‘We’re coming to kill you!’

WND columnist and nationally known conservative pundit Erik Rush has come under fire and is facing an onslaught of death threats for suggesting Islamic extremists were likely behind the Boston Marathon bombings and tweeting a sarcastic comment about killing “evil” Muslims.

After the bombing Monday, Rush tweeted, “Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grabs! Let’s bring Saudis in without screening them! C’mon!”

Rush’s comment was in response to early reports from United Press International that a 20-year-old Saudi Arabian national had been a potential suspect in the double bombings. The Boston police later said the man wasn’t a suspect.

Rush told WND he received some hostile tweets following his initial speculation about the identity of the bomber.

“This was speculation, which everyone is doing,” Rush said. “That’s when the tweets started: ‘You’re blaming Muslims already? You scumbag!’

“After several of those, that’s when I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s right, they’re evil. Kill ‘em all.’

“And that’s all they needed.”

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More Alleged Gosnell Horrors Emerge as Jurors Hear About Post-Abortion Death and Dirty Clinic Conditions

On Tuesday, Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s trial shifted from the exploration of fetal murder allegations to a discussion about Karnamaya Mongar, an immigrant from Bhutan in South Asia. In 2009, she died after undergoing an abortion at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society — and her case is one of the many elements under scrutiny.

The 41-year-old woman survived a refugee camp for two decades before coming to America, but her fate was inevitably met after a visit to the embattled doctor’s clinic. Mongar is one of the eight individuals that Gosnell is on trial for allegedly murdering (seven additional babies were purportedly killed after being born alive).

The Philadelphia Inquirer has more about Mongar, the family’s situation and the decision to abort:

They were poor, did not speak English, and had been in America just four months, but Yashoda Gurung said she still wanted her mother to have the baby.

Karnamaya Mongar was insistent, though. After 20 years living in tin-roofed huts in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal, a fourth child would be too much.

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Officials Believe They Have Identified Boston Bomb Suspect

Officials believe they have identified a suspect in Monday’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings, CNN is reporting.

CNN’s John King said he was told authorities made a “clear identification” of a suspect and described it as a breakthrough in the investigation.

Authorities reportedly used video from a Lord & Taylor department store and from a television station to capture a video image of a suspect placing a package at a site and leaving it behind.

King reported the image was analyzed to such a degree that it was possible to discern facial features.

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Pathetic… Rude Leftists Heckle, Whistle & Turn Their Backs on Margaret Thatcher’s Coffin at Funeral

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