Minnesota: Two Joggers Attacked By Group Of Muslim Men In Broad Daylight

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CBS Minnesota – “FRIDLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – In broad daylight, and within full view of a busy stretch of East River Road, a group of seven young men struck two joggers totally at random.

The joggers were out for a Sunday run near East River Road and 37th Avenue North when each one was suddenly and viciously punched by the group.

Lt. Mike Monsrud, of Fridley Police, says attacks like these are rare.

The victims said their attackers demanded no money and said few words before striking. The attacks, according to Monsrud, appear to be unprovoked.

The first attack occurred around 3:25 p.m. Sunday afternoon, followed by the second incident in the same general area about 20 minutes later. Police said one man suffered a bloody nose in the attack and the other has a sore throat.

‘Without talking to them (the attackers), we have no…

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ACTION ITEM! Obama Admin may court-martial those who share Christian Faith… including chaplains! | Fr. Z’s Blog (olim: What Does The Prayer Really Say?)


Yes, I know, this sounds insane but I’ve been hearing it for a couple of days now, and this is a pretty good source and references another. So I don’t know but put little past the idiots in this administration-he does say the petition site is loading slow so be warned if you choose to go there.

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ACTION ITEM! Obama Admin may court-martial those who share Christian Faith… including chaplains! | Fr. Z's Blog (olim: What Does The Prayer Really Say?)

There is a link to a petition, below and HERE.

Summon to your minds what Pres. Obama has done over the last few years to undermine religious liberty.  Consider what he has done concerning the military.  Remember how the Army wanted to censor Archbp. Broglio. HERE and HERE.

Now read on from Breitbart:


The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not…

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Extortion 17 – The “Mission” That Cost 15 SEAL Team 6 Members Their Lives – Demand Answers


Afghan Benghazi: Extortion 17, Betraying Seal Team 6



Extortion 17 - Remember Our Brothers



” As in Benghazi, we still don’t know the full story of the greatest single loss in Afghanistan and the largest SEAL loss ever — members of a renowned group outed by a loose-lipped vice president.

It’s not officially on the growing list of Obama administration scandals, but earlier this month families of Navy SEAL Team 6 members killed in a disastrous August 2011 shoot-down of a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan gathered at the National Press Club asking for answers, calling for a congressional investigation and blaming their government for the tragedy, the indifference and the secrecy that followed.

Extortion 17 was the call sign of a special operations mission in Afghanistan on Aug. 6, 2011, that responded to an Army Ranger unit engaged in a firefight with the Taliban and in need of backup.

The Chinook helicopter…

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