Surprise: Saudi National Held as Suspect in Bostom Marathon Bombing, Islam Involved?

Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Fox News reported that the suspect suffered severe burns.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston.

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Graphic: The First Horrific Pictures from Boston Explosion and Aftermath

We rebelled over less in the past…

In Defense Of Liberty

Dave Kopel has a good review and write-up on the next big bi-partisan “compromise” on guns at Volokh Conspiracy.  This is via Shall Not Be Questioned.

Let’s be honest folks, the Founding Fathers of the United States rebelled over far less than this.  Hell, all the British did is tax some stamps and some tea, and that was enough to agitate things into a position where it would boil over.  Throw in an attempt at disarming people in Concord and Lexington, and you have yourself a full-blown revolt.  Even after the Revolution was won and done, the US still faced rebellion over trivial matters like economic strife and taxation, like in the Shays Rebellion, where the Government of Massachusetts took about a year to put it down.  Coincidentally, this rebellion along with threats of similar ones across the young nation prompted the development of the US Constitution…

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Thank You Uncle Sam, May I have Another Please?


April 15th, the last day suck it up, and watch your hard-earned dollars to taken from you. It has been one hundred years since the passage of the unconstitutional amendment was passed. The Revenue Tax of 1812 was put into place to help fund the Civil War. As I have said before, the war was much more than just abolishing slavery! A long story made short, thanks to the Progressives and Socialist, not to mention some phony conservatives of the day, got this great devil of an amendment passed.

I have always wondered why we the taxpayer are burden with filing forms and not the government? Why did the feds not go for a Flat Tax? Why? Because it would have limited the influence and control the feds would have over individuals, and the states. It is the same with federal mandated health insurance! It is about control of people…

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McConnell, Conservatives Preparing to Push Back on Gun Background Check Bill

Tarpon's Swamp

Everybody knows it’s a sham gun registration Bill wihich would have done exactly nothing to stop sandy Hook or Aura theater style shootings. The only way to stop suicide bent anything is meet them with force which neutralizes the threat when the threat appears.

And no background check is going to do that. Hey even if you have to steal the weapon, or kill your mother in the process, no background check is going to do anything. And the fact that everybody knows it, is damning on it’s face.  What it will do is further burden the system with needless paperwork, and add a gun registry,

NewsMax reports — Apparently this has not escaped Sen McConnell.

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Income Redistribution Day

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“Would it not be better to simplify the system of taxation rather than to spread it over such a variety of subjects and pass through so many new hands.” –Thomas Jefferson


“It’s Tax Day. Most Americans dread Tax Day, and for good reasons. Beyond the huge tab Americans pay to the government, the tax code is so complex that it’s difficult to figure out what we owe to the IRS. This is a pain for taxpayers and a huge drain on the economy. According to the federal Taxpayer Advocate in its 2012 report, Americans’ cost of complying with today’s complex tax code totaled $168 billion in 2010. That’s almost as large as the impact of the Obama tax hikes in fiscal year 2013, and twice the size of sequestration this year. It takes taxpayers 6.1 billion hours — or 51 hours per household…

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