Progressive Michelle Obama Entertains Senate Hopeful and Liberal Nut Ashley Judd

Past Oscar nominee and movie star Angela Bassett just had lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama. In her new movie, “Olympus Has Fallen,” Bassett plays the tough head of the Secret Service. (Only in a movie could a woman have such a job.) In real life, Bassett was a surrogate (meaning, an active supporter) last year for President Obama. Guests at the luncheon, she said, included other “surrogates” ( active supporters), including make up artist Bobbi Brown, Phylicia Rashad, Cynthia Nixon and Ashley Judd, Bassett told our PAULA SCHWARTZ.

“The First Lady sat between me and Ashley Judd, running potentially for Congress,” Bassett said. Judd plays the First Lady– and since our interview declared her intention to run for the US Senate, from Kentucky, as a Democrat. (Gerard Butler is the president and the star of the film.) Bassett told Mrs. Obama that she and Ashley Judd, are in a movie together — “and it’s about the White House. We started talking about females in the secret service agency.”

The First Lady told Bassett and Judd about the Secret service women who protect her and the girls and how they joke around..

So did Bassett tell the First Lady the movie was about terrorists taking down the president and his family?

“Oh no, I didn’t tell her about that part,” she laughed.

The gorgeous Bassett, who is flawless even up close and looks several decades younger than her 53 years, was the only female star of the testosterone fueled “Olympus Has Fallen,” directed by Antoine Fuqua, and starring Gerard Butler, who was able to attend the film’s junket recently at the Waldorf Astoria. (Melissa Leo, who plays the Secretary of Defense, couldn’t make it at the last moment.) The action thriller is about a disgraced Secret Service agent (Butler) who tries to redeem himself and tries to rescue the President and his son when terrorists take down the White House. (The movie opens March 22.”

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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