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Obama is the first President in 92 years to submit a budget after the House has.
-The Blaze, Real News-

Harry Reid is NOT the person who needs to be talking about a budget, even if he is finally ready to follow the constitutional law and actually submit one, because he hasn’t submitted one single one in the last four years! He has had several budgets on his desk in four years, but hasn’t done anything with them except let them sit. Breaking the law by doing that.

Harry Reid says the Paul Ryan budget is scary, but, it still allows for growth and more spending each year which the democrats love!!! Do you people who are staying uninformed, hear this stupidity? Do you see what Harry Reid is doing here? He hasn’t had the cahones to submit one single budget in four years but he has everything bad to…

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“It Feels Like Groundhog Day”

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Barack Obama, The Liar Without Shame, Integrity Or Honor

Start Thinking Right

We’ve seen Obama take a GIANT hit in his approval/disapproval polls in the last few weeks.  He is now at his lowest level of approval (and highest level of disapproval) since November 2011.

What we saw four years ago (when we voted for this turd the first time) was a man who dishonestly promised to be something completely different from what he really was.  And last year when we re-elected the same turd we now know that we fell for the same trick again.  The American people finally saw through the media filter of propaganda and saw the vile lies that were constantly drooling out of the mouth of Obama over the sequester.  And they voiced that they didn’t like what this lying fraud was doing enough that Obama changed his “war on the Republican Party” with his “charm offensive” where he finally meets with the Republicans after YEARS of refusing to meet with them.

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