Gut Check: Intervention

When I watch that really depressing TV show Intervention, it’s only to feel better about myself. It’s one of the great benefits of television: it’s personal therapy that elevates self-esteem quicker than a pep talk from a noxious life coach.

If I’m feeling down, I watch Intervention. If I’m feeling really down, then it’s Hoarders. If Hoarders cannot make you feel better about your lot in life – then you might be hopeless. Which, at that point, it’s time to watch Hardcore Pawn.

Hardcore Pawn is an amazing show for one severely disturbing reason: it’s helped to introduce what I now call “city-billies.” See, for the longest time, we’ve poked fun at the rural folk, referring to them as hillbillies. They’re the gap-toothed inbred freaks who fry squirrels and poop in buckets down by the creek. Deliverance immortalized them – now they’re the butt of every lazy, lame joke about the south. We call ‘em rednecks.

See the recent, stupid study done by Movoto, which lists the most redneck cities, based on number of Walmarts and lack of education. They’re able to commit this sort of lame BS, because, well, no one cares. Essentially, a real estate brokerage firm just whispered, “You don’t want to move here,” regarding some of America’s major cities. Imagine if they had substituted “redneck” with something else.

Funny thing is, hillbillies and rednecks are fewer and farther between. But there are a crapload of city-billies.

City-billies are what’s left in dying cities with diminishing populations. They’re the people left behind… the people who can’t leave. They’re the folks that liberals say they want to help, as they pack up their Subarus and get the hell out of Dodge (or in Hardcore Pawn’s case, Detroit). Hardcore Pawn is a thirty minute tour of the city-billy life: the constant line of assorted folk selling everything from broken computers to beat-up construction equipment in the sprawling pawn shop, reminding you that every city targeted by the helping hand of government ends in abject misery.

Back to Intervention. In case you don’t watch, it’s that show that follows a family as it prepares to intervene on behalf of a drug or alcohol addicted relative. While watching, you notice how families enable much of the self-destruction by simply letting it occur. It’s usually because one parent (the mom, most of the time) fears the addict will reject her if they attempt to get him to stop snorting or shooting or guzzling. So she lets him continue doing his bad stuff, while she looks on, in tears. “Poor moms,” is all I keep thinking when I watch Intervention.

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Eric Holder Is A Weak Pathetic Man, Just As Most Liberals Are…..

As predicted, Wednesday afternoon’s testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder focused heavily on revelations that the Department of Justice subpoenaed phone records from the Associated Press following their publishing leaked information about a terror attack. The House Judiciary Committee had the wrong guy at the witness table, though, since Holder, who’d recused himself from the matter couldn’t offer much new information. This left the committee members to fill the time by attacking their opponents, and allowed for a dispute that resulted in Holder calling a Congressmember’s behavior “unacceptable and shameful.”

At the start, it seemed as though the focus might not be the AP investigation. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the committee, either didn’t have time to update his talking points for the hearing or let his own priorities slip through. During his opening comments, Goodlatte raised the following issues as topics, in order: the Boston terror attacks, spending at the department, questionable farm loan payments (known popularly as “Pigford”), the problems at the IRS, and, finally, the department’s seizure of phone records from the AP.

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Carney Cites Fox News As Reason Not To Comment On AP Wiretapping [US has only 1 free press outlet]

Tarpon's Swamp

“Imagine the story on Fox if that were to happen…”

Video at link … more at …


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IRS Spared Liberal Groups as Tea Party Languished, More Conservative Orgs Targeted Than First Thought

Remember what we were told when this explosive story first broke less than a week ago? The IRS official in charge of tax exemptions for organizations said the improper methods employed within her division were executed by “low level workers” in Cincinnati who weren’t motivated by “political bias,” and impacted roughly 75 organizations? Wrong, wrong and wrong:

“Low Level” – Officials within the highest echelons of the agency were aware of the inappropriate targeting, including the last two commissioners — at least one of whom appears to have misled Congress on this very question. Now Politico reports that Lerner herself sent at least one of the probing letters to an Ohio-based conservative group.

Read more about liberal crime here.

Beck Ties Together Benghazi, IRS, & AP Scandals: ‘Fundamental Transformation’

Glenn Beck began his radio show Wednesday putting the three scandals currently facing the Obama administration — Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservative, and the Associated Press’ phone records being seized by the Department of Justice — in context.

Beck contends that more than just indicating the administration’s corruption, the three scandals are all part of a bigger goal to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” in the words of President Obama.

And though the president has claimed there is no scandal surrounding Benghazi and that he was ignorant of the acts taken by the IRS and the DOJ, Beck didn’t buy it.

“It’s absolutely incomprehensible. There’s no way. There’s no way he didn’t know,” Beck said. “But I want to go back to the name of the scandals. We have Benghazi, IRS, and the AP. I tried to figure out what these things were really all about –in the end what do these three scandals have in common?”

“What they have in common is the arrogance of transforming the world,” Beck contended.

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Obama for a 3rd Term — “Can You Say Dictator”

Boudica BPI Weblog

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Published on May 15, 2013

Obama for a 3rd Term — “Can You Say Dictator”, Democratic Representative Jose Serrano Wants to do away with 22nd Amendment, Were are the Warmongers, Anti-war people, We The People Must Stand Up, Fail Policies Under Obama…

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IRS Scandal Grows: Agency Withheld Approval of Pro-Life Group

Tarpon's Swamp

The scandal involving IRS discrimination against conservative groups is growing. In one case LifeNews has profiled, a pro-life group was told it had to promote abortion.

Now, the Thomas More Society is speaking out about blatant bias by the supposedly apolitical tax-collection agency. The pro-life legal group informed LifeNews today that cases it handled support mounting accusations that demonstrate the agency’s abuse of pro-life organizations, in addition to those identified as ‘tea party’, ‘patriot’, or ‘government spending’ groups.


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Attention All Tea Party Groups: Now Is the Time to Speak Out – Now Is the Time to Stand Up Against This Horrid Assault on Liberty

In 2009 Barack Obama promised to remake America.
We had other thoughts.

We stood united against this destructive regime.

Because of that we were attacked by the media, unions, far left groups, politicians and the IRS.

Today, once again, we must stand up against the public assault on our freedoms.

Now is the time to speak out.

The breadth and scope of the IRS scandal is growing as details continue to trickle out almost by the hour. Initially, the IRS, the White House and the MSM tried to shape this as an isolated incident in a single location. It is directly because of the bravery of Patriots from across the nation willing to share their stories on the record that that narrative is being defeated and the depths of the scandal is only now beginning to be seen.

Additional stories continue to be shared with me but many are afraid to go public with the information in fear of additional, and possibly even more invasive, punishment at the hands of the IRS.

Those fears are understandable. But the time has come for all of us to step out of the shadows the left is trying so desperately to push us into. There is strength in numbers and we need to provide those pushing for investigations an overwhelming and specific body of proof of this assault on liberty so that the IRS, the Obama administration and the MSM are unable to either ignore this scandal or try to minimize it.

The truth is, had the Benghazi whistle blowers not come forward, or had it been a single testimony, that scandal would already have been swept under the rug. It is the essential bravery of these fellow Americans that kept that from happening.

We need conservative and Tea Party groups from across the Nation to step forward and share, publically, the examples of IRS abuse that they have been subjected to either as political organizations or individuals facing further personal or business scrutiny for their associations.

Remember, when Obamacare is fully implemented, this is the agency charged with oversight. If we sit by quietly, silenced by fear and bullying, the reach and ability of this agency and its cohorts on the left will become more powerful and more silencing.

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