Boy, 11, wounded in Boston Marathon blast makes emotional return to the finish line


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Aaron Hern, pictured, of Martinez, California, who suffered shrapnel wounds to his legs in the Boston Marathon bombings, has returned to the race finish line one day after Boylston Street reopened.

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Feel Good Story: Female Sailor Travelling In Dubai Attacked By Taxi Driver – Attempted Rape At Knife Point – She Opened A Can Of Whoop-ASS and Pummelled him !!

Multiple Reports: Number of Uninsured To Rise Under Obamacare

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Not just because of skyrocketing premiums due to all of the federal mandates and taxes, but because most those who will enroll in any existing health care exchanges will be from those who were previously insured by their employer. Employers are being forced to dump health coverage for employees because Obamacare rules and costs discourage employers from insuring their employees.

National Center for Policy Analysis:

It is cruelly ironic, but the massive law that was enacted to solve the problem of the uninsured in America is more likely to worsen it. This would be true even if the program is perfectly implemented and all the provisions come online on time and within budget.

How could this be? It is a multistep process. Stay with me for a second.

First, the simplest and most direct form of expanding coverage — Medicaid expansion — is likely to have very little effect…

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The Outdoor Channel pulls out of Colorado: Gun law designed to trap citizens; too dangerous to fim there…

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As we and so many other have said so many times, the left passes gun laws often not in an effort to restrain crime, but to use as a trap to ensnare gun owners, who the left see as their political enemies.  Lawyers call such legislation “flypaper laws”.


Colorado Democrats have control of the state Senate, House and governor’s office. So this year, under pressure from the White House, they launched into a war on guns, adopting one regulation, restriction and rule after another.

It was following public hearings on a series of gun-control bills last month that Michael Bane, executive producer for the Outdoor Channel, sent an email to Republican state Sen. Steve King saying that after seeking the advice of legal counsel, his company was pulling all production out of Colorado.

“This morning I met with my three producers, and we made the decision that if…

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