‘You’re sharing Christ’s table with Satan’: Wonderful comments by internet Activists to “Christian” minister who allowed Muslims into his church to pray

Obama: The Manchurian President

Conservatives are constantly bombarded with being referred to as conspiracy theorists: everything from a belief that Eric Holder was shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels in order to curtail the Second Amendment, to probably the most serious, if true, that Barack Hussein Obama is a foreign plant—that is, a Manchurian President.

The latter is the stuff of spy novels and Hollywood make-believe, not real life, right?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

For those of us who did even a modicum of research prior to Obama’s election in 2008, we knew that his ties to radicals ran deep—not the obvious, like domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn or anti-Semites like Edward Said or Rashid Khalidi. But an extremely close relationship with such groups as the DSA—the Democratic Socialists of America—that lasted for years, if not decades.

In 1996, the DSA backed Obama for Illinois State Senate.

In 2000, the DSA continued to support Obama, this time when he was running for Congress. In their endorsement, they mention Obama frequently attended socialist events, specifically naming a YDS (Young Democratic Socialist) event he attended in 1996.

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Nasty Democrat Berates Special Needs Child in Public – Storms Out of Restaurant Without Paying Bill

Massachusetts Democrat Wayne Matewsky used foul language… Berated a child with special needs… Threatened the restaurant owners… Ran off without paying his bill… And then blamed it as a smear campaign when people are offended by his behavior.

He ought to do well in the Democrat Party.

MyFOX Boston reported:

An elected official for the City of Everett is accused of berating a child with special needs while dining at the Texas Roadhouse located in Everett on March 6.

The incident involving Wayne Matewsky, who is running for state representative, was discussed during Monday night’s meeting at city hall. The common council voted unanimously 16 to zero to have the city’s ethics committee look into the allegations.

Dozens of Everett residents attended the meeting; however, not all the residents were displeased with Matewsky or his alleged actions. Many said they would stand by Matewsky, his reputation, his commitment to the city, and his lengthy public service career.

“He is hard working very ethical and caring person. He represents this city with great dignity and honesty,” one such resident said.

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Colorado authorities investigating whether murder of Department of Corrections official tied to refusal to free Saudi man convicted of sexual assault of woman he held as slave – Jihad Watch

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