Disturbing Videos Expose Probable Aftermath Of Assad Sarin Attacks

Late-Term Abortions, Gosnell Sympathy, and Push To “Pro”vide Late Term Pro-Life Options.

The Last Civil Right

babette new blog picI don’t know how you can sympathize with a sick sadistic person but some are in the case of Kermit Gosnell, such as the writer for Slate Magazine’s Matthew Yglesias. Mr. Yglesias’s argument for having Gosnell’s deplorable clinic is that because there are not enough late-term abortion providers then you end up with someone that has a deplorable practice trying to handle the large demand.

I went and read this article and it makes one wonder if Yglesia’s could perhaps still be indulging in his marijuana smoking practices, since that is something he starts this ‘interesting’ article off as an example of how something that is prohibited can cause “deplorable customer service”. I of course am not saying that he does, but it would make me feel perhaps a tad more charitable towards his view, (not that there is much if any such feelings towards those that can sympathize with…

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