was “wimping” out of his appearance.

According to a Christ Culture News headline, the online postings were an attempt by “Ignorant voices” to “bully NFL quarterback with more ‘anti-gay’ attacks.”

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