Mixed feelings on new Delaware charter school funding

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State budget panel adds $2M for charter schools By Randall Chase, Associated Press

Members of the legislature’s budget writing committee have approved $2 million in new spending for Delaware charter schools.

Wednesday’s vote by the Joint Finance Committee is aimed at helping high-performing charter schools with startup costs or funds to expand of programs.

Before I get started, I like to point out Publius will be commenting I am a charter  school hater. However, I am flexible on some funding issues and not on others. I don’t hate charter schools that are transparent and have board of directors who are good stewards of  the taxpayers money unlike Pencader’s board of directors.

Already charter schools are allow to keep surplus transportation funding whereas for traditional public schools money must be returned unused funding. HOWEVER,  I doubt if there is surplus on either side.  Here is the thing about this new charter school funding, it’sw they are high-performing prior to…

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islam the religion of Pieces



Our tolerant muslim friends tell us (when not engaged in dropping walls on homosexuals, or gang raping Western journalists), that Islam is the religion of peace,  that allah is a god of mercy and compassion, and muhammed was the greatest prophet.  I respectfully disagree, these are lies.

Islam is the greatest force of evil alive on the planet today.  It is the religion of the satanically controlled, and it is evident to everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Of all the world religions, which ones advocate in scripture the taking of slaves, the oppression of women, and the murder of those who believe differently?  Take your time, but there’s only one.  islam.

Which religion of the world states that suicide is a good thing?

Which religion’s followers have a penchant for blowing up airplanes, themselves, and cowardly roadside IED’s because their god wants them to? (Which…

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