White Students Are Becoming Increasingly Alarmed of Violent Black Mobs in Maryland

The “White Student Union” that caused a racial stir at CPAC earlier this month says it’s conducting night patrols at a Baltimore-area university to guard against what it sees as rising “black on white crime.”

Towson University doesn’t officially recognize the student organization, which made national headlines after one of its members questioned what Frederick Douglass’s former owner needed to be forgiven for: “For giving him food and shelter?” Scott Terry asked the question during a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Now, group founder Matthew Heimbach says the White Student Union — which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — will take up its own patrols to combat the “very large problem of black-male-against-white-female crime,” he told the Baltimore Sun.

He said the group plans to go out a few nights a week, arming the men with heavy-duty flashlights and the women with pepper spray. He told the Sun they will attempt citizen’s arrests if they witness a “violent felony” but will mostly just inform police of crimes. Heimbach did not immediately return a request for comment from TheBlaze.

“The goal is not to go out and intimidate, the goal is not to go out and prove something, the goal is just to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the [Towson] community at large,” Heimbach told the newspaper, and said the group will also help any victims they find who are not white.

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April 4th Is Topless Jihad Day

Finally a protest we can all support.
The international topless feminist group Femen has declared April 4 “Topless Jihad Day” in support of women’s rights in Muslim countries.

The Huffington Post reported:

4 April is International Topless Jihad Day!

We have appealed to the world for support and the world has answered! The fate of the Femen Tunisia activist Amina Tyler has shaken up and united thousands of women across the globe. Amina’s act of civil disobedience has brought down upon her the lethal hatred of inhuman beasts, for whom killing a woman is more natural than recognising her right to do as she pleases with her own body.

For them, we now see, the love of freedom is the most dangerous kind of psychiatric illness, one demanding radical forced treatment in the spirit of fascist punitive medicine. The ‘Arab Spring’, for the women of North Africa, has turned out to be a frigid sharia winter that has deprived them of what few political rights and liberties they enjoyed.

Stoning and flogging, kidnapping and rape, forced psychiatric treatment and other sorts of physical and psychological torture are what the new Sharia Caliphate has in store for women.

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Ryan T. Anderson explains how gay marriage undermines natural marriage norms


From the Heritage Foundation. (H/T Tom)


Weakening marital norms and severing the connection of marriage with responsible procreation are the admitted goals of many prominent advocates of redefining marriage. E. J. Graff celebrates the fact that redefining marriage would change the “institution’s message” so that it would “ever after stand for sexual choice, for cutting the link between sex and diapers.” Enacting same-sex marriage, she argues, “does more than just fit; it announces that marriage has changed shape.”[3]

Andrew Sullivan says that marriage has become “primarily a way in which two adults affirm their emotional commitment to one another.”[4]

The Norm of Monogamy. New York University Professor Judith Stacey has expressed hope that redefining marriage would give marriage “varied, creative and adaptive contours,” leading some to “question the dyadic limitations of Western marriage and seek…small group marriages.”[5] In their statement “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage,” more than 300 “LGBT and allied”…

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7 Men Executed & Left on Busy Mexican Roundabout With Notes Nailed to Their Chests With Ice Picks

A disturbing and graphic photo out of Mexico reportedly shows the dead bodies of seven men, propped up in plastic chairs and displayed on a busy roundabout. The men appear to have been executed, a grisly reminder of how brutal Mexico can be.

The bodies were found near a Pepsi bottling plant in the Mexican city of Uruapan, Reuters reports. Some of the dead bodies had their hands and feet bound.

Even more disturbing, the corpses had messages nailed to their chests with ice picks, SkyNews reports. The messages warned that criminals would face even more violence, however, the killers did not identify themselves.

“Warning: This is going to happen to muggers, pickpockets, kidnappers, rapists and extortionists,” one of the notes read.

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America, Are You Prepared To Die For A Communist Dictator?

As history is about to repeat itself for those who are paying attention, a major storm is coming. We have our Communist/Muslim Brotherhood plant, Barack Hussein Obama, running around now stating that he isn’t a dictator. Anyone who has paid attention over the past five years knows that whatever he says is always the exact opposite of what he does.

He promised us back in 2008 that he would build a civilian army that was to be as well equipped and as well funded as the US military. Have you happened to notice the amount of ammunition, guns, and military equipment that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased lately? At the same time, our military is being cut back due to the sequester that Obama himself ordered! Our top Generals are being weeded out at an alarming rate. Does this bother you at all?

Even with sequester cuts, Obama and his minions are still giving US Taxpayer dollars to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Does this not bother you? According to the talking heads in the media, Obama was re-elected by just over fifty percent of this country. My question is this: are those who elected him willing to die for him? Just as they did for Hitler, Stalin, or Mao?

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Ben Carson on MSNBC Hack Touré: “He’s Lying, Namecalling… It’s a trick we learned in Third Grade”

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