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Once Government Is Ensnared In Every Aspect Of Life, A Bureaucracy Grows Increasingly Capricious.




” Speaking at Ohio State University earlier this month, Barack Obama urged students to pay no attention to those paranoid types who “incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity.” Oddly enough, in recent days the most compelling testimony for this view of government has come from the president himself, who insists with a straight face that he had no idea that the Internal Revenue Service had spent two years targeting his political enemies until he “learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.” Like you, all he knows is what he reads in the papers. Which is odd, because his Justice Department is bugging those same papers, so you’d think he’d at least get a bit of a heads-up.”

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‘Trampling the Constitution’

Dr. James Dobson, a well-known Christian author and radio host, has now come forward to divulge an unpalatable alleged run-in with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The purported saga unfolded when he decided to create a 501(c)(4) for his radio ministry, Family Talk. TheBlaze interviewed his son, Ryan Dobson, about the 18-month debacle.

According to Dobson, the organization submitted its application to the IRS on September 2, 2011. Despite having what he called a “good attorney” who has been working in the industry for 26 years and who has never had an application denied, the IRS purportedly made the process immensely difficult — at one point threatening to refuse approval.

The problems began months after the application was first submitted. While Dobson said that Family Talk didn’t hear back from the government for six months, once contact was made, the IRS allegedly had some odd curiosities.

“There were all kids of questions — ones we’ve never seen before,” Ryan told TheBlaze, noting that the government institution asked for their political opinions and for copies of past broadcasts and transcripts.

Once this latter information was supplied, again, Dobson said that no contact was made for yet another six months. Finally, the attorney for Family Talk contacted the IRS, asking for additional information. Again, silence. It wasn’t until March 19 of this year –18 months after the time-frame of the original application — that the IRS appeared ready to respond.

“We inquired about our status and [the agent] said she was probably going to recommend that our application not be [granted],” Dobson told TheBlaze. “She said we were political and we had criticized President Obama … and she said we did it when he was a candidate.”

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