I’m afraid I’m going to have to “go all Donna Wasson” on Jay Carney’s asinine self!

Serve Him in the Waiting

By Sandra Lloyd

“Benghazi was a long time ago?”  EXCUSE ME??  Thirty-three weeks and four days?  It takes longer than that for a fetus to mature into a fully formed baby, but I suppose that concept is lost on you as well, since your camp is willing to take an overgrown nut-cracker to the skull of a baby that gestational age, before (or after) ripping it out of the womb.  Good job on reading your line off of your notes, though. (See :33 on video timer, oh and 1:20 and 1:29  and again at 1:58 where you abandon all pretense and just read the tablet).  Jay-Jay, baby, your High School speech teacher must be cringing! Tsk tsk!

But, I can’t say that I blame you. Wouldn’t want to misquote the approved verbiage, there, would you?  For you actually do know how easily your boss can dispose of you.  (I mean…

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