WI Lawmakers Vote to Ban Concealed Weapons From City-Owned Buildings… Except For Themselves

Wisconsin lawmakers in Racine voted this month to ban concealed weapons in city-owned buildings – except for themselves.
The Journal Times reported:

Elected city officials with concealed carry licenses would be exempt from an ordinance banning weapons in city-owned buildings, under an ordinance amendment approved 13-0 Tuesday by the City Council’s Committee of the Whole.

The state’s concealed carry law went into effect in November 2011. Just before it went into place, Mayor John Dickert issued an executive order banning anyone other than law enforcement officers from bringing a gun or any other weapon into City Hall or other city-owned buildings.

On Feb. 20 the Committee of the Whole recommended 8-2 that the executive order be codified by drafting an ordinance.

When the committee met on Tuesday to review the ordinance, Alderman Greg Helding requested an amendment that would allow elected officials to carry concealed weapons in city-owned buildings if they are properly licensed by the state.

Helding explained that elected officials could be easy marks for violence, and that being allowed to carry concealed weapons in city buildings could help them to protect themselves.

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Nice Deb

“The UN Small Arms Treaty must be defeated”, TX Senator Ted Cruz declared in a radio interview, today with Ben Ferguson of WBAP. He said the treaty combines two things that are very dangerous –  a direct threat to our right to keep and bear arms, and an ongoing threat to our sovereignty which is part of a pattern that he said the Obama administration has accelerated.

When asked if there was any chance the Democrats will be able to pass a sweeping gun control law,  Cruz replied, “if the Democrats had their way, they would readily pass laws that would restrict our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

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Obama Continues His Effort to Eliminate All Political Opposition

RUSH: The White House’s Dan Pfeiffer, spokesman for the White House, is complaining again about the Drudge Report and chastising reporters for using it and then asking him about things on the Drudge Report. It’s been a horrible thing to happen to news, the White House says, in America. Yep.


RUSH: The White House goes after Fox News by name, and the White House goes after me by name, because what the White House wants is to eliminate any opposition –political, media, wherever it is. That is the modus operandi of the president, rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds. They don’t want to do that, no, no, just eliminate the opposition. It’s been the way Obama has approached politics since his first days in it.

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