RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots

At a meeting of the Ripon Society held in Washington, D.C.’s exclusive Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday, new Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Mike Shields effectively declared war on the conservative grassroots. In a strong attack, Shields coined a new derogatory term, “the professional right,” to refer to groups that have publicly criticized the recent RNC “Autopsy” report.

“It’s a term I’ll be using often in the coming months,” he told the crowd of about 40 Ripon Society members, RNC insiders, and Capitol Hill staffers. But Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, who was not one of those in attendance at the meeting, was quick to note that Shields’s new term had already backfired. “As opposed to what, unprofessional Republicans?” he shot back.

“These attacks on conservatism by the Establishment GOP are reminiscent of those made against Reagan all through the 1960’s and 70’s and even into his presidency,” Shirley added.

Shields, five weeks into his new job as RNC Chief of Staff, applauded the RNC on its “courage” in publicizing its own “Autopsy” report. According to the source, Shields “gloated that not even the Democratic National Committee was critical of the report, while only the ‘professional right’ pounced on it.”

When questioned about his eagerness to offend the “professional right” even as he was reaching out to other groups, Mr. Shields fairly bristled. According to our source, Shields stated that he is totally eager and willing to remove “the professional right” from the GOP. “They won’t come to us and ask. They just send out lies and ask for money. I have to tear up mailings at my own parents’ house and tell them which emails to delete,” he said, according to the source.

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Obama Has Lost the Gun Control Debate – Now All He Wants Is the Money

Another Illegal Policy From DHS

Marine Vet For Freedom

So the Department of Homeland Security thinks it can confiscate your bank account, without a warrant, without due process.

Show me where in the Constitution a federal agency has the power to do this. There is nothing.

However, I can show where it is illegal for the government to take such actions.

People are protected from searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment and we cannot be deprived of property according to the Fifth.

This government is out of control. Can you see it yet? Why is no one in Congress challenging this? Why are we still funding this department that clearly doesn’t abide to the Constitution?

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Faking the Hate: Virginia Minister Painted Racial Slur On Own House Then Torched It (Video)

Nice Deb


The alleged crime happened, last month.  Olander D. Cuthrell, a Virginia minister, said racists painted slurs on his home and torched it.

Via Gateway Pundit,Cuthrell told police at the time of the arson, “It’s hard now sleeping… There’s no peace, there’s no sense of security.”

Well surprise, surprise, surprise:

A Petersburg minister whose Chesterfield County house was set on fire last month and sparked a potential hate crime probe has been charged with setting the fires himself.

Chesterfield police arrested and charged Olander D. Cuthrell, 41, of the 7800 block of Little Ridge Court, on two counts of felony arson. Cuthrell is a minister at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg.

Michelle Malkin has tracked the “self-victimization/manufactured racism impulse” of leftists for years. This is just the latest example among many.

Last month, she reported on Oberlin College: Still manufacturing hate crimes hoaxes after all these years where a…

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Start Thinking Right

Many of you saw the crime being committed on national television.

The crime happened during the NCAA basketball tournament game between Louisville and Duke.  A player named Kevin Ware, Jr. sustained a gruesome compound fracture of his tibia.  The bone was sticking six inches out of his leg.

That’s when the crime occurred:

The past 24 hours, Ware said, were mostly a blur. When he suffered the injury in the first half of the Duke game, planting awkwardly on his right leg as it snapped like a toothpick, he thought he had just sprained his ankle.

Then he saw the look of horror in Cardinals coach Rick Pitino’s eyes. Then he looked at his leg and saw the chunk of bone that had punctured his skin. Then he immediately went into shock. Ware Sr., watching from New York, said he thought he was going to have a heart attack…

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