Catholic Grandmother Assaulted While Praying Outside Planned Parenthood

Lucky Charms Leprechaun Arrested For DUI After Wild St Patrick’s Day Party

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LuckyLucky the Leprechaun, best known for being the spokesperson for Lucky Charms cereal, was arrested this morning in Southern Maine after a State Trooper noticed him driving erratically on I 95.

The Leprechaun, whose blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit, cursed at the Trooper and told her that Leprechauns had higher metabolisms and could process alcohol more quickly than humans.  When the trooper refused to let him drive off, the suspect then dropped his pants and threatened to “properly spank her with his mighty shillelagh”.

“He was not in possession of any weapon and none was found in his vehicle,” the Trooper, who asked to remain anonymous, later told this Modern Philosopher.  “It is my belief that the suspect was making a lewd sexual threat, so I maced him.”

I was able to speak to Lucky today after he had slept it off.  Surprisingly, he revealed…

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Rush Limbaugh Discusses Pat Caddell’s Blowing the Roof off Self-Serving GOP Consultants/Republican Establishment at CPAC

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Take the money and run money bags man

Limbaugh covered it all.

We are all human and creatures of habit and we must break the spell.  We can no longer allow ourselves to be distracted or settle, the Republican Party must be purged once and for all.  Those still in power in the Republican Party are not willing to part with their power but it is time for them to go and the only way that they will leave is if we, the people, send them packing.

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Obama Regime Busted For More Lies: Jeanine Pirro Whips Out The Ruler (Video)

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I don’t know why we make light of this. It really isn’t funny. The Regime lies to the American people every day, and hardly anyone gives a damn. There have been so many sequester lies, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

They were caught, last week  lying about who decided to cancel the White House tours. Carney admitted it was the White House while Obama tried to pass the buck to the Secret Service.

But the most egregious sequester lie had to do with the DHS illegal immigrant prisoner releases. The Regime said they were “low risk, non criminal detainees”. LIE. As Pirro established last week, they wouldn’t have even be detained if they didn’t pose some kind of risk to the general public – per ICE written policy.

The Regime also maintained that only “a few hundred detainees have been released (“as you know”,  Jay Carney likes…

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Obama Tells US Muslim Leaders He’s Not Bringing Mideast Peace Plan Because Israel Not Interested

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Al-Arabiya reported:

As U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel and the West Bank comes close, an official from Washington says the U.S. leader will not bring any peace place as the Jewish state is not ready to make concessions, a newspaper reported Sunday.

When President Obama was asked by a group of Arab-American leaders during a meeting last week on why he did not intend to launch a new peace process, the leader said that Israel was not ready to make concessions, the Israeli newspaper,Haaretz, cited an official, who was present at the high-level meeting, as saying.

The official, who kept his identity anonymous, said the U.S. leader was frustrated with fruitlessness of the peace process, claiming it would be pointless to pressure the Israeli government at this time.

Obama arrives on Wednesday for his first trip to the region as president.

At the luxurious…

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Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – 86 min

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Tom Francois Tom Francois@Tom_Francois

WOW! Once you start watching this eye opener, your jaw will drop, and you will watch it all! Knowledge is power!

lonelanternlonelantern·948 videos

Uploaded on Jan 17, 2011 | Support the filmmakers purchase your DVD today – Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.

In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government. We see third party candidates and their impassioned supporters listed in secret government reports that call their allegiance into question and brand them as fanatics and extremists.

Senate committee hearings and official FBI documents further illustrate…

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